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How to cook rice in a rice cooker

When we choose a side dish, we have a choice of pasta, potatoes, buckwheat, bread, fried vegetables, peas. In Asia, the most popular side dish is rice. Rice is prepared in every family, you can buy it in every grocery store, and it can be found on the menu of any restaurants with Asian cuisine.

Therefore, (more…)

How to find out when Linux was installed

This article will look at several ways to find out the date of installation of the Linux operating system. But let's start by thinking about what is considered the date of installation of the OS?

What is considered the date of installation of Linux

It would seem that the question (more…)

Why does my phone not switch to mobile Internet for a long time (SOLVED)

A Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and more stable than a mobile Internet connection. Therefore, when possible, most users use Wi-Fi, which is usually free and unlimited. At home, at work, sometimes even on public transport, we connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy a good quality Internet connection.

When (more…)

PostgreSQL error “An old version of the database format was found” (SOLVED)

Warning: The following instructions could cause data loss. Do not run the commands below blindly, without understanding what they do. Backup database first.

If, while starting the PostgreSQL service:

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service

it didn't work and (more…)

How connect to the Tor network via bridge on Linux

Some ISPs are blocking Tor. They can use various approaches, for example, block connections to all IPs of the Tor network, or by analyzing traffic and, if it is identified as belonging to the Tor network, block it.

Repeaters can be used to bypass this blockage. The bridge is one of the types (more…)

How to Configure Tor to Work Through a Bridge Relay and Proxy in Windows

If you want to install Tor as a service on Windows, then you need the Expert Bundle. It can be downloaded from this page of the official website.

From the downloaded archive (in my case, the file is called, unpack the Tor folder to the root of the C drive.

Configuring (more…)

How to check if my router supports IPv6

How to open a site on IPv6

The fastest and easiest way to find out if a router can work with IPv6 is to check if it can open a site with an IPv6 address. Use the service “Do I have IPv6”. This website allows you to connect to it in a variety of ways – just follow (more…)

How to install Wi-Fi driver in Linux if the computer is offline

If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi because the wireless card driver is not yet installed in your Linux and there is no wired connection, then you get a vicious circle: it is impossible to install the driver because there is no Internet.

There is a way out of the situation – for this you (more…)

Intel disabled undervolting on 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs

Owners of new computers, as well as users updating the BIOS of their laptops and computers, may have noticed that manufacturers have a tendency to disable undervolting. 10th Gen processors ship with undervolting disabled by default. To enable it, you need to find the appropriate setting in the depths (more…)

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