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How to use Kali Linux to check web-sites

The essence of securing websites comes down to finding problems before a hacker does and fixing it before a hacker exploit it. Hackers are looking for problems with the security of websites (site vulnerabilities) with the help of specialized programs (‘tools’).

Since these programs are “dual-use” - that is, they can be used to ensure the security of sites or to hack sites – they are freely distributed. There are even whole Linux distributions in which these tools are preinstalled. These distributions include: Kali Linux, BlackArch, Parrot Security and others.

Tools for checking sites are freely available, but the problem is that most webmasters do not know how to use them. The situation for them is aggravated by the fact that this is largely a command-line utility, that is, programs without a graphical interface, they need to be run in the console. And it’s still worse that it’s not even a Windows program – most of them are easily installed only in Linux.

I have prepared this very simple tutorial for absolute newbies who have never even seen Linux. With it, you can:

  • run Kali Linux in a virtual machine
  • check your sites and servers

It will not be difficult, I promise! Let's start.

Download Kali Linux

Go to, find the Kali Linux 64-Bit option there and download the Torrent file. Then download the system image (I am sure that you are able to use torrents without my instructions).

How to run Kali Linux

Windows users are used to the fact that with the help of the distribution disk image you can only perform the installation. You can also use the Linux image to perform the installation. But it can do another great trick as well – Linux can be run directly from the disk image. That is, the .iso file can be written to a USB flash drive or optical disc and booted from it into Linux and working there as in a full system. This is called a live system.

The advantages of this method:

  • instant start, no installation required
  • can be run from a flash drive – safe for your primary operating system

There are disadvantages:

  • all changes made to the operating system disappear after a reboot.

As I promised that it will be easy, we will choose the work in the Live-system. If you have further interest, then you can install Linux in a virtual machine or as a second operating system.

Running Kali Linux without installation

The downloaded image can be recorded on a USB flash drive using Etcher (there are only three buttons in this program – you will not get confused) and boot from this flash drive.

But there is an even simpler option! Run a live Linux system in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

So, since we will run Kali Linux in VirtualBox, in this case we DO NOT need to burn an ISO image to a USB flash drive, we just need to install VirtualBox, this is done elementary.

Creating a virtual machine for Kali Linux

We all know that the computer has one operating system. We can install a second operating system (for example, a different version of Windows or a Linux distribution), but in order to switch to this other operating system, you need to shut down the computer and select another OS when booting. So, the VirtualBox program removes this restriction – it allows you to run two or more operating systems on one computer simultaneously, each of which works independently of the other!

This is achieved through the “virtual computers” (“virtual machines”) for which VirtualBox is responsible.

So, let's create our virtual machine, in which we will run Kali Linux.

1. Open VirtualBox

2. Click the Create button:

3. Enter the Name ‘Kali Linux’, click Next.

4. Set the amount of RAM you allocate to the virtual machine – 4 gigabytes or more is recommended. But remember that the allocated memory is taken from your main OS, that is, leave enough of it so that your main OS also works properly. Press ‘Next’.

5. We do not need a hard disk, since we will work exclusively in the Live-system. Therefore, select ‘Do not attach a virtual hard disk’. And click the Create button.

6. The system thinks that we do not know what we are doing, but we know! Therefore, click the Continue button.

7. This step is optional. Go to the virtual machine settings (select it and click the ‘Configure’ button, or right-click on the virtual machine and select ‘Configure’ in the context menu). There, in the System section on the CPU tab, I recommend adding the number of cores (to make it work faster) and tick the “Enable PAE/NX” box. When changes are made, click the OK button to save them.

Running Kali Linux for a newbie

Now start the virtual machine – double click on it or click the Run button.

A black screen will appear (at this stage, this is normal):

In the menu, go to Devices → Optical Discs → Select Disk Image:

Select the Kali Linux image that you recently downloaded.

Before rebooting, we will make another setting. In the menu, go to Devices → Shared Clipboard → Bidirectional.

And now in the menu select Machine → Reboot.

And here is the famous Kali Linux:

Press ENTER to boot.

Kali Linux console

Now we will work on the command line (Linux console). To open it, click on this icon:

Top Kali Linux Commands for Newbies

Checking WordPress sites in Kali Linux

WPScan is used to check WordPress sites. This program can identify old versions of WordPress, the WordPress theme, installed plugins, show known vulnerabilities in plugins and themes of WordPress.

Let's start with updating the database (you need to do it once after booting the computer):

wpscan --update

To check the sites run the command:

wpscan --url SITE.COM -e p,vt,u

For example, if I want to check the site, then the command is as follows:

wpscan --url -e p,vt,u

It is determined that registration is available on the site, WordPress version is found, the theme is defined.

Found many vulnerabilities in installed WordPress plugins:

How to run Nikto Scan

Nikto is a web server security auditing tool. It is designed to search for various default and insecure files, configurations and programs on web servers of any type.

To scan with Nikto, you need to run a command like this:

nikto -h https://DOMAIN.COM

Please note that the protocol also needs to be specified.

An example of launching a scan of the site

nikto -h

The information displayed may be about serious errors, as well as less important shortcomings (for example, the HTTP protocol security headers are missed).

Finding SQL Injection Vulnerability

The sqlmap program is useful to those webmasters who program and write the code of services, CMS, web sites. Using sqlmap, you can find SQL injection vulnerability.

SQL injection is one of the most serious vulnerabilities in web applications. When starting the program, you need to specify the parameter being tested, example:

sqlmap -u https://DOMAIN.COM/rubrika.php?id=31

How to find out web technologies of a website

You can check that the hacker can find out about the technologies used by your site. Or you can see for yourself the technologies of another site. This is done by WhatWeb.

To do this, use the command:

whatweb SITE.COM

For example, I want to get information about the site:


Web application information gathering

Wig is a web application information gathering tool that identifies a number of content management systems (CMS) and other administrative applications.

Install the program:

apt install wig

To check a site, run the following command:

wig https://DOMAIN.COM

Check that you can find about the site:


Verifying the SSL certificate configuration

With the help of the program you can check whether everything is all right with your SSL certificate, whether it is installed correctly, whether the SSL setting contains probabilities of using vulnerable ciphers, etc.

Install the program:

sudo apt install

To check, run the command:

testssl SITE.COM

Check the correctness of TLS/SSL settings of the site:


How to find open ports

Checking open ports can be done with the Nmap program.

There is nothing bad to have open ports while the services behind them are safe. For example, open ports 443 and 80 are required for the web server to work. That is, ports must be open for the services that are used currently.

Ports should be closed for unused services. For example, if you do not need an FTP server, then port 21 should not be opened, if you are not using SSH, then port 22 should not be open.

If you find an open port with an unusual number, this may mean that the server was hacked and the hacker installed a backdoor on this port.

First of all, you should check your own servers (VPS), since virtual hosting usually have many ports open and the hosting provider does it for some of their needs.

To check open ports, use the Nmap command.

The command runs as follows:

nmap IP_or_SITE

In this case, the most frequently used ports will be checked. If you want to check all the ports at all, then run the command like this:

nmap IP_or_SITE -p-

Check the open ports of the server running the website:


How to find out if a domain is available for registration

Suppose you want to know if a domain name is busy, but you do not want to trust third-party services and sites. You can do the check right on your computer!

This can be done, for example, using the whois command. Run it as follows:

whois SITE.COM

Suppose I want to know if the domain is busy:


If the domain is already registered by someone, the corresponding registration information will be displayed. If the domain is not used by anyone, it will be deduced that the domain was not found (data was not found, no records were found, etc.). Examples of records if the domain does not exist:

  • No entries found
  • No Data Found
  • The queried object does not exist: DOMAIN NOT FOUND
  • etc.

How to view HTTP headers

The HTTP headers may contain information about redirection, the server and so on. You can view the HTTP headers with the following command:

curl -I SITE.RU

Viewing HTTP headers when accessing website:

curl -I

Example output:

HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Server: nginx
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Connection: keep-alive
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 06:48:23 GMT
Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache

A redirect is being performed, the Location: line says this.

How to find the IP address of the site

There is nothing easier than finding the IP address of any site. To do this, run the command:

dig SITE.COM +short

For example, I want to know the IP address of the site

dig +short

How to find out all the DNS records of the site

All DNS site records can be obtained with a command like:


Example for the site:

dig ANY

Kali Linux for absolute newbies

Perhaps it is enough for the first start.

In fact, I could continue for a long time: how to search for hidden files and folders on the site, how to find out subdomains, how to check for other vulnerabilities, how to find all sites on one IP address and so on – and this is just about sites! Many interesting things can be told about other topics with Kali Linux: about Wi-Fi, for example. Therefore, if you have an interest in this topic, then I will continue. You can show your interest by sharing a link to this article on a social network or on your website. There will be visitors to this article – there will be a sequel.

dtac in Thailand tips and tricks

dtac balance check


How to check dtac balance in English


dtac Thailand check balance of the additional (add-on) plan


dtac balance checking the remaining bonus and Bonus For Free


dtac checking monthly costs

*108*9# ✆ 

dtac check own number


How to check dtac mobile number in English


dtac free Internet

You can get dtac Internet free as a promoting. Usually you will get 1 month free Internet if you refill your dtac balance for 200 or more baht. You will get 1 Gb of fast Internet access.

dtac one day Internet


  • Go NO LIMIT 256Kbps 15 baht / day: Press *104*65*9# dial
  • Non Stop internet at 384Kbps 19 baht / day: Press *104*691# dial
  • Internet + Free call to dtac numbers 29 baht / day: Press *104*911*9# dial

dtac Internet package 7 days


  • Go NO LIMIT 256Kbps 69 baht / 7 days: Press *104*75*9# dial
  • Non Stop internet at 512Kbps 89 baht / 7 days: Press *104*629# dial
  • Internet Rollover + Free call to dtac numbers 129 baht / 7 days: Press *104*913*9# dial

dtac Internet package one month

dtac internet package 199 per month

Value Set: Max Combo 199

Price: 199 baht / month

500 MB: 4G/3G at maximum speed of 100Mbps, after reach 500 MB, able to use internet at maximum speed of 64Kbps

80 min All networks

Excess rate at 1.50 baht/min

To activate: Press *104*491*9# dial

dtac unlimited internet

dtac refill

All options to refill dtac online and in 7 Eleven are here.

dtac free call

dtac codes

You will find the comprehensive dtac service codes here.

More details on the link ‘dtac in Thailand: Mobile Operator User Guide’.

Hua Hin: information for tourists

A small cycle of only three articles in which I collected, in my opinion, the most demanded information about three wonderful cities in Thailand. I hope it will be useful for you, regardless of whether you come here for a month's vacation or for a few years:

  • Hua Hin: information for tourists
  • Pattaya: information for tourists
  • Bangkok: information for tourists

Perhaps I missed some important subjects or I gave incomplete information on some issue – therefore all additions and constructive criticism are welcome.

In each of these places I lived for at least six months, and in Pattaya I lived for more than three years. It is clear that some information could lose relevance since then, so amendments in the comments are also welcome.

What is Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a small town in Thailand, located on the seashore and popular among tourists, the distance from Bangkok to Hua Hin is about the same as from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Since the whole city stretches along the beach, it is great for relaxing on the sea.

The city is quite small (about 100 thousand inhabitants), but it has a developed infrastructure for tourists. Hua Hin can compete with Pattaya when choosing a place for a family holiday.

Where is Hua Hin located

HuaHin is located in southern Thailand:

How to get to Hua Hin

Direct buses from Suvambhumi Airport as well as from the Eastern Bus Terminal Bangkok Ekkamai, which is located very close to BTS Ekkamai station in Bangkok, run to Hua Hin. In Hua Hin can be reached by direct bus from Pattaya, or by ferry from Pattaya.

Rental of property

As you can see on this map, the entire Hua Hin town stretches along the sea line:

The area highlighted by the green frame is actually the center of the city, it concentrates the largest shopping malls, tourist shops, bars, hotels and guest houses. In this place, rental housing is a bit more expensive.

The red-highlighted area is the Khao Takiab district — its peculiarity is that public transport goes there — a tuk-tuk. This makes the area also convenient for tourists – you can get to the center for 10 baht and it will take 10-20 minutes of time.

You can rent a room in a hotel, a guest house or an apartment through the relevant sites, or already being in the city itself: there are a lot of ads for renting rooms and houses.

In the area of Khao Takiab, renting an air-conditioned room in an apartment within 200 meters from the sea will cost from 5,000 thousand baht per month. At the very line of the sea rooms and houses will be more expensive.

You can save a lot if you rent an apartment a little far from the sea. But this option is only suitable if you have your own transport (motorcycle or car). Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable.


There are shops of such popular retail chains as:

  • 7-eleven
  • Family mart
  • CJ
  • Tesco Lotus Express

The city has two especially large shopping malls:

  • Market Village
  • Blue port

The Market Village has a large Tesco Lotus, Food Park, restaurants of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and European cuisines, clothing of various brands, electronics, banks, a cinema, gaming machines, beauty salons and much more.

Blue Port also has a large selection of a wide variety of stores.

In my subjective feeling, Blue Port is more focused on richer visitors. I like Market Village a little more, although I also regularly visit Blue Port.

It is very easy to get to these stores – they are both located on the main street, and at both these stores there is a tuk-tuk stop (there is only one tuk-tuk route).

These shops are on the map:

Another rather large grocery store and a large electronics store – Tops supermarket (go to the map) – a good selection of products, including European ones. Try somewhere to get the loyalty card “The 1 Card” - only with it purchases will be really profitable in this store, since most promotions (discounts, “buy one free one”) apply only to holders of these cards.

G Supermarket – I would call this store “for local people”. In it, many products are cheaper than in other stores.

Hua Hin public transportation

HuaHin has only one Tuk Tuk route. They are green here and walk at intervals of about 10 minutes. In high season, cars can be crowded.

The cost of the trip – 10 baht. After 19 o’clock the price of a tuk tuk is 15 baht.

Easyly you can find a taxi only next to major shopping centers.

Immigration office

The are 2 immigration offices in Hua Hin, one of them is located in the Blue Port, but it performs only some functions: for example, the extension of a family visa.

For most other questions, you need to go to the Immigration office located here (go to the map):

To get there, you need to turn on Soi 88 street and start driving along the following route:

Hua Hin Student Visa

There are several schools in Hua Hin where you can study for a student visa. Details in the article ‘The most comprehensive information about an educational (ED) visa in Thailand’.

Currency exchange

In contrast, for example, from Pattaya, where exchange offices in the city are found everywhere, there are not many of them in HuaHin. You can use the SuperRich currency exchange (good conversion rates), or any of the exchangers in large shopping centers. For example, in Market Village there are several exchangers on the same floor where the offices of banks are located.

Night life. Where are the bars in Hua Hin

The city has frankly weak (compared to Pattaya) nightlife. Nevertheless, there are several bars with girls, they are localized in the area.

But do not expect much – then not to be upset.

Bus station in Hua Hin

The Hua Hin bus station is located slightly away from the city center, in the opposite direction from Khao Takiab. To get there, from the main street, turn onto Soi 51.

Minivan Station on the map.

The last bus to Bangkok leaves at 18 o'clock!

What to see in Hua Hin

If you prefer a museum vacation with viewing a large number of places of interest, then Hua Hin is not exactly what you need.

Here you can walk along the beach – it is very long and not restricted by anything. On the beach you can find deck chairs with umbrellas and restaurants. Also the usual entertainment are here: a ride on a banana, kiteboarding, riding a horse.

You can visit for free:

  • The mountain and temple of Khao Takiab (there is a big statue of Buddha and monkeys)
  • Huge statues of kings

There is a water park and some other attractions.

If you have your own transport, then on a weekend evening I recommend to visit the neighboring town Khao Tao – on the banks of the pond you will find a small Thai fair, restaurants and a very relaxing atmosphere.

If you like draft beer (Khao Tao also has draft beer, by the way), then I highly recommend Tamarind Market – live music, draft beer, a huge number of restaurants and open-air food trays. Tamarind Market is open only on weekends, it is located on the main road at the beginning of the Khao Takiab district.

Next to Tamarind Market there are several seafood restaurants, including a seafood buffet.

Gym in Hua Hin

Two gymnasiums come across my eyes: one at the turn of Street 88 is on the right (behind Top Markets), it is called Atletic Fitness Hua Hin

And another in Khao Takiab – The Tank Fitnes:

Sports nutrition and protein in Hua Hin

Finding a sports nutrition store in Hua Hin turned out to be not so easy – I didn’t see it in large shopping centers of specialty stores, and very small containers are sold in pharmacies, which are too expensive.

Accidentally I saw a store with protein in the Soi 94 street area. This store is clearly visible from the main road.

On Google maps, I could not find it (to give the exact location) – apparently, it opened recently.


I hope, my experience will help you find the right places faster and more efficiently spend time.

If you want to add or ask something, write in the comments!

Cheap way to withdraw cash from a card in Thailand. Western Union Transfer Discounts

What is the fee for withdrawing cash from a bank card in Thailand?

In Thailand, you can use your bank card to withdraw cash from an ATM. Everything is quite simple there – the main thing is to switch to English (or your native language) at the very beginning.

And one more important note – many banks have three types of ATMs! More precisely, the real ATM among them is only one – the one on which ATM is written. Other ‘ATMs’ can accept cash, issue passwords for online banking, update entries in the passbook.

In general, the cash withdrawal procedure is similar to working with ATMs in your country. Unless, one thing that can be confusing: the ATM asks what account you have. At this stage, you need to select the Saving/Deposit account (like so, I write from memory). It seems that sometimes there is a variant of Default – it also fits.

You enter the amount you want to withdraw in baht and get Thai Baht. But the commission is rather unpleasant. I remember the times when the ATM commission was 150 baht, and my national bank commission was completely absent. These “good old days” are over. Now, commission at ATMs of Kasikorn is 220 baht for any operation, regardless of the amount! And my bank commission for the withdrawal of 15,000 baht + 220 baht of the commission amounted to about 150 baht. That is, for the withdrawal of 15 thousand baht, the commission amounted to approximately 370 baht. Calculate the percentage:

370/15000 * 100% ≈ 2.5%

Not to say that it is already robbery, but quite a lot. Moreover, I considered the most minimal commission: my bank does not allow to withdraw a little more than $500 in a foreign ATM, that is, the commission can not be less. But at the same time, if you withdraw a smaller amount (for example, 7.000 baht), then the commission will be the following:

(220 + 80) / 7500 * 100% ≈ 4%

Even worse, since the ATM fee (220 baht) is always a fixed amount, the smaller the withdrawn amount, the higher the “transaction costs”.

But this opportunity is there and we will be grateful for it.

Western Union Transfers To Yourself

In the article “How to send money to another country cheaply,” I mentioned about PaySend. There is a small commission, but the problem is that: 1) you need a bank account in Thailand, where to send money; 2) Thai banks commission for transfers from abroad is 300 baht regardless of the transfer amount. PaySend currency rates are fairer. So with PaySend we can get benefits compare to Western Union only when we send a big sum.

By the way: maybe you just need the PaySend promotional code (for free transfer), here it is: 0d8425.

But Western Union transfers can be done online, and the commission is only 1%! Additional commissions from banks are missing (but Western Union commission is included in currency rates) – you just need to come to the Western Union service point with your passport.

Western Union Transfer Discounts

But that's not all! This 1% can be reduced! If you regularly make transfers of Western Union, then accumulate points, which include a discount on the transfer.

What is SMS from My WU?

If you have already made a transfer via Western Union, then you might receive something like an SMS message:

You need to accumulate 510 points to get a 10% discount on the transfer fee. Balance points on MyWU #xxxxxxxx. See tariffs WU. Stop SMS:

The site belongs to the Western Union system – it is used for short links and will immediately redirect you to one of the Western Union sites, for example, on If you are already registered, enter your details, or use the MyWU number to sign in – this is the loyalty ID.

In your account you will see the number of points collected.

How to get points Western Union / How many points give for the transfer?

The curtain rules depend on the country you are from. All in all, for any transfer you will get My WU Reward Points. The more money you transfer – the more Points you will get.

Western Union Promo Code

Western Union has an affiliate program and, possibly, codes can be distributed by partners. I managed to find the Western Union promo code only on the Australian site Western Union, this is the FIRSTFREEAU promo code. It allows you to make the first transfer with a zero commission. I do not know if it is suitable for us. You can also try to make a promotional code by analogy: FIRSTFREEUS


Let's quote from the official disclaimer:

Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.

It is probably naive to think that it does not exist when withdrawing money from an ATM – but just in case, remember this too – we were honestly warned, and we ourselves should recount and recheck how it is more profitable for us.

How to send money to another country cheaply

The modern world has changed a lot in recent years – now it is not unusual to have friends in other countries, even on the other side of the world. It is not unusual to fly to them for a weekend or for a week during your vacation. Or just go on a permanent journey with a backpack in which a laptop and a few essential things – to watch new places, meet new people and keep working – for those who work on the Internet, this can become a familiar life. Booking rooms in hotels in other countries has become something commonplace. Communicating with people on other continents for many is just a daily routine.

People from different countries have become closer to each other. Foreign countries themselves have become closer. Not in the physical sense, of course, and not even in the juridical sense – but in practice no one is surprised by a person who decided to just live in another country for a couple of months, or a couple of years…

Monetary relations are an integral part of the life of any of us. If we are going to visit friends in another city, we can ask them to look and book a room for us, for this purpose we send them the necessary money – within one state it is very simple. Inside the country, we can easily send money to a gift, return the debt. In case of an unforeseen situation, we can ask for a loan from parents or friends. Everything is pretty simple and ordinary – but only within one country.

If we want to send money for rent, send a gift or ask for help in case of a difficult situation in another country, then we face with difficulties.

You can remember about bank overseas transfers, as well as about Western Union. Bank transfers have a high commission (a minimum commission for an international transfer can be set, for example, at $100), you need to come to the bank, wait for a queue, fill out papers with a lot of incomprehensible details…

What about Western Union? If you come to the WU service center, then, in fact, such a transfer will differ little from a bank transfer — a queue, a high commission, and so on…

You can make an online transfer of Western Union, it seems to be like, with a lower commission, but if you take a calculator and calculate the currency conversion rate, you will get gray hair on your head. In Western Union for the money the recipient must come to the service center. Come on, Western Union, now the 21st century or what? In Western Union, you can still send money to a bank account, but they will come within 2-3 business days. Why?! Does a postman deliver the money by plane?!

Why do we tolerate it and use these services? Why we overpay a huge commission, look for service points, we crowd in queues? Yes, there is simply no alternative.

More precisely – it was not! That's exactly what I want to tell. An alternative of the 21st century has finally emerged – literally, this service was created quite recently. At the same time, he rises the service level of international money transfers. Against this background, one simply does not want to use such anachronisms as Western Union.

I want to talk about PaySend. Its features are:

  • fixed extremely low fee for transfers between countries, regardless of the amount sent. Only 1 pound from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, 1.50 euros from the European Union, 2 dollars from the USA, 3 dollars from Canada, 49 rubles from Russia. The first transfer via promo code 0d8425 can be done without any commission at all.
  • no hidden fees in currency rates. Currency rate is good for customers, close to the stock exchange rates
  • transfers are made from card to card, no need to go anywhere, wait in line. Payee also do not need to go anywhere and wait for the queue
  • transfers come in real time, that is, almost instantly. There are exceptions for some banks – due to the peculiarities of their policy.

Cheap international money transfers

Money can be sent from dozens of countries to more than 70 countries. There are all major destinations, except the USA and Japan. Earlier, the USA was also present and it was possible to send money from it, or receive money in it – but now it has disappeared from the list, was it afraid of competition for archaic Western Union and the like?

Useful links:

Cheap international transfers with PaySend

PaySend Promo code: 0d8425 (for the first free-of-charge international money transfer)

Link to send international transfers:

How to disable dash replacement in WordPress. AutoCorrect settings for characters and words in WordPress

Before each output of the text of the article, WordPress checks this text and can format it in accordance with its ideas of beauty. For example, in the text of the article, two dashes in a row will be replaced with one dash, three dashes in a row will also be replaced with one, a large dash can be replaced with a small one if, according to WordPress, it is used incorrectly (an example of incorrect use of a large dash is in the range, for example ‘In 2-3 days’).

For the overwhelming majority of webmasters, this simply does not matter, since the formatting affects, besides dashes, spaces, apostrophes (used not in all languages), single and double quotes (used not in all languages), therefore there are no problems with that for the most web masters.

Only one category was not lucky – those who write technical articles about programs with the command line interface, when you need to specify options. These are usually programs for Linux. So, in their articles, the type option --version turns into —version. In this form, the option becomes inoperative. There may be other examples where auto-replacement and automatic removal of characters is harmful.

In this post, I’ll show you how to disable two-dash auto-replace into one dash, and we’ll also find out where in WordPress you can set up word and character auto-change.

How to disable the replacement of two dashes into one

To disable the automatic replacement of dashes in WordPress, open the file wp-includes/formatting.php, find the lines there:

and delete them all.

The first line changes three dashes in a row to one big dash. The second changes two dashes in a row, followed by a space, on the big dash. The third line changes two dashes in a row to a small dash. The fourth, under certain conditions, changes a large dash to a small one.

Here is the code snippet from my article about the WordPress plugin, as a result of the automatic replacement, the text became like this (all short-codes are not functional):

After deleting the above lines, all the short-codes have taken their original form:

AutoCorrect words and characters in WordPress

In the same file (wp-includes/formatting.php), apostrophes and quotes are replaced, unnecessary spaces are removed. Sections of the code have comments, so you can navigate which line bothers you and delete it, so as not to perform the corresponding replacement.

Also in this file there is a function to replace the cockney – by analogy, you can make the replacement of words in the text on the fly. Although, perhaps, if it is not related to editing, then for this it is better to use some kind of plugin.


Since we edited the source file wp-includes/formatting.php, with every major update, and sometimes with minor updates of WordPress, all settings are reset – you have to do everything again. You may need to configure an automatic patcher.

If you have websites in different languages, then this file is identical for all of them, so you can make changes in one file and download it with overwriting to all sites, regardless of language.

Free plugin to add ads in WordPress

How to work with Quick Adsense plugin to insert ads in WordPress

You can insert ads on the site in different ways. For example, you can edit the HTML code. I want to talk about a much simpler version, while very flexible.

There are many plugins to insert ads in WordPress. Including, there are various paid. I use a free plugin that can do everything that most webmasters need. I have been working with this plugin since 2014, i.e. at the time of writing, this is already the fifth year. During this time, the plugin has shown its reliability.

This plugin is called Quick Adsense. Do not be confused by the word AdSense in the title – you can advertise any networks. For example, besides AdSense, I use the same plugin for CPA. Previously, I used it to insert my own ads, banners from other partner networks, just alerts for users.

Install Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is present in the official WordPress plugin repository, so it installs directly from the WordPress control panel.

During the installation of the plugin, do not confuse it with similar ones. Especially with Quick Adsense Mobile – this plugin mimics under Quick Adsense, including repeating its design. Be careful – Quick Adsense Mobile appeared relatively recently, and apart from the fact that it tries to be ‘the second Quick Adsense’ and has not been updated for a long time, there is nothing special to say about it.

How does Quick Adsense work?

This plugin has 20 slots: 10 slots for inserting ads into text (Ads on Post Body), as well as 10 slots for inserting ads into widgets (Sidebar Widget).

The slots look like windows for entering the ad network code:

If you click on the Show All button, you can see them all:

In these slots, insert the code of ad units that you want to show on your site. Do not forget to click the Save Changes button to save the changes made.

Although AdSense allows you to use the same ad code multiple times on the same page (show the same ad unit multiple times), this plugin requires each ad to be unique: ads with duplicate code can cause problems in the display of advertisements; the same ad is never shown on the page more than once.

At the top of the Quick Adsense settings page are the controls – this is where you specify where the ad units will be placed on the page:

The inscription Reset to Default Settings means reset to the initial settings – be careful with this! wink

Next comes Place up to NUMBER Ads on a page. This means the number of ads that can be used. This setting refers to the time when you could use no more than three ad units per page (I mean AdSense). Just set the maximum number (10) no matter how many blocks you will use: 1, 2, 5 or all 10.

Automatic display of ads in certain places of the site

Moving on to the most interesting – Assign position – assigning position to ad units.

Beginning of Post - means the beginning of the article, i.e. after the title, but before the text. If you want to use this location, then tick. By default, a random slot will be used (Random Ads) to change this, select a specific ad that should be inserted at the beginning of the article, for example, Ads1 - this means that the ad code from the first slot will be inserted at the beginning of the article.

Middle of Post – the middle of the article. If you want to use, check the box and select the ad that should appear in the middle. The middle is considered according to the number of paragraphs, i.e. the total number of paragraphs is taken and divided in half.

End of Post – the end of the article. Please note that the end of the article is considered the last paragraph. Different plugins can display social buttons, related articles, and so on - most likely, the ad unit will be in front of them.

right after the <!--more--> tag – immediately after the <!--more--> tag. The <!--more--> tag separates in the article the beginning of the text, which is shown, for example, on the main page as the first words of the article, to continue which you need to click the Read More button. In my opinion, this block is too close to the block at the beginning of the article and it does not suit me. If you, for example, do not use the block at the beginning of the article, then this option may be suitable for you.

right before the last Paragraph – just before the last paragraph. This block is obtained very close to the block at the end of the article. In my opinion, it is better to use only one of these blocks – either before the last paragraph, or at the end of the article.

Next come three identical points:

after Paragraph NUMBERS repeat CHECKBOX to End of Post if fewer paragraphs are found – means insert ad after the set paragraph number. Or the article is shorter and a checkbox is ticked, the ad will be inserted at the end of the article.

As you can see in my screenshot, I actively use the insertion of ad units into an article. It all depends on the specific site and conditions, but I try to make it so that between the advertising was 10-20 paragraphs of text.

Selecting WordPress pages where to show or not show ads

Next comes the Appearance block:

Here you specify which pages to display ads:

Tick on those types of pages where you want to display ads:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Homepage
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • Tagss
  • Place all possible Ads on these pages
  • Disable AdsWidget on Homepage
  • Hide Ads when user is logged in to WordPress – That is, do not show ads to registered users.

Be careful with the Main page – usually there are Ads in the feed, or a special arrangement of ad units is configured, because the appearance of this page is different from the pages of Articles, and the page itself is the “face” of the site.

Do not show ads to registered users is also quite a reasonable solution, i.e. regular visitors stop noticing advertising banners. If the same user regularly clicks on advertising on the same site, then these clicks will most likely will not be taken into account.


If you set up automatic placement of ad units (at the beginning of the article, after the tenth paragraph, at the end of the article, etc.), then you do not need to manually write the tags where you want to add advertising.

However, this can be useful for setting up advertisements on pages where automatic ad blocks output does not work well enough. For example, you can completely disable ads for a specific page; or you can turn off automatically displayed advertisements and indicate your places by showing ad units.

You can display ad insertion buttons next to the editor, for this you have the following options:

Show Quicktag Buttons on the HTML Edit Post SubPanel

Hide <!--RndAds--> from Quicktag Buttons

Hide <!--NoAds-->, <!--OffDef-->, <!--OffWidget--> from Quicktag Buttons

Hide <!--OffBegin-->, <!--OffMiddle-->, <!--OffEnd-->, <!--OffAfMore-->, <!--OffBfLastPara--> from Quicktag Buttons

The item Insert Ads into a post, on-the-fly contains information about tag names, which you can use to insert ad units into an arbitrary place while editing HTML code:

  1. Paste <!--Ads1-->, <!--Ads2-->, etc into the article for displaying a particular ad in the specified location.
  2. Paste <<!--RndAds--> (one or more times) into the article to display a random ad in the specified location.

Section Disable Ads in a post, on-the-fly is useful if you do not want to display ads on some page automatically – for example, because the article is too small, or it is sponsorship material, or this is important information and advertising should not distract from content. Examples of tags for managing ads:

  1. Insert <!--NoAds--> to disable all ads on the page (does not affect ads on the sidebar).
  2. Insert <!--OffDef--> to disable automatic inserted ads, use <!--Ads1-->, <!--Ads2--> to insert ads (no effect on the sidebar).
  3. Insert <!--OffWidget--> to disable all ads in the sitebar.
  4. Insert <!--OffBegin-->, <!--OffMiddle-->, <!--OffEnd--> to disable ads at the beginning, middle or end of the post.
  5. Insert <!--OffAfMore-->, <!--OffBfLastPara--> to disable ads immediately after the <!--more--> tag or before the last paragraph.

Tags can be inserted through additional Quicktag buttons when editing HTML. If you use an alternative text editor, switch to HTML code and insert these tags manually.

Insert ads in the sidebar

Quick Adsense, as we remember, has 10 slots for inserting ads into the sidebar.

If you saved the ad code in these slots, the corresponding widget appears:

Insert code in the header, footer

Quick Adsense allows you to insert the code in the header (header) and footer (footer) of the site. To do this, go to the Header / Footer Codes tab:

To embed the code in the header, copy it into the Header Embed Code field. An example of code for placing in the header can be the code of Automated AdSense ads.

To paste the code into the footer, copy it into the Footer Embed Code field. For example, I sometimes place counter codes in the footer — here, like in any Quick Adsense slot, the placed code does not have to be the ad code.


Quick Adsense is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to perform almost all the basic advertising manipulations that most webmasters need.

As the pasted code, you can use not only the ad code, but any HTML and JavaScript code, as well as WordPress and plug-ins short-codes.

The most comprehensive information about an educational (ED) visa in Thailand

Table of contents

1. Everything you need to know about a Thai study visa

2. General Information about a Study (ED) Visa in Thailand

2.1 Choose a tourist or student visa?

2.2 Is it possible to obtain citizenship in Thailand with a ED visa?

2.3 Do I need to attend classes, i.e. really study

2.4 What language to learn in Thailand?

2.5 What level of English is required to learn Thai?

2.6 How difficult is it to learn Thai?

2.7 How to stay in Thailand for as long as possible with a ED visa

2.8 Can I get a Thai visa if I had an overstay

3. Description of obtaining a study visa in Thailand

3.1 How to get a study visa in Thailand?

3.2 Features of obtaining a ED visa after you have previously had an ED visa. Mandatory certificate of previous training when re-obtaining a Thai ED (student) visa

3.3 Transfer in Thailand from one school to another

4. Schools eligible for study visas in Thailand

4.1 Schools with a study visa in Pattaya

4.2 Schools with ED visa in Bangkok

4.3 Schools with an ED visa in Hua Hin

4.4 Schools with a study visa in Chiang Mai

5. Visa runs

5.1 What is a visa run

5.2 Choose a visa-run or independent travel

5.3 Visa runs from Pattaya

5.4 Visa-run from Bangkok

5.5 From February 1, 2019, online assignment is required to obtain a visa in Laos (Vientiane)

5.6 How to get to the Thai Consulate in Laos

5.7 How to get to the Thai Consulate in Cambodia

5.8 How to get to the Thai Consulate in Myanmar

6. Extension of study and tourist visa

6.1 Student Visa Extension Procedure

6.2 Visa Extension in Pattaya

6.3 Extension of a visa in Bangkok

6.4 Extension of visa in huahin

Everything you need to know about a Thai study visa

On this page, I gathered all the information and all the experience on study visas in Thailand. Here are collected information from both previously published articles (in my Russian blog), and added new information that I got to know recently. Perhaps, I will no longer publish news on this issue in separate notes, but simply will add here, in this detailed instruction for obtaining a Thai student (ED) visa.

The point of this article is to be a reference material containing all the necessary information for obtaining an ED visa in Thailand, as well as tips and answers for solving possible problems based on my experience, but at the same time cleared of personal events. That is, it is squeezing information about a Thai study visa for maximum benefit and minimum reading costs.

If you see that some information is outdated or is already inaccurate/incorrect, or you have something to add, please write about it in the comments to supplement the collective experience.

General Information about a Study (ED) Visa in Thailand

Choose a tourist or student visa?

There are different options to stay in Thailand for a long time. And the question may arise, what is better, a tourist or student visa? Let's look at their pros and cons.

On a tourist visa you can stay in Thailand for a maximum of 90 days. That is, these visas need 4 per year. At the same time, there is a limit on the number of visas obtained in a calendar year, for example (as an American who went to a visa wound explained to me), in Laos he can receive two visas, another in Cambodia, and another in Myanmar. That is, in principle, it is possible to live for years.

There are countries in which Thai Consulates do not issue a tourist visa if you have recently been to Thailand, an example of such a country is Singapore.

The costs of a tourist visa:

  • visa itself (1,000 baht – once every three months)
  • visa extension (1,900 baht – once every three months)
  • visa wounds (depending on the country – once every three months)
  • visa for entry into Laos and other countries – only for citizens of some states. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation receive a free stamp when entering Laos, and, for example, for the same USA citizens pay for an entry visa (which is given right at the border).

Disadvantages – every three months you need to spend a few days on a visa run.

Advantages – no need to bother with the school, pay for the school, a very simple set of documents for obtaining a visa – the application itself and two photos.

By the way, among the tourists I heard conversations that you need to fullfill the correct address of residence in Thailand when filling out the documents, because they can come from the Immigration Police and check.

With a student visa you can live up to one year without having to leave the country – then you will need to get a new student visa.

Student visa expenses:

  • visa itself (2,000 baht – once a year)
  • visa extension (1,900 baht – once every three months)
  • visa run (depending on the country – once a year)
  • studying in school (25,000-45,000 baht per year – it depends on the city, school, course chosen – most of all depends on the city – in Pattaya and Hua Hin is cheaper, in Bangkok is more expensive)
  • visa for entry into Laos and other countries – it requires only for citizens of some states, for citizens of the Russian Federation for free!

Disadvantages – you need to pay for the school and, by law, to attend it. Every three months you need to extend the visa. Possible difficulties in obtaining a visa.

Advantages – the visa is given for a year, that is, a year you can forget about the visa runs. New acquaintances, the opportunity to learn new things are a big plus for many.

Let’s perform full calculations, how much is required per year for a tourist visa and how much is required per year for a ED visa. I will take Pattaya prices as a basis: a visa run for a tourist visa is 6,000 baht, and for a student visa – 7,000 baht, price for the education is 25,000 baht.

So, for the year a tourist visa costs:

6000 * 4 + 1900 * 4 = 31600 baht

For the year on the ED visa you must pay:

7000 + 1900 * 3 + 25000 = 37700 baht

The difference is several thousand baht. Advantage of a tourist visa – this amount you will need to pay during the year. Disadvantage of a tourist visa – you will need to do four visa runs – this takes time. Advantage of a student visa – most of the amount you spend is not transportation costs, this money you will use for training. Disadvantage a student visa – almost the entire amount must be paid at the very beginning – for tuition and for a visa run, that is, you should have this amount on your hands. In some schools, installments may be provided for 1-2 months, or at the beginning it will be necessary to make an advance, and pay the rest after approving the documents or obtaining a study visa.

There are reports that some visitors on tourist visas live for years. At the same time, there are also opinions that an excess of entry and exit stamps can ultimately lead to problems, including refusal of entry into Thailand, although I cannot give specific examples. At the same time, a ED visa does not reduce the number of stamps in the passport: there are also a lot of them, but instead of entry and exit stamps, the passport is filled with renewal stamps. Since now the extension of the study visa is carried out in two stages (for 15 and 75 days), six new stamps appear in just one year after the visa. For three years, there are already 18+ entry and exit stamps and new annual visas – that is, the passport is also quickly overfilled.

Is it possible to obtain citizenship in Thailand with a ED visa?

Unfortunately this is not possible! It is impossible to obtain either Thai permanent residence or Thai citizenship if you live on one-year (or shorter) visas or on thirty-day stamps in your passport.

Do I need to attend classes, i.e. really study

Officially, it is necessary, but in practice you can do without it. If you cannot (do not want) to attend classes, then the school will not pledge you. I saw students who came into the classroom only to take a picture against the background of the group (in the set of documents to extend the study visa you need a photo from the school) and after that the students did not appear at school anymore.

What language to learn in Thailand?

In Thai language schools, the following languages are usually available to choose from:

  • Thai
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Usually a choice is made between English and Thai. If you do not know English and do not want to learn it preliminary, then your choice is limited to the only option – English from basic, maybe with a teacher from your country.

Thai is taught by a native speaker (i.e., Thai). Training takes place in English. Therefore, if you want to learn Thai, you need to know English.

What level of English is required to learn Thai?

Since teachers try to use a rather small vocabulary, there is usually no problem with understanding the teacher.

So, to learn Thai you can learn English at a confident basic level. If you want to learn Thai in Thailand and you have half a year or a year before your trip, then most of you will be able to learn English sufficiently during this time to study in a Thai school.

How difficult is it to learn Thai?

It is difficult that is completely new. In Thai (as in other Asian languages), there is such a thing as the tone of a syllable. Only five tones (medium, high, low, rising, falling) the meaning of a word can vary depending on the tone of syllables. We need to learn how to hear and pronounce them. Perhaps this is the most difficult.

It may seem that Thai letters are complex. Yes, they are difficult to write and a lot of them! But you quickly get used to them – this is not a very big problem.

In all other respects, the Thai language is fairly simple: simple grammar, no endings and inclinations, simple formation of verb tenses, many words in one syllable (especially among common words).


If you are going to spend a lot of time in Thailand, then I recommend choosing Thai for studying. This is not so difficult, especially when you are constantly surrounded by Thai speech and Thai inscriptions – i.e. with full immersion.

If your problem is that you do not even know English, then try to go through intensive training. Today is even in small towns there are a lot of language schools and even in small towns you can find a language school with a foreigner – with a real English-speaking teacher! Or you can train with multimedia courses.

How to stay in Thailand for as long as possible with a ED visa

In Thai schools there are usually always two courses: English and Thai. These are quite popular courses, groups gather for them. There may be other courses: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, German, and so on – but for them there may be no group classes and only individual ones, and this is more expensive.

Well, if your task is to stay in the country for as long as possible (and not learn, for example, the Thai language) and English is not your native language, then you need to start studying with learning English: you will have 3 years; after these three years, you can go on to learn Thai and you will have another 3 years. This is only suitable for citizens of countries where English is not native. For those who have native English, then you need to immediately choose Thai or any other non-English language.

If you choose Thai right away (like me), then since Thai is taught in English, then it will be very difficult to get a student visa to study English (so they literally said “very difficult”). That is, the probability of obtaining a visa for English is not excluded, but apparently there are nuances.

Can I get a Thai visa if I had an overstay

Overstay residence in the Kingdom of Thailand longer, then it is allowed by your documents. Every day overstay is paid a fine of 500 baht per day. If you have an overstay of 2 days, then you will have to pay a fine of 1000 baht, and so on, up to a maximum fine of 20,000 baht. There is no problem in obtaining another Thai visa if your overstay does not exceed 90 days.

Description of obtaining a study visa in Thailand

How to get a study visa in Thailand?

The procedure for obtaining the following:

  • you apply to the chosen school, provide the following documents: passport, rental agreement;
  • you need to pay an advance or pay tuition in full – the rules depend on the school (in case of refusal of a visa, the money is returned);
  • the school fills all the necessary documents and sends it to the Ministry of Education;
  • after approval by the Ministry of Education, you need to go for a study visa.

Thai study visa cannot be obtained in Thailand. Usually they go to Laos for this.

Thai Consulate in some countries have on authority to issue ED VISA. Please check directory or check with your school.

Citizen of Republic of China are restricted to apply in Thai Consulate in China only.

Some Nationalities must apply for the Visa in their home Country. Nationals from India, Pakistan and Middle-East Countries need to go home own countries to apply for the ED visa.

Since it is required to wait for the approval of the Ministry of Education, and this may take 3-4 weeks, it is recommended to contact the selected school as soon as you arrive in Thailand.

Another nuance is that not all schools are eligible for the ED visa! Specify this question in advance in the selected school!

Features of obtaining a ED visa after you have previously had an ED visa. Mandatory certificate of previous training when re-obtaining a Thai ED (student) visa

After completing school, you must be given a document that you have completed the course – something like a letter. You MUST receive and save this paper – regardless of your plans, because later on, if you again decide to receive a student visa, you will definitely need to provide this paper.

You can reissue it at your request – but you will have to return to the previous school (and this may be in another city) and independently agree on the preparation of this document for you.

An example of how this document looks like:

Transfer in Thailand from one school to another

If you study at one school, you can easily transfer to another school during your term of study. Suppose you, if you have already spent six months in Pattaya and then moved to Hua Hin, then you can continue studying for another six months.

I have experience when I paid a six-month course in Bangkok and FINISHED it, but in Hua Hin I was told that I can still transfer to school and continue my studies for the remaining six months, because they have courses of one year.

The advantages of transferring to another school – you do not need to get a new visa if the previous one has not expired yet.

Please note that after the transfer for the subsequent extension of the visa, except for all the usual documents, you MUST have a letter from the previous school. It looks like this:

I did not know this and the school staff also forgot about it, so I will not be able to get an extension from the first time and, as a result, I had to pay a penalty for overstay.

Schools eligible for study visas in Thailand

Schools with a study visa in Pattaya

ProLanguage School

School website:

Address: 116/33 Mu 9 Central Pattaya Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi

Phone number in local format: 038-489-225

Phone number in international format: + 6638-489-225

The cost of courses for obtaining a student visa:


6 months

1 year


17,000 THB

25,000 THB




The school has offices in Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I studied in Pattaya, where her building is located opposite Big C Extra, right on the main street (Pattaya Clang).

Follow the link - you will see a school, and if you turn 180 degrees, you will see Big C Extra.

Tuition for the year – 25,000 baht. Each visa extension is paid! Officially – 2 thousand baht, in fact - 5 thousand baht. There are no other hidden costs (except for a trip to Laos).

Schools with ED visa in Bangkok

ProLanguage School

School website:

Address: 116/33 Mu 9 Central Pattaya Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi

Phone number in local format: 038-489-225

Phone number in international format: + 6638-489-225

The cost of courses for obtaining a student visa:



6 months


1 year



23,000 THB

30,000 THB (возможно только на 9 месяцев)


35,000 THB

45,000 THB


Sandee School

I found the lowest price at Sandee Thai Language School. It was in this school that I studied when I lived in Bangkok, that is, it was not “information from the Internet,” not a theory, but my real experience.

There are the following options for courses with a student visa:

  • An 8 month course with an ED visa of 270 hours Thai at Levels I and II costs 15,000 Thai baht.
  • A 6 month course with an ED visa that includes 190 hours of Thai at Level III costs 9,000 baht.

The site says more about the course in 10 months and 3 weeks for 17,000 baht – but the school said that now there is no such course.

School Address: 21/34, B Block, 2nd Floor, R.C.A., Rama 9 Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10320, Thailand


Mobile phone nuber in local format: 084 388-2832

Phone number: 026414459

Mobile phone number in international format: +66843882832


Location: go to the map

Sandee School is the same school that sold me a course for less than a year on the very days when the study visas were canceled for courses shorter than 1 year. Nevertheless, I got my ED visa.

Therefore, be very attentive to the issue of obtaining a visa now – check the information in the school, perhaps something I myself misunderstood, maybe for Bangkok, where in principle there are no Thai language courses a year long, there are some special norms – this is not I completely understand.

Please note that in Bangkok there are no Thai courses for the whole year. For such part-time courses, a visa may be extended not for 3, but only for 2 months.

Schools with an ED visa in Hua Hin

Sirada - The Learning Center


Address: Ground Floor, 83/14 Wongchomsin Building Phetkasem Road (between Soi 63/1 and 65), Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan, 77110

Phone number in local format: 032532650

Phone number in international format: +6632532650

Email Address:

Location: go to the map.

The Sirada training center offers a study visa with two options:

  • Option A: 10,000 baht per visa for 1 year. Includes all documents plus 40 hours of study. Extra classes 3,100 baht for 20 hours.
  • Option B: 24,900 baht per visa for 1 year. Includes all documents plus 160 hours of study. Extra classes 3,100 baht for 20 hours.

10 thousand baht per year … I did not see such a low price even in Pattaya. But 40 hours of classes … it is clear that a visa is actually bought, not training. For those who really want to learn, you need to choose the second option - it has a price like in Pattaya (but 2 times cheaper than in Bangkok), but many hours of classes.

Unfortunately, this only applies to the Thai language …

If you want to learn, for example, Chinese, then groups for this language are not formed – there are only individual lessons of 500 baht per hour.

The site also says that languages are available for learning:

  • Thai
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Computers

Insight English


Address: 87/19 Petchkasame Rd Hua Hin, Prachuap Kirikan 77110

Phone number in local format: 032470681

Phone number in international format: +6632470681

Email address:

Location: go to the map.

The site says that the cost of a visa starts with as little as 10,000 baht!

More details in the tables:

Step 1 - Choose your visa

Duration of visa 6 months 12 months
Price 10,000 baht 15,000 baht

Step 2 - Choose your course

Course type Price per hour Number of students in class
Private lessons 720 baht Personal lessons
Semi private lessons 390 baht 2 студента
Group lessons 225 baht 4-8 студентов
Special offers Notes
Visa for 6 months with group lessons = only 15,000 baht, that is 139 baht/hour (regular price 34,300 baht). * 4 lessons/week: 3 lessons with a teacher, 1 lesson of self-education at school. Payment must be made in advance
Visa for 1 year with group lessons = only 30,000 baht, that is, 139 baht/hour (regular price 48,600 baht). * 4 lessons/week: 3 lessons with a teacher, 1 lesson of self-education at school. Payment can be made in installments.

1 year installment plan for visa with group lessons

Interval Payment Payment for Insight English (including group lessons) Fee for Hua Hin Immigration Office
The first 6 months 15,000 baht Fees charged by the consulate of Thailand - (about 2,000 baht) plus
Last 6 months 15,000 baht 1,900 baht every 3 months at HuaHin Immigration Service
Total 35,700 baht

The site also says that there are discounts for individual and semi-individual classes, to develop a curriculum and receive personal discounts you need to contact the school itself.

Courses are available:

  • Thai language
  • English language (different versions of the program - but it is not clear whether they are all covered by a student visa)

The language center


Address: 83/14 Wongchomsin Building Suite 303 on the third floor, Phetkasem Road (between Soi 63/1 and 65) Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan 77110

Phone numbers in local format: 032533428 (office), mobile: 0863687045

Phone numbers in international format: +6632533428 (office), mobile: +66863687045

Email address:

Location: go to the map.

The address is exactly the same as that of Sirada - The Learning Center.

The site has little information and no information about the price.

The following courses are available:

  • Thai language
  • English
  • Other languages

Update: Apparently, Sirada is one of the divisions of Language Center.

Schools with a study visa in Chiang Mai

ProLanguage School

School website:

Address: 116/33 Mu 9 Central Pattaya Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi

Phone number in local format: 038-489-225

Phone number in international format: + 6638-489-225

The cost of courses for obtaining a student visa:


6 months

1 year


17,800 THB

28,700 THB


31,100 THB

40,100 THB


Visa runs

What is a visa run

A visa run is an organized trip to neighboring countries for the purpose of obtaining a visa. You do not have to use the services of companies offering travels for visas. You can do everything yourself. On your own you can choose a more convenient option, for example, fly to Laos by plane instead of traveling in a group on a van.

A few years ago, companies with visa-runs greatly facilitated the process of filing documents and obtaining visas. Now they are forbidden to submit documents and take away passports. Companies provide all kinds of transport support: they will get to the border, as far as possible, help with passing border controls, take us to the Consulate, help fill out an application for a visa, take us to a hotel, pay for a hotel; and then in the reverse order: the next day you will be taken to the Consulate, to the border, and to your city.

Visa runs are provided for any visas: student, tourist, family, other. More precisely, these trips are no different, not divided according to different types of visas, and you can go to them for any visa.

Previously, firms providing visa services themselves paid a visa fee, so the price of a visa was different for those who went for a tourist visa and for those who went for a student visa – the difference was just the difference in the cost of these two visas. Now, each visa applicant must personally pick up his passport and pay for the visa, so the price for the trip is the same for everyone.

But the difference in the price of a visa run can be depending on your citizenship, since for citizens of some countries a free stamp is put at the entrance to Laos, and for some ones need to pay for a Lao visa, which is given directly on the border. Therefore, the price of visa run, for example, for a citizen of Russia and a US citizen of the same visa, will be different.

Choose a visa-run or independent travel

Here it is only a matter of personal preference. If you are frightened by the need to independently search for a hotel, a way to get to the Consulate, and so on, then a visa run is preferable. As for the money – if you do everything right and book a cheap hotel, the cost will be about the same for an independent trip, as well as for a visa.

Visa runs from Pattaya

Visa runs from Pattaya provide several companies. You can choose the one that you like or the one that the school will recommend to you. I advise you to listen to the recommendations of the school, or before planning your trip, make sure that the found information about the company that provides the services of a visa run is up to date.

Example of sites of companies with visa runs:

Remember that you can ask that the van will take you away from school or closer to your home. Also, when you return to Pattaya, you can ask to drop you closer to home.

On websites, the price for a visa run is ฿ 6000- 8000 (together with the fee for a visa).

Visa-run from Bangkok

Visa run from Bangkok to Laos

I traveled by this company:

The cost of a visa run depends on whether you need to pay for a Lao visa. In my case (entry into Laos is free) I paid for a visa of 3,250 baht. This cost includes:

  • trip to Laos and come back
  • hotel accommodation
  • food
  • full assistance during the trip

Now the company does not accept money to pay for a visa, because under the new law, everyone must receive a passport in person and pay for it himself.

For a visa run from Bangkok, a meeting takes place at the BTS station ON NUT. There is a large Tesco Lotus, and next to it is a large parking lot. Right on this parking lot, on the days of departure, there are several Vans, many people, including foreigners, someone is busy with documents, fill out papers, cut out photos to the desired size – this is what the company representatives need to contact. They will immediately check your documents – whether everything is in all right. The site says that the gathering at 19:30. But the school advised to come early so as not to get a seat ‘in the back of the bus’.

Again, double-check the information on the site, and listen to the advice given to you at your school (if you are applying for a student visa).

From February 1, 2019, online assignment is required to obtain a visa in Laos (Vientiane)

Starting from February 1, 2019, before you go to the Thai Consulate in Laos (in the capital Vientiane) you need to register on the web site. After that you will need to print a confirmation of the record and the number in the queue, which must be brought along with other documents.

This applies to non-immigrant (including student ED), tourist and transit visas.

The online assignment takes place on the site:

As stated on the same site: this is the official web site of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Link to the visa application form:

How to perform online assignment to apply documents for a visa

The Visa Application Appointment System

1. Why does the Embassy need the Visa Application Appointment System?

The number of visa applicants at the Royal Thai Embassy, Vientiane has increased significantly in the past years.

Due to a limited number of officers, the Embassy needs to implement the Visa Application Appointment System in order to maintain service quality with an aim to reduce waiting time of applicants while increasing

2. When can I access the Visa Appointment System?

The System will be activated online from 30 January 2019 onwards.

You can schedule an appointment via

3. Will the Embassy still accept walk-in applications?

From 1 February 2019 onwards, applications for certain types of visas will require appointments via the online System prior to the submission of the applications together with all necessary documents at the Consular Section while walk-in applications for other types of visas will still be accepted.

4. Which are the types of visas that require online appointments?

There are three types of visas that require online appointments:

  • Tourist, Transit, and Non-Immigrant

Walk-in applications for the following types of visas will still be accepted:

  • Diplomatic (D), Official (F), Courtesy, and Labor (L-A)

5. On which platform is the Visa Application Appointment System available?

The System is a web-based application which can be accessed by a computer or a smartphone that has an internet connection.

6. How long in advance can I schedule a visa appointment?

You can schedule an appointment up to one month in advance.

7. What is the appointment cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment no less than 24 hours prior to the existing

The System will not allow cancellation to be made less than 24 hours prior to the existing appointment. No-show will prevent you from scheduling another appointment for one month.

8. What are the hours for scheduling appointments?

The system is available online for scheduling appointments 24 hours a day.

However, you cannot schedule a same-day appointment; the system will have a cut-off time for a same-day appointment at 12 a.m.

9. Can other persons schedule an appointment for me?

Each applicant must create a personal account with personal information before scheduling an appointment. The Embassy therefore suggests that you should schedule an appointment by yourself.

10. Which personal information do I need to fill in online to create my personal account and schedule an appointment?

You will need to provide the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Information on your passport page
  • Your preferred date and time of appointment

11. Do I need to upload documents online?

No, the online Appointment System is for queuing purpose only.

You do not have to upload any documents online.

On the Appointment Date

12. When should I come to the Consular Section on my appointment date?

You should come to the Consular Section 30 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can prepare the application and necessary supporting documents.

13. What do I need to show as a proof of appointment?

There are two options for appointment verification

  • You can print out the appointment confirmation and show it at the Consular Section for verification.
  • You can take a screenshot of the appointment confirmation on your smartphone and show it at the Consular Section for verification.

14. Do I still need to fill out the visa application form?

Yes, you still have to fill out the visa application form by yourself. It is advisable to fill out the form prior to your appointment to reduce the application submission time.

15. Where can I get the visa application forms?

The application forms are available at the Consular Section free of charge. You can also download them from

16. Does the Embassy have an Express Visa Service?

No, the Embassy does not offer an Express Visa Service.

** Please note that visa consideration is made by the Consular Officers only. **

The Embassy has no affiliation with any persons outside the Embassy nor with any tour agents you hire for transportation and accommodation services.

17. How long is the visa processing time?

The visa processing time for the Royal Thai Embassy, Vientiane, is two working/business days.

You can collect your visa on the next day (approved or not approved) after submitting the visa application.

18. When do I pay the visa fee and what form of payment does the Embassy accept?

You are to pay the visa fee when you collect your visa.

The visa fee must be paid in cash (Thai baht) only.

19. What is the business hours for visa application?

Business hours: Monday - Friday, closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

The gate will be open at 9.00 a.m.; only visa applicants can enter the Consular Section.

  • Submission of applications: 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.
  • Payment and collection: 13.30 p.m. - 16.00 p.m.

My opinion

So, all the above is official information. Now a few words that I think about this.

First, the queues will not disappear. Now we will come with printed numbers and wait for our “electronic queue”.

Secondly, in recent times, really a lot of people apply for visas. Since there they understand that these people (we, who came for visas) cannot stay here for an extra day or two, the Consulate made efforts to receive everyone who came on the current day. Apparently, they are tired of it. As I assume, the number of seats in the “electronic queue” will be limited. Now they simply will not give out more than a certain number of tickets for each day. That is, if earlier, for example, four hundred people arrived, and Consulate employees tried to accept everyone, now they will issue (for example) 200 tickets, limiting the number of applicants for a visa in one day.

And thirdly, the most important thing is what it means in practical terms. And in practical terms, this means that before you go to the visa-run, you need to know their schedule and clarify the availability. Then sign up for the day when your visa run group will come to Laos. Most likely, now, before you sit down in the van, they will check not only the necessary documents, but also the availability of online booking at the reception.

How to get to the Thai Consulate in Laos


How to get to the Thai Consulate in Cambodia


How to get to the Thai Consulate in Myanmar


Extension of study and tourist visa

Student Visa Extension Procedure

The received study visa, in fact, is valid only for three months. To stay in Thailand throughout the entire year of study, you need to renew this visa every 3 months. Visa extension is carried out in your city’s Immigration office.

To extend the visa you need to provide a lot of documents, these documents are prepared for you by the school. Therefore, you need to contact her in advance so that they do it.

After receiving the extension, you need to come to the school again and show your stamp – this is a must.

It can seem unusual, but the procedure for obtaining a visa extension varies slightly in different cities.

Visa Extension in Pattaya

Pattaya Immigration Office on the map: go.

Address in Thai for taxi drivers: 75/265 หมู่ที่ 12 ถนน ชายหาดจอมเทียน อำเภอ บางละมุง ชลบุรี 20150

In Pattaya, there may be features when extending a student visa: there may be two options:

  • for 5000 baht – you will need to come to the Immigration office only once to pick up your passport
  • for 1900 baht – you will need to come to the Immigration office, stand in line and get a stamp for 15 days. After that you will need to come to the Immigration office again and put the second stamp for 75 days

Perhaps you will be offered no alternative only the first option – for 5,000 baht.

The immigration office is located very close to the beach of the Jomtien region – if you wish, you can relax there.

Extension of a visa in Bangkok

Where in Bangkok to extend student visa

Specify this information in your school, but almost certainly you will be sent to อาคาร รัฐ ประ ศาสน ภักดี (อาคาร B) – Embassy Building B.

Immigration office of Bangkok on the map: go.

Address: 120 Chang Watthana 7 Alley, Khwaeng Thung Song Hong, Khet Lak Si, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10210, Thailand

Thai address for taxi drivers: 120 ซอย แจ้งวัฒนะ 7 แขวง ทุ่งสองห้อง เขต หลักสี่ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10210

They have their own website:

This is a huge building that houses various government and near-government institutions.

A special feature of extending a visa in Bangkok is that it can be extended only for two months – this depends on the length of your training course, which can be shorter than one year.

Extension of visa in huahin

Address: 439 หมูที่ 1 Thap Tai, Amphoe Hua Hin, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

Taxi address in Thai: 439 หมูที่ 1 ตำบล ทับใต้ อำเภอ หัวหิน ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ 77110

Phone number: 032 520 617

Hua Hin immigration office on the map: go.

To reach it, from the main street you need to turn onto street 88.

The extension of the visa takes place in two stages: receiving the first stamp for 15 days, at this point you will need to bring all the documents from the school and pay the fee of 1,900 baht; receiving a second stamp for 75 days.

Western Union Error “There is a technical problem. Please try again later. ”

When transferring money from Western Union to my bank account, I had a problem with the error:

There is a technical problem. Please try again later.

The error occurred at the last stage, when the secret code of the bank card is entered and when the payment needs to be confirmed by SMS from the bank. But instead of redirection to enter the code from SMS, I received the specified message on a technical problem.

From the unusual, I noticed that the expiration date for my card, with which I tried to make a transfer, is incorrect. I tried several times – it did not work. I tried the next day – again the same problem.

I tried to specify another card – no change.

I tried several times to use the previous payment, choosing the option “Repeat payment” there – without a positive result, even the error message was not shown – after the “wait” icon was finished showing, nothing happened.

I cleaned the cookies – it did not help. I read on the Internet that changing the browser does not help either.

I looked into the console of a web browser (I’m still a webmaster) - what I saw there is shown in the screenshot in the header image of this article.

There was an error:

code: "C9203"
message: "There is a technical problem. Please try again later."

And as the reason of the error was:

code: "T3512"

I googled and even found the financial definition of APN – but that didn't help me at all.

I also found references to similar problems:

But there was no solution.

When trying to make a transfer, I chose the existing recipient, as well as the already attached bank card.

I decided to go into the settings and see the information about the Receiver – he had a bank account number, but the name of the bank was missing – I added the name of the bank, saved the changes, once again opened the information about the beneficiary… the mention of the bank and the bank account disappeared altogether…

I opened the list of attached cards – you will not find this option in the settings, to go to your cards you need to click on the user name, then you will see this item.

There I edited the expiration date of the card and saved it.

Then I started the new payment again, but chose the option “Add a new recipient”. At some point, I still chose from the existing recipients, or my last contact was automatically substituted for it — it happened somehow by chance. But most importantly, the name and bank details were entered correctly, I only needed to indicate the reason for the payment and the source of funds.

After that, I chose an already attached bank card – this time its expiration date was entered correctly. And the translation has passed! So my problem is solved.