Month: May 2021

How to install Wi-Fi driver in Linux if the computer is offline

If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi because the wireless card driver is not yet installed in your Linux and there is no wired connection, then you get a vicious circle: it is impossible to install the driver because there is no Internet.

There is a way out of the situation – for this you (more…)

Intel disabled undervolting on 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs

Owners of new computers, as well as users updating the BIOS of their laptops and computers, may have noticed that manufacturers have a tendency to disable undervolting. 10th Gen processors ship with undervolting disabled by default. To enable it, you need to find the appropriate setting in the depths (more…)

Where else to look for apartments for purchase and rent in Thailand

How to block by Referer, User Agent, URL, query string, IP and their combinations in mod_rewrite

As part of the fight against the influx of bots to the site (see the screenshot above), I had to refresh my knowledge of mod_rewrite. Below are examples of mod_rewrite rules that allow you to perform certain actions (such as blocking) for users who meet a large number of criteria at once – see (more…)

How to disable autostart of programs and services in Windows

Auto-loading programs and services that you are not using is a waste of system resources. The automatic launch of a large number of programs can slow down your computer.

This article will show you how to check which programs start automatically when you turn on your computer and disable those (more…)

libpcap-dev for Cygwin

When compiling programs from source in Cygwin, an error may occur containing the line “when searching for -lwpcap”.

The essence of the error is that the headers of the pcap library are searched.

These header files are present in the libpcap-dev package (Debian and derivatives). (more…)

How to manage services on Windows

What are services

Services are a kind of programs that run in the background and do not require user input.

Services can either be specific to the Windows operating system or be third-party applications. Examples of services that the user can install himself: web server, VNC remote (more…)

Configuring Apache Web Server to Run Perl Programs on Windows

Perl scripts can be run in the Apache environment in the same way as PHP scripts. To do this, you need to make a small setting.

I installed the web server according to this instruction, if you installed according to a different instruction, then edit the paths to suit your values.

1. (more…)

How to install John the Ripper and Johnny on Windows with GPU support

John the Ripper is a password cracking program that can brute-force passwords for many types of files: archives, office documents, can crack network protocol hashes, and much more.

John the Ripper is a command line utility, so using it requires command line skills and knowledge of John the (more…)

Redirect to HTTPS not working in WordPress

This is not an obvious problem, because for some pages the redirect to HTTPS works, but for some it does not. I ran into this problem on WordPress quite by accident. Therefore, if you are a webmaster with WordPress sites, then I would recommend that you check your sites too.

Redirecting from (more…)