Month: July 2021

Where to stay in Pattaya?

I write about Pattaya, about the purchase of housing there, and after all, its streets are right in front of my eyes, but I caught myself thinking that not everyone is well oriented in this city.

Let me introduce you to it a little on Google Maps.

Legend on my map:

1. (more…)

How to shut down computers in PowerShell

Stop-Computer cmdlet

The Stop-Computer cmdlet shuts down the local or remote computer.

You can run Stop-Computer with additional options to specify authentication types and alternate credentials, and to force an immediate shutdown.

This cmdlet uses the Win32Shutdown method (more…)

How to restart computers in PowerShell

Restart-Computer Cmdlet

The Restart-Computer cmdlet restarts the operating system on a local or remote computer.

The following command will reboot the local computer:


You can use Restart-Computer with various parameters to trigger restart operations, to (more…)

I wanted to advertise Wise (TransferWise), but I could not make a transfer…

TransferWise renamed Wise

You may not have heard the name Wise when it comes to cheap international money transfers, as TransferWise recently changed its name to Wise and even changed its website address.

Wise is not a new company, it is a well-established English company with the (more…)

How to configure the network interface to use a dynamic IP address (DHCP) in PowerShell

Note: all settings in this article must be done with administrator rights.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows the network adapter to obtain the correct network settings without manually configuring network interfaces.

To manage a network interface, you need to know its (more…)

How to set IP address, netmask, default gateway and DNS for a network interface in PowerShell

Setting a static IP, netmask and gateway for a network adapter in PowerShell is a little confusing but possible. This post will show you how to do this using the New-NetIPAddress and Set-NetIPAddress cmdlets.

The old way of configuring network interfaces is using the netsh command. First, (more…)

How to configure HTTP Digest Authentication in Squid

Basic authentication is bad because the password is actually transmitted in plain text (encoded in Base64). See the article “How to hack HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication” for details.

Therefore, it is preferable to use Digest authentication on the Squid proxy server.

Let's (more…)

An unplugged disk causes a delay in system boot

The fstab file contains descriptive information about the file systems that the system can mount. In the /etc/fstab file, you can specify the parameters for mounting a disk, which can be either plugged to the system or unplugged from it. An example of such a disk is an external USB drive. In the latter (more…)

How to check if your computer supports TPM 2.0 on Linux

One of the requirements for Windows 11 is the TPM 2.0 chip. I think it was thanks to Windows 11 that many users learned about the existence of the TPM.

This article will tell you how to find out in Linux if there is a TPM and what version is it.

TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0 – (more…)

Linux Mint 20.2 Released: What’s New & Download Links