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Hello everyone! I am Alexey, but I prefer the short form of my name – Alex. I am Russian, but I have been living in Thailand for 4 years already. Therefore don’t use my blog to learn English – my English is so so.

My job is something between web-mastering and copywriting: I write and translate articles for my web sites and I make money via ads promoting.

In my free time I learn Thai language and just enjoy living among Thai nature and Thai people, enjoy Thai food. I love Linux and I spend time playing with it. Also, I am a programmer a bit.

About what this website? Here I will share some tips about Thailand. I have experience about Thai visa, banks and so on – all that stuff what we really need in Thailand. Also, I will share tips about job of a web master: some useful PHP scripts, my ideas about website creating and making money with AdSense.

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