How to pause GIF on Windows, Linux, Mac OS

GIF animation can be used as a visual demonstration of anything: the operation of programs, physical processes, the sequence of actions during repairs or exercise – anything.

GIF animation is like a small looped video without sound. This way of presenting changing data and schemas is very popular because when inserted into the HTML of the page, the GIF is treated like any other image. Yes, modern HTML and modern web browsers also make it easy to embed real videos on web pages, but GIF animation is still popular.

What is inconvenient with GIF images is that the animation cannot be paused (for example, to look at something in fast-changing data), nor rewound (to find a point of interest, and not watch the animation many times in the hope of catching the right moment).

You can save the GIF to your computer and open it with almost any image viewer or web browser: the animation will play fine, but you still cannot pause or rewind it to a certain place.

Program for frame-by-frame GIF animation

In fact, GIF frames are of little use – you can open the animation in the GIMP image editor and you will be shown the individual frames, but thanks to optimization, each frame contains only the difference of the images. In short, GIMP won't help.

But video players will help! For example, Windows users can open GIFs in Windows Media Player.

And in this video player, you can pause the GIF and use the scroll bar to find a specific location.

But there is a more versatile method that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This is SMPlayer.

SMPlayer is a free media player for Windows, Linux and Mac OS with built-in codecs, which can also play Youtube videos, search and download subtitles, and includes other features like a thumbnail generator and audio and video filters.

You can find the version for Window and macOS on this page: https://www.smplayer.info/en/downloads

On Linux, install SMPlayer from your distribution's standard repositories.

On Debian derivatives (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux), use the command:

sudo apt install smplayer

On Arch Linux derivatives (Manjaro, BlackArch), use the command:

sudo pacman -S smplayer

Save the GIF you want to pause to your computer.

Open SMPlayer and drag your GIF animation file there.

Now you can pause GIF video, jump to any GIF frame.

In the lower right corner, you will see the total duration of the GIF animation.

This method with SMPlayer is cross-platform, you can stop GIF animation in Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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