How to change keyboard shortcut to change keyboard layout in Windows 11

By default, Windows uses Alt+Shift to change the keyboard layout. Many users are more accustomed to using the Ctrl+Shift combination to change the keyboard layout – this small instruction will step by step show how to change the keyboard shortcut that is used to change the keyboard language to Ctrl+Shift.

By the way, it may be useful for you to know that regardless of the selected keyboard shortcut, you can always use the Win+Space combination to switch between keyboard languages.


How to set up keyboard language change by Ctrl+Shift

Open the ‘Settings’ app by pressing Win+i.

Click the ‘Time & language’ tab.

In the new window, go to ‘Language and region’.

In the ‘Related settings’ section, press ‘Typing’.

In the next window, click ‘Advanced keyboard settings’.

Finally, find and click ‘Input language hot keys’.

In the window that opens, click ‘Change Key Sequence…’.

In the new settings window, in the ‘Switch Input Language’ column, switch to Ctrl+Shift.

In all open windows, click ‘OK’.

Immediately after that, you can switch the keyboard layout with the Ctrl+Shift key combination.

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