FoodPanda: Local Food Delivery. Discount on order ฿100!

Now there are many wonderful local delivery services, one of which helped me out a lot half a year ago. When extending my visa, it turned out that I need a letter from a previous school, which is in Bangkok. We called the school, but they refused to send a letter by mail. Going to Bangkok from Hua Hin is 3 hours there and as much back, that is, the whole day is lost. We used the service, it seems to be called Line Man (or something like that) – the courier drove to school, took a letter and brought a friend to work. A friend after work sent a letter in the mail. The next day I already had this letter. The costs are ridiculous – I don’t remember exactly, but I would have spent more on a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

It turns out that now there are similar services for eating from local restaurants! That is, it is not the delivery of a particular restaurant, it is a service that allows you to choose food from any cafe, restaurant and the courier will bring you food.

In Thailand, this service is called FoodPanda – they have pink clothes and a pink box on a motorcycle. I have long paid attention to these people, as they drive like crazy)))))) And now they have become really a lot. Sitting in a cafe on a busy street of the city for every minute you can count 2-3 couriers Food Panda who travel in all directions.

Discount on order Food Panda. Promotion code FoodPanda

In the Food Panda mobile application, you can choose a restaurant, choose the food and time at which you want to be delivered to you. Everything is very simple. It’s clear that you need to pay extra for delivery.

By clicking on the following link you will receive a 100 baht discount on the next order: https://fdpnda.app.link/fRcVwQZAVY

But there are some nuances… The FoodPanda mobile application is available only if Thailand is selected as your region, otherwise you will see:

If you have the same situation as in the screenshot above, then you will have to ask for help from one of your Thai girlfriend/friends.

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