How to set default keyboard layout

This article will show you step by step how to set the default keyboard language in Windows 11.

If the Windows 11 operating system has more than one keyboard layout, then when you turn on the computer, one of them is selected as the active one. This selection is always the same, regardless of which keyboard layout the computer was turned off with.

The layout that is active when the computer is turned on is called the default layout. This short guide will show you how to choose and change the default keyboard layout in Windows 11.


How to make Windows 11 turn on with an English keyboard layout

Let’s consider the example of choosing the Russian keyboard as the default layout, but you can choose any other.

Open the ‘Settings’ app by pressing Win+i.

Click the ‘Time & language’ tab.

In the new window, go to ‘Language and region’.

Opposite the input language that you want to select as the default, click the button of three horizontal dots.

In the menu that opens, select ‘Move up’.

After that, the language will move up one point in the list of languages and will be used by default. If you have many languages installed, then move the desired language to the very top of the list.

Everything is ready! This article showed you how to determine which keyboard your computer boots up with. Using this guide, you can change the default layout at any time.

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