How to avoid catching the flu in Thailand

Oddly enough, but to catch the flu Thailand is as easy to get sick as in cold countries. The hot climate is negatively compensated by very light clothing and ubiquitous “coolers”.

The following tips are very simple, but often we are not ready for elementary situations just because most of the time we live in a another climate.

Hazardous air conditioners

Sitting under the air conditioner is like sitting in a draft: you will definitely get sick. Moreover, even if the air conditioner is set to a rather high temperature, for example, 25 ℃, then it still blows with air with a much lower temperature.

If you are right under the air conditioner, try to change seats. If your room has air conditioning above the bed (this is a very bad location), then set the air speed to low, if possible, change the direction of air flow to left or right side.

Insidious drinks with ice

In Thailand, it is very common to drink drinks from the refrigerator by adding ice to them. Moreover, ice is very cheap – a large package can be bought for 8 baht. And any drink will be more expensive, water, teas, juices cost from 15 to 60 baht. Therefore, in some restaurants serving drinks is brought to the point of absurdity: a glass is fulfilled by the milled ice to the top and tea is poured into the remaining space between the ice. There is too little fluid and it is very cold. Very easy to get a cold with this soft drink.

Depending on the restaurant, you can ask not to put ice, or order a drink in a can/bottle – in this case, most likely, you will be served a full glass of ice and a separately closed can of drink.

Motorcycle: beware of falling and catch a cold on it

Wind at a speed of 90 km/h is considered very strong, and wind at a speed of 118.8 km/h is considered a hurricane. In ordinary life, we rarely encounter such fast winds. But think about this simple fact: when riding a motorcycle, you sweep through the air at the speed of a motorcycle. That is, if you ride a motorbike at a speed of 100 km/h, then this is equivalent to the fact that you are standing, and the wind blows at you at a speed of 100 km/h!

Fortunately, most of the year, day and night, is too hot in Thailand to catch a cold even with such a strong wind. But this is an additional insidiousness: people get a habit to ride pretty fast in very light clothes, and if it gets cold on some days (nights), the motorcycle driver is not ready for this.

At the top there is a thermometer with a temperature of 39 ℃, the cause of the disease: riding on a cool night, in which dew even fell.

Precautions are simple: warm clothing and slow speed. The slower you drive, the weaker the wind, and the warmer.

If caught in the rain in Thailand

The rains here are quite warm. But if you need to ride a motorcycle, then reduce the speed, because the cool wind is very dangerous in this situation.

Upon returning home, take a hot shower and drink hot tea.

Cold regions of Thailand

In northern Thailand, as well as in Laos (if you went there for a visa), it is noticeably colder at night and in the early morning than you could get used to in the rest of this very warm country. In the mountainous areas of Thailand (such as Kanchanaburi) it can be very cold at night. Use suitable clothing. If frozen, at 7-11 you can buy hot coffee and instant pasta and pour boiling water in the same place.


Do not be frivolous with colds and flu in Thailand: you can also get flu and fever. During my 5 years of life there, Twice I had a temperature of 40 degrees: the first time I came in Kanchanaburi to visit mother’s wife, I was frozen at night, and the second time I froze during a night motorcycle ride.

Bring the usual antipyretic tablets with you to Thailand: aspirin, paracetamol, or other medicines to relieve symptoms of the common cold. If you get sick, rest more and drink warm liquids, do not use air conditioning and do not drink ice drinks. Influenza in Thailand is generally more easily tolerated than in cold countries and usually passes in 2-3 days.

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