Top 10 Best Thai Cosmetics

The best proven Thai cosmetics

From traveling, ones want to bring something original, which is not easy or even impossible to find in our local stores. If you are interested in what cosmetics to bring from Thailand, what really works and is verified, then this article will help you figure out what and where to buy.

For help in writing this article, I need to thank my sister, who tried many Thai cosmetics and based solely on her experience, compiled this small rating of the best cosmetics and health products that should be brought from Thailand.

1. Analgesic Balm Counterpain

This ointment anesthetizes joints, muscles, very effective. Very economical.

It causes a cooling effect. The action is very fast. This product literally delights users.

In Thailand, this ointment can be bought at any store, including 7-Eleven.

2. Carebeau Hair Masks

This is another product that delights users. There are many different hair masks, but Carebeau is the best brand.

It is suitable for very dried and lifeless hair, brings them back to life.

To the touch greasy consistency. While using consumed very economically.

You can buy in ordinary stores.

Consists of natural ingredients. There are many different flavors – all of them are good.

Suitable for all hair types.

3. Coconut oil

And one more amazing product (please don’t think, this will not be said about all products, just while we go on TOP-3).

Sister says that if someone came back from Thailand without natural Coconut oil, then, consider that it was vain trip.

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways: as a hair mask, as a face and hand cream – suitable for everything for cosmetic purposes. The sister says that, in principle, it can even be eaten, because it is completely natural.

You can buy almost anywhere.

In Thailand, the consistency of this oil is always liquid. And in colder countries, this oil is always solid even in summer. That is, before use, it needs to be heated in warm water. By the way, this is a great way to check the originality of this oil directly in Thailand: put it in the refrigerator, and if it hardens, then this is natural coconut oil.

4. Wite Orkid Hair Oil

Pay attention to the name Wite Orkid – this is not a typo, just this inscription is made in Malay, and not in English.

This oil has a very pleasant smell, restores dull, lifeless hair.

By the way, if you do not know what hair oil is used for: it restores hair, helps to comb strongly confused hair. And although it is oil, it does not make hair oily.

You can buy at any 7-Eleven and other stores.

On impressions, it is just a good product, and not terrific, like the previous three.

5. Hair Oil Lolane Natura

This oil can also be bought at any cosmetics store. It is good in quality, invisible on the hair, suitable for dull, lifeless hair.

6. Dry deodorant

It really works. With daily use, the smell of sweat does not appear, since the deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria. By itself, this deodorant is odorless. Super economical: 2 people use it for 2 years, but it has not been used up even half! Sister jokes that she will outlive us.

7. BANNA Facial Scrubs

They have a delicate texture, natural in composition, contain fruit seeds.

They remove dead skin cells on the face, cleanse the skin in a gentle manner, without damaging the skin, a natural analogue of chemical peeling.

Just good. It is made from several natural ingredients. The composition contains crushed bones of natural fruits, which you can see in the next photo.

8. Face Lotion (replacing face cream) Hada Labo

Suitable for all skin types, including oily (does not leave a greasy shine on the face). An alternative to oily face creams. There are several varieties: moisturizing, anti aging.

Deeply nourishes the skin, after applying a pleasant feeling on the face, there is no film feeling on the skin and no stickiness on the face.

This is Korean cosmetics.

A very economical lotion, just one drop on the whole face is enough. Consistency like liquid jelly. You can buy in any store.

The volume is small, but very economical.

9. Body gel with snail ARRA TOP FACE

Production Korea.

It has a very pleasant smell. The consistency is like thick jelly. It is very well absorbed. Leaves a pleasant tender feeling on the skin.

10. Bottled perfume (eau de toilette)

Very pleasant catchy smell. Sister acquires these perfumes with a margin at every visit to Thailand. Favorite aroma is the smell of Sakura, although a large assortment.

At almost any point of sale, you can agree on a discount if you take 10 or more. It will be a great gift to friends and relatives.

No need to focus on the design of the bottle, because at different points of sale it can look different. You can buy in shopping centers, as well as in markets.

11. Bonus. Inhaler

You may have seen Thai people sniff small bubbles from time to time. In these vials, the essential oils. There are many different variants of these inhalers, all of them differ in composition, shade and odor. According to the sister, the one in the picture is one of the best. Although I, a big fan of these inhalers, I would argue with her (they are all cool !!!))))

In addition to helping with nasal congestion, such inhalers can be used if you feel dizzy or feel weak. Or just use it – because you like the smell.


So, it was a rating of the best proven beauty and health products from Thailand. Now you know what cosmetics you must buy in Thailand for yourself or as a gift to a woman.

You are not enough and you want more? Wait, there will soon be a large list of recommended cosmetics from Thailand from Thai girl itself!

Do you have your favorite Thai cosmetics brands? Great, share your opinion in the comments.

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