Why do I need a rabbit card and how to save on BTS

This article is about a rabbit card and how to save money on trips to BTS in Bangkok.

Rabbit card is quite popular with Bangkok residents who use public transport. The essence of the card with a rabbit is that you replenish it and using it you can pay for trips to BTS, as well as in some other stores, usually associated with BTS.

The advantages of a rabbit card are that you do not need to queue for each trip to buy a BTS ticket. The second advantage is that if you use BTS really often, then with this card you can save.

Where to buy a card with a rabbit

You can buy at BTS stations, in the same place where tickets for one trip are sold. Be sure you took with you an ID (passport). The price of the card itself is 100 baht, an additional 100 baht for replenishment. You do not need to activate the card – you can immediately use it.

You can replenish from 100 baht, in the same place where BTS tickets are sold.

Use it the same way as BTS tickets for one trip, but when leaving the BTS station, you must also touch card (and not insert into the hole, as with one-time tickets).

How to ride a BTS cheaper

The BTS train is not cheap at all and if you make several trips every day, especially over long distances, then you should consider buying packages for several trips.

Number of rides Package price Average price per trip
15 465 31
25 725 29
40 1080 27
50 1300 26

The package does not have an expiration date, that is, you can use trips until they end, there is no time limit.

The price of each trip is fixed and does not depend on distance.

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