Windows guest OS freezes in VirtualBox 7 (SOLVED)

Upgrading to VirtualBox 7 brought bugs to guest operating systems, some of which are discussed in the notes:

After fixing the problems with the actually inoperable Windows 11 guest, other, slightly less critical problems began to appear.

Windows 11 freezes in VirtualBox 7 in minutes after startup

Working with guest Windows 11 revealed another problem: Windows began to freeze regularly. Usually freezes occur during the first minutes after the OS starts.

The hangup of the guest OS is manifested in the fact that it stops responding to mouse clicks and keyboard presses. The screen freezes on the last image and the only way out is to forcibly shut down the virtual machine, for example, by closing the VirtualBox window.

At first, I attributed the problem to the increased load on the virtual disk, but later I realized that this was not the case. Even if you do not use the guest OS, after a while you may find that it has hung.

At the same time, VirtualBox and OS guest additions are updated to the latest versions.

The problem manifests itself on Windows, Linux, and Mac when running as a Windows 10 or Windows 11 guest.

The solution to the problem is the following:

  1. Go to Virtual Machine Settings → Display.
  2. Then switch “Graphics Controller” to VBoxVGA (instead of VBoxSVGA), uncheck “Enable 3D Acceleration”.

After that, the Windows guest OS began to work more stable, although the screen began to look worse.

But that's not all!

Subsequent return of the original setting to VBoxSVGA did not lead to problems. That is, the Windows guest OS still works stably.

Bottom line: perhaps instead of constantly switching to VBoxVGA, just switch, save the settings, and then return to VBoxSVGA again. At least it worked for me.

As for the “Enable 3D Acceleration” setting, I keep it disabled, since the problem with the transparency of some programs (the link to its description is given above) has not yet been resolved.

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