Why does the screen brightness of Samsung monitors randomly switch. How to get the brightest and most colorful picture on a Samsung monitor

Modern high-end monitors have an ambient light sensor and a function to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the brightness of the light near the monitor. A similar automatic brightness control is available on high-end mobile phones: in bright sunlight, the screen is as bright as possible, thanks to which you can use the phone; and in a dark room, the screen is at a low brightness level, so your eyes do not get tired.

This is a very useful feature for taking care of your eyes.

But sometimes you need the monitor not to adjust the brightness. For example, if you want to watch a movie in a darkened room, then most likely you want the picture to be as bright and saturated as possible.

This note will tell you how to disable automatic brightness change on Samsung LS34A65* monitors (using the ViewFinity S6 LS34A650UBEXXT model as an example).

It should be noted that several settings are responsible for automatic brightness at once:

  • Eye Care → Adaptive Image
  • System → Dynamic Brightness
  • System → Eco Sensor Mode
  • System → Eco Saving Plus
  • Picture → Picture Mode (Dynamic Contrast)

Turn them all off to prevent the monitor from adjusting its brightness to the ambient light.

To manually set the maximum brightness, go to Settings Menu → Picture → Brightness → 100

How to get the brightest and most colorful picture on a Samsung monitor

Perhaps, having played enough (and completely confused) in the dynamic brightness options, you wanted to return to the brightest and most saturated picture. To do this, set the following settings:

  • Picture → Picture Mode → Cinema
  • Eye Care → Adaptive Image → Off
  • Eye Care → Eye Saver Mode → Off
  • System → Eco Saving Plus → Off
  • System → Dynamic Brightness → On or Off (I don't see the difference)
  • System → PC/AV Mode → PC
  • System → Eco Sensor Mode → Off

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