How to enable or disable the Power LED on a Samsung monitor (using LS34A65* as an example)

In this post, we will look at how to enable, disable and configure the Power LED indicator on Samsung monitors. As an example, I will use the SAMSUNG ViewFinity S6 LS34A650UBEXXT monitor.

Do LS34A65* monitors have a Power LED indicator

Yes, there is a Power LED. There is a power indicator at the bottom of the monitor next to the inscription SAMSUNG, namely on the lower end of the monitor to the right of the 5-Way Button. In this picture, it is not labeled, but the Power LED here is indicated as an oval to the right of the 5-Way Button.

The Power LED lights up (depending on settings) in two situations:

  • when the monitor is on
  • when the monitor is in standby mode (that is, the monitor is turned off by the user through the menu or automatically after a certain time and does not show any image, but the monitor is connected to the mains)

You don't see the Power LED in any of these modes, do you?

Most likely, everything is alright with your monitor and with your eyes. The fact is that the Power LED is incredibly faded.

The Power LED of modern Samsung LS34A65* monitors is difficult to describe in any other way except that it is not visible!

To take the next photo, I had to draw the curtains, turn off not only the light in the room, but also turn off, for example, the mouse so that its backlight does not interfere. Then I used night mode with a five-second exposure. From the photo it seems that the Power LED is not so faded. But this impression is achieved thanks to the night shooting mode. For example, the room is quite dark, although you can't tell from the photos.

As for the blue color on the “SAMSUNG” inscription, it appeared due to the reflection of the Power LED light from the phone, in fact, the inscription does not glow, only a small LED under it glows.

In reality, the Power LED is almost invisible to the naked eye.

And this is good! Many years ago I had another SAMSUNG monitor and there the standby Power LED was shining like a spotlight! And there was no way to turn it off. If I remember correctly, at last I just sealed it (which was not easy, since the Power LED was combined with the power button).

If you think about it, it's not entirely clear why such a powerful Power LED was needed? If the monitor is on, you don’t need any Power LED to know that. If the monitor is in standby mode, then you don’t need any Power LED either – no one turned it off from the power outlet. In other rare cases, you can look at the power outlet.

How to turn off the Power LED

Since the Power LED is not visible even at night, I can’t imagine why it might need to be turned off completely.

But let's say you use a monitor in a deprivation chamber, or you have eyes as sensitive as a frog's, which can see individual photons.

You cannot turn off the Power LED completely. But you can change its settings so that it will work while the monitor is on (given the brightness of the monitor, I will not be able to take a photo of this indicator even using the camera and special shooting modes), and during standby the indicator will be turned off.

To do this, go to Monitor Menu → System → Power LED On.

Select the “Working” option.

After that, in the standby mode of the monitor, the Power LED will turn off.

How to turn on the power indicator. Why isn't my Samsung monitor's Power LED working?

First of all note that the Power LED is on by default and is lit when the monitor is in standby mode. If you don't see it, it's most likely because the power indicator is very dim.

You can check the settings of the Power LED and, if desired, turn it on as follows. Go to Monitor Menu → System → Power LED On.

Select the “Stand-by” option.

After that, in the standby mode of the monitor, the Power LED will be on.


It's so good that the manufacturers guessed to make the Power LED dim and added the ability to customize it.

The bright Power LED when the monitor is off in standby mode disturbs at night (damn it really disturbs!).

And when the monitor is on, the bright Power LED can be just as distracting, for example, in dark scenes when watching a movie.

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