Are sticky (floating) AdSense blocks allowed

There is confusion around this issue, for several reasons:

  • AdSense sticky blocks are allowed but not always and not for anybody
  • AdSense Ad Policies are extensive and scattered across documents
  • On the AdSense support forum, different opinions are expressed, including opposing opinions on this issue

Who is allowed to use AdSense floating blocks

Sticky location blocks are allowed on Ad Exchange.

Also, blocks in floating windows can be allowed personally by Google Ad Manager. Such a manager contact publishers with a lot of traffic and income.

Obviously, Anchor ads are allowed, which are inserted automatically on mobile devices.

Did AdSense allow fixed (floating) ad units?

One of the users noticed that the paragraph disappeared from the “Ad implementation policies” page, that pinned blocks were prohibited.

He asked about this in the AdSense support forum in this thread: https://support.google.com/adsense/thread/13851765?hl=en. You need to understand that although this forum is hosted on the domain support.google.com, the opinion of its experts is neither official nor unequivocally correct. That is, if your AdSense account has been banned due to the advice given on this forum, it’s as useless to point to this forum on appeal as to any other website on the Internet.

And even at this forum, the opinions of experts were divided into:

  • No you can not
  • Sort of like you can, but better not.

But the AdSense Program policies page says:

“To ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers participating in the AdSense program may not:

  • ………………… ..
  • Place ads in a floating box script.
  • ………………… ..”

That is, the rules explicitly prohibit floating AdSense blocks. By the way, this is about the level of expertise in the forum, where the respondents did not even bother to check the AdSense Program Policies.

To summarize

AdSense ads are not allowed in floating windows by default! There are a few exceptions for automated ads on mobile devices, as well as for large publishers.

If you see fixed blocks on small sites, then most likely the publisher is violating the AdSense rules. Such violations can lead to a suspension of advertising on the site, or even a ban account.

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