How to translate subtitles into any language. Where to download subtitles for any language

Why watch movies with subtitles

A movie with original dubbing, with the original voices and intonations of the actors, is usually a little better than the same movie translated and dubbed for localization.

If you are learning a foreign language, then watching a film in this language is simultaneously a combination of business and pleasure – on the one hand, we have fun while watching a film, and on the other, we learn a foreign language.

But the most difficult thing in foreign languages is understanding speech by ear. Quite often, students of foreign languages already understand written text in a foreign language quite well, but still have mediocre comprehension of the foreign language by ear. The situation can be especially complicated by an accent, background sounds, or too fast speech.

This is where subtitles come to the rescue! If you already read a foreign language well, but still perceive it worse by ear, then by watching films in a foreign language with subtitles you will greatly improve your skills in speaking a foreign language.

It also happens that the film you want to watch has not yet been translated into a language you understand. Or you like the original voices of the actors. In these cases, subtitles will also help you.

Many modern movies already come with built-in subtitles and you just need to right-click on the video player window and first select the “Subtitles” option in the context menu and then select the subtitle language.

But if your video file does not have subtitles and even on Google you cannot find subtitles for the film, then this note should help you.

Where to download subtitles

First of all, try to find subtitles for the movie you need in the language you need on the sites:

Chances are good that you will find the subtitles you want on one of these sites.

How to translate subtitles into any language

If you find subtitles for a movie you want to watch, but only in a language you don’t understand, then feel free to download them – you can translate them into any language with a few clicks of the mouse.

Website and online service for automatic translation of subtitles into any language: https://www.subtitlecat.com/

Go to this site. First, try searching for subtitles by movie title – they may already be on this site.

If you do not find subtitles for the movie you need, then click the “UPLOAD” button, select a file with subtitles in any language you have and upload it to an online service for subtitle translation.

Then select any desired language and click the “TRANSLATE” button opposite it.

The translation will be done automatically and very quickly. Immediately after this, a “DOWNLOAD” button will appear to download the subtitle file in the new language.

Since the subtitles are obtained by machine translation and are not verified by humans, although the meaning of the phrases is preserved, some words can be replaced with synonyms. In general, the translation quality is good. In any case, such subtitles are better than no subtitles at all.

If you don't have subtitles in any language at all, try searching for the movie title – it's quite possible that another user has already uploaded a subtitle file in any language. In this case, all you have to do is click the “TRANSLATE” button next to the language you need.

Bonus: search for subtitles in SMPlayer

This section is for users of SMPlayer – a video player with many functions that works on popular operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

With SMPlayer, you can find and download subtitles without leaving the video player (although, of course, downloading subtitles is done from one of the sites linked at the beginning of the article).

You can launch the movie for which you want to find subtitles (although this is not necessary, just open SMPlayer).

Right-click anywhere on the video player screen.

In the context menu that opens, go to “Subtitles” → “Find subtitles at OpenSubtitles.org…”.

The file name will be used to search the site; if this does not suit you, then enter the name of the movie in the “Search for title” field.

Then select your desired language and click the “Search” button.

Then select the subtitle file and click the “Download” button.

Searching for subtitles for the video you're playing is an optional feature, in fact, you can search for subtitles for any movie. To do this, enter the title of the movie in the “Search for title” field. Then select your desired language and click the “Search” button.

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