bash: finger: command not found in Arch Linux (RESOLVED)

The finger command displays information about the users logged in to the system, extended information - full name, logon time, inactivity time and some others.

By default, the finger command is not installed on many distributions, so when trying to run:


You may receive an error:

bash: finger: command not found

In fact, it is not necessary to install finger, instead you can use the pinky program, which is installed in almost all distributions:


However, you can install finger if you want.

How to install finger on Arch Linux, Manjaro

On Arch Linux, BlackArch and Manjaro, you need to install finger from the Arch User Repository (AUR). To do this, first install the pikaur program as described in the “Automatic installation and update of AUR packages” article.

Then run the following command to install finger:

pikaur -S netkit-bsd-finger

If you want to install finger with IPv6 and other Debian patches, run the following command:

pikaur -S netkit-bsd-finger-ipv6

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