Pattaya in suspended animation

The Thai woman makes a video with commentary in English about how things are now in the resort areas of Thailand. In short, there are no people.

Some 7-Eleven and Family Mart even closed - I was surprised, I didn't think that most of the buyers are foreigners. Although appropriate, the money fed from tourists was gone. Even more - this is not the first “crisis”, during such periods they simply disperse to their villages and work and live there. When life is getting better, they return to the resort places.

Here she walks along Pattaya Beach Road from North Pattaya towards Central Pattaya.

5 star hotel redeveloped as a takeaway restaurant for locals (cheap). Some exchangers are closed. They bring sand to the sea, but the water carries it away. Expanded the pedestrian section of Beach Road. There are few people, a lot of places of entertainment are closed. It's not hot today, about +30℃. I'll walk from here to snack time.

Walking street Pattaya during the day - almost everything is closed, the government is trying to bury the electrical wires. She does not go from Central Pattaya, but from the opposite side of Walking street.

The creepiest thing is Walking street Pattaya at night. I would not recognize this place. Some kind of horror walk through Asian back streets.

She also has videos on her channel with fresh views of Thailand.

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