Western Union Error “There is a technical problem. Please try again later. ”

When transferring money from Western Union to my bank account, I had a problem with the error:

There is a technical problem. Please try again later.

The error occurred at the last stage, when the secret code of the bank card is entered and when the payment needs to be confirmed by SMS from the bank. But instead of redirection to enter the code from SMS, I received the specified message on a technical problem.

From the unusual, I noticed that the expiration date for my card, with which I tried to make a transfer, is incorrect. I tried several times – it did not work. I tried the next day – again the same problem.

I tried to specify another card – no change.

I tried several times to use the previous payment, choosing the option “Repeat payment” there – without a positive result, even the error message was not shown – after the “wait” icon was finished showing, nothing happened.

I cleaned the cookies – it did not help. I read on the Internet that changing the browser does not help either.

I looked into the console of a web browser (I’m still a webmaster) - what I saw there is shown in the screenshot in the header image of this article.

There was an error:

code: "C9203"
message: "There is a technical problem. Please try again later."

And as the reason of the error was:

code: "T3512"

I googled and even found the financial definition of APN – but that didn't help me at all.

I also found references to similar problems:

But there was no solution.

When trying to make a transfer, I chose the existing recipient, as well as the already attached bank card.

I decided to go into the settings and see the information about the Receiver – he had a bank account number, but the name of the bank was missing – I added the name of the bank, saved the changes, once again opened the information about the beneficiary… the mention of the bank and the bank account disappeared altogether…

I opened the list of attached cards – you will not find this option in the settings, to go to your cards you need to click on the user name, then you will see this item.

There I edited the expiration date of the card and saved it.

Then I started the new payment again, but chose the option “Add a new recipient”. At some point, I still chose from the existing recipients, or my last contact was automatically substituted for it — it happened somehow by chance. But most importantly, the name and bank details were entered correctly, I only needed to indicate the reason for the payment and the source of funds.

After that, I chose an already attached bank card – this time its expiration date was entered correctly. And the translation has passed! So my problem is solved.

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