Connection type “Bridged Adapter” stopped working on VirtualBox guest machine (SOLVED)

In the settings of the virtual machine on the “Network” tab, you can select the type of network connection. The most common types are NAT and Bridged Adapter.

NAT: for a virtual computer, its own local network is created, which has an Internet connection. This computer is not accessible from the local network of the main machine

Bridged Adapter: the virtual computer appears to be on the local network of the host computer. The virtual computer is assigned the IP address of the local network of the router. You can connect to the network services of a virtual computer using a local IP.

If you do not need the ability to connect to a virtual machine, then it does not really matter for you which type of network connection to choose from these two.

Bridged Adapter in VirtualBox not working

You may encounter a situation that the Bridged Adapter functioned normally for a long time, and then simply stopped working, as a result of which the guest machine ended up offline, that is, without connecting to a global or local network.

Moreover, this can happen even if VirtualBox has not been updated recently and no other software changes have been made.

One of the reasons for problems with the Bridged Adapter can be a change in the used network adapter. The fact is that for the Bridged Adapter you need to specify the name of the network card in which the guest machine will have its own IP and to which it will be connected.

In this case, a network adapter named wlo1 is selected in the screenshot.

But in fact, this adapter is not connected to the router, and a different network card is used for the Internet connection.

When you change the network card to the correct one, the Network Bridge starts working normally again and the virtual computer immediately gets a connection to the network.

The cause of this problem may be that you have started using a different network card for the real computer (host). For example, you used to use a wired connection and then switched to wireless. Or you used the built-in Wi-Fi card and then switched to a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

In any of these situations, this guide will help you fix the problem with the Network Bridge.

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