Motorcycle Tours on Jomtien and Pattaya beaches

An amazingly beautiful and immersive video – a motorcycle ride along the road along Jomtien Beach.

Those who have lived for a long time in Pattaya will recognize this turn – behind it is the Chonburi Immigration Office.

Student visa holders must visit this location every 3 months. With a family visa, you need to appear there once a year. I do not know how this institution does it, but unlike many other government agencies, the Chonburi Immigration Office evokes only pleasant feelings and is associated with a good mood.

Typical street view along the beach: palm trees, cafes, bars, massage, rooms for rent. If you ride in Pattaya, huge shopping malls are also being added to the list. I don't know how you perceive it, but for me it all looks like a paradise.

Her channel is Thailand and more.

Not enough? On her Thai channel there is a continuation – she goes in the opposite direction))))


I don't understand how she can drive a motorcycle and hold her phone at the same time. But the phone is definitely not on the steering wheel or on the helmet. And if she is traveling as a passenger, then how can she film what is happening in front and smoothly and accurately rotate the camera depending on which side is more interesting to view?

I, too, once thought about an “around the world” trip in Thailand on a motorcycle. It is not even necessary to visit as many places as possible. It seems to me that a leisurely trip along the coast, showing the rooms where I stayed, interesting places that I saw, the food I bought, is quite interesting content. But I never started…

Another amazing video arrived

On it, she drives from northern Pattaya through the entire central Pattaya, drives up to Walking Street and drives to Jomtien itself.

The video perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the city and the atmosphere of Thai traffic.

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