In what condition are apartments for sale in Thailand on the primary market?

My friend bought an apartment in Bangkok (Thailand) last year. This is a one-room studio in a condo. She bought at the construction stage, when the apartment had to be accepted, she called me – together to look for flaws.

She bought more as an investment, and to live too. She plans to sell in 5 years – because if she sells earlier, she will have to pay tax (she said that 30 thousand baht is a tax in this case).

In the photos below, an apartment for about 800,000 baht on the second floor. But she paid 20 thousand baht extra, and we moved to the eighth floor (to be more precise, she sold her right to this room and bought the right to another room, the difference was 20 thousand).

If you are wondering in what condition apartments, studios, houses are being sold in the primary market in Thailand, then this article will help you get a general idea.

This is what the apartment looks like upon acceptance – I marked with arrows sockets, bulbs, a fire alarm sensor and a piece of paper that we glued to the place that the builders should fix for FREE, because in our opinion there is some kind of defect.

This is a shower – all the plumbing is already there: a toilet bowl, a sink, taps, the shower itself, a mirror, partitions. What is missing is a water heater (remember, the average day / night temperature in Thailand throughout the year is + 30 ℃). Well, there are no hooks for towels yet.

The floor is covered with material, the walls are plastered and painted, the electrical wiring is installed, the sockets and switches are working, the bulbs are screwed in, the water and sewerage system are working, the double-glazed windows are inserted, the door to the balcony is ready, the water to the balcony (kitchen) is supplied and working. It is enough to put a bed and you can live. But, of course, you have to install the air conditioner yourself.

In this photo, I have marked yellow pieces of paper with arrows. The bottom line is that before acceptance, the office worker gives a stack of sticky papers and keys. You need to find all the flaws, stick a piece of paper on the problem area and write on it what the essence of the problem is. Uneven corners, ugly decorative elements, a crooked shower door – all this should be fixed.

In fact, we pasted so many pieces of paper not only because we were so fastidious - the room was really kind of unfortunate. The new room on the eighth floor did not have these problems.

Currently, the condo I'm talking about has a pool – here it is in the photo (there I am in the pool).

The pool is small but ok.

There is also a gym, which is also not very large, but everything you need is there. In the evening, it is packed to capacity, and during the day it can be completely empty.

There are plans to launch a free tuk-tuk to the metro. For those who have never lived in Bangkok, I will explain. From the metro (BTS) "inland" the streets run taxi-motorcycles. Not a single sane taxi driver on a motorcycle will take you around the city, it's too dangerous - only by car. But it is very convenient to get to the metro and back by motorcycle. In any area it costs 10 baht. So, hotels and some condos have their own tuk-tuk, which run along the Metro-Home route every 15-30 minutes. For residents of the house (or hotel guests) it is absolutely free. Here is such a tuk-tuk in the plans to launch from a condo.

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