In what condition are homes for sale in Thailand on the primary market?

I have already published an article “In what condition are apartments for sale in Thailand on the primary market?”. In short, new buildings are sold in a residential condition, with trim, electric sockets, taps, toilet bowl and even fire detectors.

In this article, I will show you the condition in which new homes are being sold in Thailand. This does not mean village houses, but within the city or suburb.

The video shows a new house, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.

This house is located in Bangkok, its cost is 1.6 million baht.

I lived in a similar house for almost a year (in Pattaya), on the second floor there is what can be called a balcony. But this is rather an open space, quite large, for example, we used to grill barbecue there.

In front of the house and behind the house there are small areas that can be used to suit your needs.

The living room is quite large. Some people make a garage instead of a living room.

All three bedrooms are located upstairs.

Each bathroom has a shower, toilet bowl, sink, but on the second floor this bathroom is larger, and on the first floor it is smaller, it can be located under the stairs.

Bedrooms are of different sizes, on the second floor one large bedroom is located on one side with an entrance to the balcony, and the other two are on the other side. You can comfortably accommodate a large family or guests.

When building modern houses, special insect-killing chemicals are laid along with the foundation.

Houses in Thailand have one serious drawback – a foreigner cannot own land, which decides the fate of the house. The way out of this situation: 1) Buy a house in the name of the spouse (bad); 2) To create a Thai company and buy a house in its name is also not an option, because this company should be owned by Thais for more than half.

I had previously received photos of a similar house at the stage of completion of construction.

House room plan.


Street of new houses.

This is how the house looks in reality.

Apparently, this house has a small balcony, in the house I mentioned above, the balcony was located on a canopy, due to which it was very spacious.

Ground floor.

Stairs to the second floor.

One of the bedrooms.

Apparently, entrance to the balcony.

Second, small bedroom.


Third bedroom.

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