How to split a large file (text or binary) into smaller files (SOLVED)

split command instructions I have a large (by the number of lines) text file that I would like to split into smaller files, also by the number of lines. So if my file has about 2 million lines, I would like to split it into 10 files containing 200k lines, or 100 files containing 20k […]

Why are channels between 64 and 100 unavailable on 5 GHz Wi-Fi? (SOLVED)

With the command iw list you can see what frequencies your Wi-Fi card supports. Output example: One more example: The set of channels is slightly different, but in any case, frequencies in the range of 64-100 channels are completely unavailable. That is, they are not even disabled, but no matter how they simply do not […]

How to prevent NetworkManager from managing a specific interface? (SOLVED)

NetworkManager is a Linux service that manages various network interfaces, including physical, such as Ethernet and wireless, and virtual, such as VPN and other tunnels. Network Manager can be configured to manage some or all of the system interfaces. NetworkManager has a graphical interface - this is the applet that opens when you click on […]

How to know when the ext4/ext3/ext2 filesystem was created and when it was last mounted

How to know when the ext4/ext3/ext2 filesystem was created The ext4, ext3, and ext2 file systems store their creation date. This date can be the first day the disk was used or the day it was last formatted. You can find out the day the file system was created using the tune2fs and dumpe2fs utilities. […]

How to find out the number of starts and the total working time of a disk in Linux

You can find out how many hours any hard drive or solid state drive has run. You can also view information about the number of times the disc has been turned on. Some discs store information about the total amount of data read and written, as well as unexpected shutdowns (for example, due to a […]

The in-memory file system - how to use tmpfs

The tmpfs file system is quite useful, as it is incredibly fast and can help reduce the load on your persistent storage (especially useful for those who have Linux installed on a flash drive or memory card). tmpfs is an in-memory virtual file system. The tmpfs tool allows you to create file systems whose content […]

Earning income from creating content for adults

Now you will be surprised at what I will talk about… Or maybe you will not be surprised… For some time I have been watching girls and even couples promoting their home content for adults through TikTok (there they are mercilessly banned for this), and via Reddit and Twitter (they don't ban adult content there), […]

Error “Cannot load modules/” (SOLVED)

Some Linux distributions have already started migrating to PHP 8. In some distributions the new version of PHP removes the old one, as a result of which the web server may stop working due to the fact that the files specified in the web server configuration are missing or renamed. Examples of errors you may […]

Why does VirtualBox lose connection when changing MAC address (SOLVED)

Virtual machine, after changing MAC address of eth0, the connection does not work. When changing only the last three octets, the situation is the same. Restarting the modem does not give results, there is no filtering by MAC addresses. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? VirtualBox does not support changing the […]

VirtualBox shared folder is read-only (SOLVED)

VirtualBox Shared Folder allows you to easily exchange files between a virtual machine and a real computer. By default, the contents of the Shared Folder are owned by the root user. Therefore, the files in the shared folder are read-only for regular users. The following manual shows how to make the VirtualBox shared folder read/write […]