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Where to stay in Pattaya?

I write about Pattaya, about the purchase of housing there, and after all, its streets are right in front of my eyes, but I caught myself thinking that not everyone is well oriented in this city.

Let me introduce you to it a little on Google Maps.

Legend on my map:

1. Scale. This line is equal to one kilometer.

2. I have lived in this place for over a year, this is my first home when I came to live in Thailand. To the sea in a straight line a little more than a kilometer.

3. Big C Extra, Pro Language School – a large supermarket and language training school (for student visa), respectively. From my house to school 5-7 minutes walk and I was still late)))

4. The famous Walking Street

5. Pratumnak Hill (the edge of South Pattaya towards Jomtien), in short “mountains”. Here is the Pattaya View Point and the big Buddha. This, along with Walking Street, South Pattaya

6. Jomtien, Pattaya area stretched along the sea. There are umbrellas on the shore, it is here that the Immigration Office is where all foreigners need to go. A normal place, but a little far from the center, so rental housing is cheaper here

7. Central Festival is a big, maybe the biggest shopping center. This is where the ShabuShi Buffet, Zara Store and more are located. We met here for the first time with my first wife)))) I like this place.

8. The so-called Coconut Bar. Wide pedestrian path along the sea to Walking Street. Coconut – because coconut trees grow there. And Bar – because there are girls on the path…

9. Bus station – from here you can go to Bangkok and other places.

10. Sukhumvit Road – Sukhumvit Highway. I lived outside Sukhumvit, there is life there too (a reference to the joke “Is there life outside the Moscow Ring Road?”).

Where South Pattaya I said, Central Pattaya is the area where arrows 2, 3, 7, 8 are pointing. And North Pattaya on my map is partially cut off, it is located “above” Central on the map. There is also life there, in the sense of ordinary, it was there that I stayed on my first vacation. There is no nightlife beyond Sukhumvit, in North Pattaya the nightlife is also so-so, all the movement is in the South. Central also has something.

Where Dmitry (Thailandcer) lived in Pattaya

Thailandcer is a popular blogger, now deceased, he wrote about Thai women, night life. Let's find the area where he stayed in Pattaya – this is a quote from his commentary, I marked the legend on the second map with numbers in brackets. To make it easier for you to navigate, I added Central Festiva (1) and Walking Street (2) to the map:

Looking for a room in Pattaya. Again, I have never ordered in advance via the Internet. But I had personal preferences related to the past, nostalgia. Therefore, I always took a room in the area between soi Bongkot (8), the third street before the market in Bukhao (7), and the Beach road (6). It also includes soi Lengkee (3), soi Diana (4), Buakhao (5), and many small adjacent unnamed alleys. I walked around this area with my feet, although it is rather tiring. I always regretted that I did not rent a motorbike in the city. I looked into all suitable houses and asked for a room. I always examined the rooms personally.

The price depends on the pocket. Many rent only for a month. In general, I proceeded from the fact that a clean, bright room with air conditioning, within walking distance of places of interest to me, including Walking Street, should cost no more than 6,000 baht per month. Electricity and water are separate. In fact, for such a price it is very difficult to find in the area I need, either cramped, damp, dark and far away. Have to search.

Daily rent of rooms is unprofitable. They ask for a minimum of 600 baht per day, and up to 9,000 baht per month for the same room. It was expensive to me.

Look, not far from number 5 is 9 Karat Condo – I lived there for over a year at first. I often walked along the streets mentioned by Dmitry, but already arm in arm with my wife, usually returning from the beach or simply aimless city walks.

Everything is nearby, all the neighbors. Therefore, although Jomtien in terms of beach recreation is much better than the places described above in Central and South Pattaya, it is still “on the outskirts”, it is not exactly what we need.

I lived behind Sukhumvit for the reason that we were expecting the birth of a child, and three of us + grandmothers are cramped in the studio. Therefore, I rented a house – there was little money and at the price of a studio it was only enough for a house outside Sukhumvit. When my family came to visit, they liked it. But, in fact, it is not very convenient without a motorcycle. But here everything is primarily determined by personal life – at that time I was in such ecstasy that I simply did not pay attention to minor everyday inconveniences.

When (if at all) will all this be back now?..

So where to stay in Pattaya?

If you come for adult entertainment, then the most best place is in the area designated by Dmitry (Thailandcer). There are three-storey houses (townhouses) where you can find rooms for rent. In fact, close to this area you can find apartment buildings, like condos, but without a pool and their own territory. If I don’t save up for an apartment, then I’ll look for an apartment in Central Pattaya – in theory, it should be convenient and economical.

If you have come for a permanent life and have mastered a motorcycle, then you can rent a room almost anywhere – with a motorcycle it is convenient to live everywhere.

Without a motorcycle – Central Pattaya is convenient, it is convenient to get to schools, the beach, fairly large shopping centers and other shops.

In what condition are homes for sale in Thailand on the primary market?

I have already published an article “In what condition are apartments for sale in Thailand on the primary market?”. In short, new buildings are sold in a residential condition, with trim, electric sockets, taps, toilet bowl and even fire detectors.

In this article, I will show you the condition in which new homes are being sold in Thailand. This does not mean village houses, but within the city or suburb.

The video shows a new house, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.

This house is located in Bangkok, its cost is 1.6 million baht.

I lived in a similar house for almost a year (in Pattaya), on the second floor there is what can be called a balcony. But this is rather an open space, quite large, for example, we used to grill barbecue there.

In front of the house and behind the house there are small areas that can be used to suit your needs.

The living room is quite large. Some people make a garage instead of a living room.

All three bedrooms are located upstairs.

Each bathroom has a shower, toilet bowl, sink, but on the second floor this bathroom is larger, and on the first floor it is smaller, it can be located under the stairs.

Bedrooms are of different sizes, on the second floor one large bedroom is located on one side with an entrance to the balcony, and the other two are on the other side. You can comfortably accommodate a large family or guests.

When building modern houses, special insect-killing chemicals are laid along with the foundation.

Houses in Thailand have one serious drawback – a foreigner cannot own land, which decides the fate of the house. The way out of this situation: 1) Buy a house in the name of the spouse (bad); 2) To create a Thai company and buy a house in its name is also not an option, because this company should be owned by Thais for more than half.

I had previously received photos of a similar house at the stage of completion of construction.

House room plan.


Street of new houses.

This is how the house looks in reality.

Apparently, this house has a small balcony, in the house I mentioned above, the balcony was located on a canopy, due to which it was very spacious.

Ground floor.

Stairs to the second floor.

One of the bedrooms.

Apparently, entrance to the balcony.

Second, small bedroom.


Third bedroom.

Residential property prices in Pattaya (Thailand) fell to 50%

Pattaya is a tourist city in Thailand on the seashore. It gained special fame for its adult entertainment, but we love this city not only for this.

Pattaya real estate is popular both among those wishing to live in this city, and among investors: look at the Housing Index in Thailand:

If we talk about Pattaya (and not about Thailand as a whole), then the level of demand among foreigners affects the price. Until 2014 (when the economic crisis in the Russian Federation began), residential real estate was popular among Russians. The Russians were replaced by the Chinese and, until recently, they provided increased demand for apartments in Pattaya.

But coronavirus (COVID-2019) began its effect on China in late 2019 and early 2020 and by March 2020 had an extremely negative impact on the price of apartments in Pattaya. The Chinese refuse to buy apartments already reserved, and also do not conclude new housing contracts.

Result: the price of some objects fell to 50%. Luxury apartments for more than two million baht can now be bought for a million baht and sometimes even for 800 thousand baht.

It takes time to understand whether such a fall will affect only some new buildings or spread to the entire Pattaya housing market. The further change in the price of real estate will depend on the duration of the COVID-2019 pandemic and the speed of economic recovery in countries, primarily China.

And at the moment this is a good time to invest. Adjusted for the fact that at the time of writing, entry to Thailand is completely closed as measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus (lockdown).

The risks of buying property in Thailand

The most important thing to remember when buying an apartment in Thailand, especially if you plan to live in it, is that ownership of residential real estate does not give any priorities in the visa issue, and Thailand is a fairly strict country in terms of issuing visas for long-term residence.

If you buy an apartment as an investment, then in your favor fact that Thai Baht is very stable against the dollar currency. Risk factors: the residential real estate market in the resort city, as in all similar cities, is overheated, although quite moderately – there is potential for growth. The second risk factor: dependence on the tourism industry, which is affected by visa/immigration policies (hardened in recent years) and the welfare of the countries from which tourists come.