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Why does my phone not switch to mobile Internet for a long time (SOLVED)

A Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and more stable than a mobile Internet connection. Therefore, when possible, most users use Wi-Fi, which is usually free and unlimited. At home, at work, sometimes even on public transport, we connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy a good quality Internet connection.

When (more…)

How to check if my router supports IPv6

How to open a site on IPv6

The fastest and easiest way to find out if a router can work with IPv6 is to check if it can open a site with an IPv6 address. Use the service “Do I have IPv6”. This website allows you to connect to it in a variety of ways – just follow (more…)

dtac in Thailand tips and tricks

dtac balance check


How to check dtac balance in English


dtac Thailand check balance of the additional (add-on) plan


dtac balance checking the remaining bonus and Bonus For Free


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dtac in Thailand: Mobile Operator User Guide