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How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: condo up to 900 thousand baht (less than $29000)

In the first part “How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: the cheapest condos” we looked at condominiums costing from 600 to 700 thousand baht (approximately 24 thousand dollars).

In the same article, I mentioned that there will be a sequel. I was planning to do a review of apartments for sale in the range of 800,000 – 1,000,000 baht, but there are a lot of proposals in this range, so I split it in two. In this post, we will look at apartments between 800,000 and 900,000 baht.

Unlike the previous article, I will not mention apartments that do not belong to the foreign quota. Those for which the type of ownership is not specified will also not be mentioned.

If you are looking for an inexpensive studio in a condominium, then you should focus on the price of 900-950 thousand baht, since everything that is cheaper, or has a flaw, or is a bargain that quickly disappears from the market and needs to be watched.

Let me remind you that I am looking through the ads for the sale of apartments on this site: https://www.thailand-property.com/condos-for-sale/chonburi/pattaya?sort=min_price

Links to other sites with advertisements for the sale of apartments in Thailand can be found in the article “Where else to look for apartments for purchase and rent in Thailand”.



Condo for sale in South Pattaya, Chonburi

Studio at Thepprasit Rd / South Pattaya (Ke-Ha Thepprasit). Size –32 Sq.m. 6th. floor.

Thai Name (FQ available).

Price: ฿ 850,000

In a Thai name, but a foreign quota is available (be sure to double-check!!!).

The room is not hooked, the location is not entirely clear – Thepprasit road is large and, in any case, not in a very convenient location.

There are many offers – we continue to search.



Studio (44 sq.m.) @ Baan Suan Lalana (situated in Jomtien area). Listed for sale for Hot price - 875,000 THB. (discounted from an old price 1,100,000 THB). This shady side unit comes Fully furnished, equipped with Kitchen, Cooking hob, Microwave, Fridge, TV, Air-con, Washing machine, Internet, Cable TV, and registered in Foreigner name. This unit is situated on 1 floor and has nice Garden view.

Price: ฿ 875,000

Huge area – 44 square meters, apparently due to the huge balcony. The room looks moderately worn. It is necessary to carefully study the nuances associated with the first floor – thieves, insects, the noise of cars, onlookers looking in the windows and so on.

Location – Jomtien.

It is difficult to answer unequivocally – in general, there are big doubts about this room.



Foreign Ownership | Jomtien Beach Condo A3 | 1 Bedroom, 10th Floor- Studio | 30 sqm | City View |

The large complex Jomtien Beach Condo consists of 5 buildings, is within walking distance from the sea, night market, and public transport (tuk-tuks)

- The distance is 400m to the sea.

- It is a very popular complex; the proximity of the sea and infrastructure.

Near the complex:

  • Minimarkets
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Massage parlors
  • Souvenir shops

The complex has:

  • Large swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Laundry
  • Cafes
  • Russian restaurants

Price: ฿ 879,000

Photos from 2014, instinct tells that the room is in a terrible state.



Condo features: Foreign ownership 28.39 SM studio condo with balcony, Small size gym, Swimming pool, 5 minutes walk to the beach, beach road and Taxi route, Situated in a quiet soi with limited number of condos Low number of condo units in the building , Newer building, Full view of the Pool, 24 hour security, Elevator, second floor, Cooler condo, no sun exposure, Communal washer, and water purification system, Parking, Furnished, In a very clean, and move in condition, fresh neutral color of paint (white) all over over the interior of the condo, Equipped with kitchenette with sink and area to prepare the food, lots of cabinets, with some dishes, good size shower room with hot water New bed and bedding (mattress, blanket , sheets, and pillows), New curtains with special anti sun fabric down on the back Included appliances and furniture: Updated and newly serviced CA, refrigerator, smart TV, microwave, Electric kettle, Electric hot water, Newly painted wardrobe, new bed, sofa with the opt ion of using it as bed, Table with two chairs, Big size foot rest, sliding screen door on the balcony sliding door.NOTE: Owner is keen to sell, all reasonable offers consideredBeach & amp; Mountain Condo 7Price for Sale: 890,000 Baht- Studio type- 1 bathroom- 2nd floor- Pool view- 28.39 Square meters- Foreign name- Fully furnished- Transfer fee 50/50

Price: ฿ 890,000

New building, but the size of the room is small 28.39 square meters with a balcony. Either the photos are unsuccessful, or the room is very small. In general, not hooked.



Studio (25.8 sq.m.) @ New Nordic Atrium (situated in Pratumnak area). Listed for sale for price - 890,000 THB. This unit comes Fully furnished, equipped with Kitchen, Cooking hob, Microwave, Fridge, TV, Air-con, Internet, Cable TV, and registered in Foreigner name. This unit is situated on 7 floor and has nice Garden view, City view.

Price: 890,000

New condo, everything in the room looks new and shiny.

Location – on the way from South Pattaya to Jomtien.

Overall, I liked the room, I would buy it.



Studio (30 sq.m.) @ Thepthip Mansion (situated in Pratumnak area). Listed for sale for price - 890,000 THB. This unit comes Fully furnished, equipped with Kitchen, Cooking hob, Microwave, Fridge, TV, Air-con, Internet, Cable TV, and registered in Foreigner name. This unit is situated on 7 floor and has nice City view.

Price: ฿ 890,000

I liked the room itself. Not very convenient location – Jomtien, not near the sea. Nevertheless, as a result of all the rooms in this note, I would choose this one.



View Talay 1 A condominium unit price under one million baht we have 2 units available for sale foreigner ownership 3rd floor 32 sq.meter 890,000 baht each unit same type and same decoration (all refurbish)

Property Ownership: Foreigner

Price: ฿ 890,000

Renovated room. The location is not very good. Not bad overall, but other good options can be found for the money.



Great starter studio for living or rental investment

Situated only 300 meters from the beach on Soi 12, this Condominium is in a popular and convenient location with taxi service and plenty of shopping and restaurants within walking distance. The building is a brand new development offering excellent facilities including a swimming pool, gym, 24hr security and CCTV. This condo is a 28.39sqm studio and is located on the 2nd floor overlooking the pool. Stylish bathroom with shower and Thai style kitchen with table and chairs. It also includes a new bed and is newly painted. Clean and ready to move in. Just bring your suitcase.

Title deed is held in Foreign name with Tax / transfer fees paid by the buyer


  • Swimming Pool,
  • Security,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • CCTV,
  • Fitness,
  • Parking

Price: ฿ 890,000

Nice room.

Compared to the other rooms discussed above, which, although located in Jomtien, are located quite close to South Pattaya, this room is further from Pattaya, but by the sea!

I liked this apartment. Depending on what turns out to be stronger of the three feelings: the desire to be closer to the sea, the desire to be closer to central Pattaya, the desire to have a room with high-quality repairs and good furniture, this room may well become a candidate for purchase.



Jomtien Beach Condominium is located on Jomtien 2nd Rd., Only 100 meters to the beach. It is a well-maintained condominium complex, offering facilities such as a swimming pool, parking area, and fitness center. This studio unit is situated on the 15th floor of building A2 with 30 square meters of living space, comes fully furnished with modern kitchen and living room. This unit is for rent and sale in Foreign name.

Price: ฿ 895,000

Nice room, 100 meters from the sea. But as far as the previous one from central Pattaya.




This beautiful studio for a quick sale.- foreign name- 8 floor, 23 sq.m.- transfer 50/50- sunset viewFew minutes to the beach.Facilities at Art on the Hill include elevator, parking, 24-hours security, cctv , swimming pool, gym, wi-fi. Common fee is ฿ 39 per sqm per month.Numerous shops are situated within reach: Food Mart Supermarket is 1.4 km away (approximately 4 minutes by car) Tops Daily - 1.7 km (5 minutes by car) The Plaza Chom Thian Shopping Mall - 1.9 km (6 minutes by car) Bali Hai Plaza - 1.9 km (17 minutes by car) Also a Family Mart convenience store, located just 2 minutes walk away, will satisfy residents's needs for everyday items shopping.Pattaya Memorial Hospital is the nearest hospital, which is located 3.8 km from the condominium. It will take about 14 minutes by car to go there.

Price: ฿ 899,000

A small room on the border of South Pattaya and Jomtien. A sofa on its side evokes a thought brings up the idea that the room is quite cramped. There is something wrong with the photographs – either photographs of two rooms are mixed, or it is one room in different years.

There is no place to put a full-fledged desk for the workplace.


Up to 900 thousand baht, and up to 1 million baht, it is impossible to find a good room near the city center. For this money, you can buy good rooms in Jomtien and worse rooms on Pratumnak Hill (the edge of southern Pattaya towards Jomtien).

Where else to look for apartments for purchase and rent in Thailand

In the article “How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: the cheapest condos” I evaluated the apartments in Thailand, which are presented on the site https://www.thailand-property.com, but this is not the only site with apartments in Thailand, and the Internet is is not the only source with an offer for the buy/sell/rent of apartments. Let's consider other options for finding apartments in Thailand.

1. Websites with advertisements for the sale of apartments in Thailand

Websites with ads for the sale of apartments in Thailand:

It is difficult to say which site has the most complete list of apartments. Also, there is no complete certainty that all information is up-to-date.

You can google the condo you are interested in and find sites that advertise the sale of apartments.

2. Contact the managers of the condominium you are interested in

Each condominium has an administration, managers who manage the condo. You can contact them with a question about the apartments for sale.

3. Information on the doors of apartments

While visiting the condominium you are interested in, walk through the floors – often on the doors of apartments for sale and rent there are corresponding announcements with phone numbers.

4. Ads in shopping malls

In large shopping centers on the first floor there is sometimes a stand with advertisements. It can be located on the way to the shopping center toilet, for example.

There are a few examples of ads in this article – the quality of the photos is poor as the ads are laminated and glare.

The cheapest offers targeted at Thais can be written in Thai.

5. Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the most popular classifieds site in Thailand. I do not use social networks, so I cannot give any details. Perhaps your Thai friends will help you.

6. Outdoor advertising

In addition to “Sell / Rent” signs on condominiums, you can find other outdoor advertising options, one example:

How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: the cheapest condos

When planning something serious, you need to prepare a lot in advance. And if your idée fixe is to buy an apartment in Thailand (so that you never pay rent again), then you've come to the right place))

I have spent quite a lot of time (and will still spend) studying the apartments offered for purchase in condominiums, as well as living in various Thai dwellings, so I have a lot to tell.

Probably, it is better to put the legal nuances of the purchase procedure in a separate article, but there are moments that cannot be ignored when analyzing the ads for the sale of apartments in Thailand.

First, a foreigner can only buy apartments in houses that are legally recognized as condominiums. That is, if you find a cheap room in some Thai three-story building, then you cannot buy it if the house is not recognized as a condominium (and this is most likely the case!).

Secondly, there is a “foreign quota” – foreigners cannot own more than half of the apartments in a condominium. If you buy an apartment that is registered in a foreign name, then everything is fine, the foreign quota is transferred with the apartment. If the apartment is in a Thai name, then, in theory, if there is a foreign quota for this house, then it can be written down to a foreigner, if there is no quota, then it is impossible. There is an option to open a Thai company and register an apartment on it, but I don't like this option.

So far, that's all with legal nuances – a separate article will be devoted to them.

The most important characteristics of apartments:

1. Location. If you live in Jomtien, then to walk around Central Festival you will need to either take public transport, or take a taxi, or drive a motorcycle yourself. If you live outside Sukhumvit Rd, then in order to return home in the evening after sitting in a bar, you need to take a taxi (public transport no longer runs, and it is better not to drive drunk). That is, the fact that you are already in Thailand is good, but living somewhere in Central, South, North Pattaya is better than beyond Sukhumvit Rd or Jomtien area.

2. Condition. A cheap apartment in poor condition, together with repairs, can equal the cost of a better apartment, plus the saved time. You also need to remember that sometimes sellers like to upload photos of an apartment “in their youth”.

So, let's get started, we will discuss the rest of the nuances as we come across them.

I watch the ads for the sale of apartments in Thailand here: https://www.thailand-property.com/condos-for-sale/chonburi/pattaya?sort=min_price. There are other sites for buying and selling real estate in Thailand, but this is the most comprehensive one I have found so far.

By the way, this article will have the second part, which will be called “How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: condo up to 900 thousand baht (less than $29000)” and the third part with a range from 900,000 to 1,000,000 baht – up to a million baht is still an acceptable price for a poor Russian guy, and the apartments in this price category are much better, so it makes sense to wait, save money and tighten the belt even more.

The first thing we pay attention to: the same apartment can be in different ads – this is normal, since different realtors sell the same property.

For example, this is the same apartment:



Choose an ad with more photos:

600 thousand baht is a very good price.

We read the description:

Condo for sale in Central Pattaya, Chonburi

The Flybird Condo is right in the heart of South Pattaya, for almost 30 years. The construction was completed in 2000. It is located near: Big-C Shopping Mall, HomePro, restaurants, transport. In the complex are a large swimming pool, a mini-Mart, a Laundry and 24-hour security. This specific unit is in building C on floor 5 and because it has no lift it could be a down site on this sale. But if this is o problem, it is a perfect unit, comes fully furnished on a foreign name. The selling price is only 600,000.0 THB included transfer fee.


  • this is the fifth floor of a five-story building, there is no elevator. When we're old, getting to the fifth floor will be a problem. Even if you are young, going up from floor 1 to floor 5 means you will sweat through and through.
  • reviews on Google Maps are bad, even according to the price


  • it's very cheap.
  • apartment in a foreign name.
  • good location – center of South Pattaya.
  • bearable condition
  • very well-positioned kitchenette – on the balcony, I really love these options

Conclusion: I would buy. I plan to get around the elevator problem by dying before I become infirm.



Fragment of the description:

Condo for sale in Casa Espana, Pratumnak Hill, Chonburi

* Thai Quota

We see that this is a Thai quota, we will not consider this apartment further.



Nothing is said about a foreign or Thai name – most likely, this is a Thai quota, let’s skip.



Price: ฿ 750,000

A rickety apartment on a Thai name, but we'll take a look at it anyway.

First, it seems that this particular condo still has a foreign quota. Secondly, I lived in this condo and it has a very good location.

There are still a lot of disadvantages of the condo:

  • it's old
  • sometimes the pump breaks down (albeit infrequently)
  • the gym has not existed for a long time

But there are some advantages:

  • the most important thing is the location. This is the city center. You can easily get to the beach, either by public transport or on foot.
  • kitchenette on the balcony, exactly as I like
  • the price for an apartment in the center is still low.

Let's look at the condition:

The balcony is glazed. But you can see either dirt or mold.

The room seems to be normal.

The toilet is not very good, and there are stains on the ceiling – apparently, water also leaks from the neighbors.

Conclusion: if possible apply for a foreign name, I would buy. This is really the best location you can afford for the money.



Nothing was said about the foreign quota, besides Jomtien – we skip.



Nothing was said about the foreign quota – we skip it.



Nothing was said about the foreign quota, besides Jomtien – we skip.



Nothing was said about the foreign quota – we skip it.



Condo for sale in Pattaya Condotel Chain, Jomtien, Chonburi

Studio of 28 sq m is located on 6th floor in the Condotel Chain condominium, 200 meters from the beach. Foreign quota.

15-storey condominium Pattaya Condotel Chain is conveniently located in the Central part of Jomtien beach, 200 meters from the beach. Protected area, athletic facilities, a swimming pool, parking.

Price: ฿ 780,000

There is a foreign quota, but this is Jomtien.

Let's look at the room itself:

In principle, not bad, there is even space for a workplace.

The bathroom looks pretty good.

Yes, the room is in good condition.

Let's see this place on Google Maps.

Conclusion: if the beach (by the way this apartment is 200 meters from the sea) is more important to you than the center of Pattaya, then the room is definitely worth every baht spent on it.



Snippet from the description:

It comes fully furnished and in Company Name, a perfect investment in a prime location.

No, I don't want an apartment registered with a Thai company – we skip it.



From the description:

Condo is available for sale in Thai name

Let's skip.



Nothing has been said about the foreign quota, we skip it.



Nothing has been said about the foreign quota, we skip it.



FN Studio Unit At Sombat Condo View - Pratamnak Soi 5

This studio unit is 31.20 sqm. large and located on 3rd floor with garden view. Includes wooden furniture, ceiling fan, air condition, and compact kitchen.

Ownership: Foreign Name

The unit is sold as is shown in pictures.

Sombat condoview is great located in Pratamnak soi 5 with many amenities nearby. Just 300 meter to the beach.

Facilities includes;

  • Security
  • Parking
  • Receiption

Yearly fees: 8,190 THB

Any questions please quote the following listing ID 5103 when calling. More properties like this can be found at Lazudi.com, where you can find over 15,000 available properties for For Sale in Thailand. See more about this specific property and others like it here https://lazudi.com/th-en/chonburi/property/fn-studio-unit-at-sombat-condo-view-pratamnak-soi-5-5103.

Price: ฿ 799,000

Despite the location (Jomtien and not even by the sea), the room attracts attention. The room is pleasant, fresh air conditioning, normal furniture (why in other rooms there are 3 coffee tables and not a single normal table for work?!), there is a kitchenette, although inside the room itself.

Nice bathroom.

Really good.

Conclusion: to get to interesting places, you need a motorcycle or taxi. If in reality the room looks like in the photographs (fresh), then it is quite worth the money, this is a good offer.



Condo for sale in Jomtien Beach Condominium, Jomtien, Chonburi

Studio (30 sq.m.) @ Jomtien Beach Condo - Rimhad (situated in Jomtien area). Listed for sale for price - 799,000 THB. This unit comes, equipped with Kitchen, Cooking hob, Microwave, Fridge, TV, Air-con, Washing machine, Cable TV, and registered in Foreigner name. This unit is situated on 2 floor and has nice City view.

Price: ฿ 799,000

A crumpled little room on Jmotien – no, don't.



Condo for sale in Jomtien Beach Condominium, Jomtien, Chonburi

Studio 28 sq.m in a comfortable condominium, 7rd floor. Building A3. Fully furnished. Foreign name.

Distance to the beach about 400 meters. The complex includes 5 buildings, has two pools and two sports halls. There are restaurants, bars, MINI MARTS, hairdresser, beauty salon, massage. There is 24 hour security with cameras on each floor and covered parking. Direct access to the beach.

Price: ฿ 799,000

Nice fresh room.

Of the minuses, this is Jomtien.

Another disadvantage is the selection of furniture, everything is crammed with coffee tables and TV stands – who needs it?! To put an ordinary normal table under the workplace, some of the existing furniture will need to be thrown away.



Condo for sale in Jomtien, Chonburi

project name: Chain Condo

quota: Foreign quota

type: Studio

size: 28 Sq.M.

view: City view

floor: 5

Price: ฿ 799,000

I just didn’t like it – for the same money I’ll look for something else.



Most likely a Thai quota.



Jomtien, Thai name - skip.



Ownership: Thai name



for sale in Thai company name



Condo for sale in Pattaya Plaza Condotel, Na Kluea, Chonburi

Pattaya Plaza Condotel is located close to Sukhumvit Road at the top off Central Pattaya Road, providing easy access to Pattaya Beach and Central Pattaya. Shopping is close by and convenient. Shop at Carrefour on Pattaya Klang or Big C on Sukhumvit Road. Very close to bus station offering service to Bangkok or Rayong. Pattaya Plaza Condotel Facilities: Large swimming pool, 24 hour security, key card system, laundry services. This 38sqm condo is on the second floor, and is sold furnished. Title deed under foreign name. All taxes and transfer fee at land office pay by buyer.


  • Swimming Pool,
  • Air Conditioning

Price: ฿ 800,000

Bad furniture.

The room is located behind Sukhumvit Road.

I would look for another room.


When I was looking for apartments in the Russian Federation in a cheap price segment, every time I was naturally depressed after what I saw. I hope that Thailand's “bottom-level huts” did not disappoint you too much. We looked at apartments up to 800 thousand baht, in fact, this is really the very bottom. Already for 900 thousand baht you can find very good apartments in condominiums in Thailand, so there will be another article “How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: condos up to 1 million baht”.

Would I buy something for myself from the above list? Yes, if I can’t save 900 thousand baht, I’ll buy something similar to the one discussed above.

What is more important, a good location or a good renovation? For me (in Thailand), location is more important. But if you weigh everything sensibly, with a long stay, when there is no opportunity to walk to bars and shopping centers every day, the distance from the center is easily compensated by taxi services. In addition, in Central Pattaya, being on the beach is simply unbearable. That is, a well-kept room somewhere in Jomtien is also a good option.

Read next: How to choose an apartment in Thailand to buy: condo up to 900 thousand baht (less than $29000)

Multi-button mouse for increased productivity

Most of us hold onto this appliance most of the day. I mean a computer mouse.

This is my mouse from 2011-2012 to January 2016 (I had to replace it due to problems with the left mouse button, we fought to the last and I even set the right button to work as LMB):

Here is my mouse from January 2016 to November 2019 (again, the problem with the left button):

And here is my new mouse:

These are only those mice whose photos I have preserved (I just took them from the old blog, do not think that I am crazy to the extent that I store photos of computer mice…). For a very long time, I use precisely multi-button mice. And you know what? It's damn convenient!

On the mouse buttons I set up the most frequently used actions (keyboard shortcuts) that I use really often and in which the hand usually rests on the mouse. For example, it takes me a lot of time to write articles on websites, the most common actions are copying and pasting text (for creating blocks of code, for example), images (for arranging images in the text of an article), links (for pasting links into text). These actions, as well as highlighting in bold, undo the last action, deleting the character and Enter, I brought to the mouse buttons. This allows me to focus on the screen (no need to move your eyes to the keyboard to find the appropriate button combinations), and thanks to this, the process of creating article markup is significantly accelerated.

Before I started working with websites, I spent most of my time in the office Word editor – similarly, such combinations made it possible to slightly facilitate the process of formatting documents.

You can configure absolutely any action on the mouse buttons: keyboard shortcuts, launching certain applications, switching tracks, increasing/decreasing the sound volume – anything you can do using the keyboard or using the program menu.

If you choose the right actions for the buttons and spend time getting used to working with the mouse, then it will become a little easier and a little faster.

My previous mouse model was the Zelotes C-12. A new mouse was the model Zelotes C-13. You can still buy Zelotes C-12, and the C-12 and C-13 models are practically the same (including the price), but I would recommend the newer Zelotes C-13, since it has improved sensor characteristics and a new button is added (at the bottom of the mouse – to switch profiles).

Advantages of the Zelotes C-13 mouse:

  • cheap – about $ 20
  • many buttons – 13 pieces
  • any of 13 buttons of this mouse can be configured for any action
  • supports macro recording and binding from to mouse buttons
  • All saved settings are stored in the mouse itself, that is, you can connect it to another computer, and the functions of all buttons are saved!
  • all functions can be used on Linux, since all settings are stored in the mouse itself
  • two profiles, for each of which you can configure the buttons in your own way. Switching between profiles is done using the button on the mouse itself.
  • customizable RGB backlight – several animation options, or the choice of one color
  • you can configure different animation options for each of the profiles – thanks to this it is easy to distinguish which profile is currently active
  • switching by buttons on the mouse DPI modes (the cursor starts moving faster or slower)
  • there are weights that can be removed if you prefer lightweight mice
  • amazing sensor, excellent positioning on any surface

Frankly, if this mouse cost $200, I would buy it anyway – this is an amazing model and without a multi-button mouse I feel like without one hand… Fortunately, this mouse costs only about $20.

You can find fault and say that the mouse is not wireless or that it does not have a special mat with a soft wrist rest (yes, I also had such mice). I liked the wrist rest, although over time the gel leaked out of it. As for the wire, I like it more, because I don’t need to think about recharging the battery. Of course, the wire should be positioned so that it never touches anything, so that when you move the mouse it feels as little as possible, otherwise it really causes discomfort.

Screenshots of the button settings:

Sensor settings screenshot:

Lighting Setting:

Macro Recording Window:

If you want it too, look for it by the name Zelotes C-13 and be sure to sort the price + delivery starting with the cheapest – you can save a lot.

Top 10 Best Thai Cosmetics

The best proven Thai cosmetics

From traveling, ones want to bring something original, which is not easy or even impossible to find in our local stores. If you are interested in what cosmetics to bring from Thailand, what really works and is verified, then this article will help you figure out what and where to buy.

For help in writing this article, I need to thank my sister, who tried many Thai cosmetics and based solely on her experience, compiled this small rating of the best cosmetics and health products that should be brought from Thailand.

1. Analgesic Balm Counterpain

This ointment anesthetizes joints, muscles, very effective. Very economical.

It causes a cooling effect. The action is very fast. This product literally delights users.

In Thailand, this ointment can be bought at any store, including 7-Eleven.

2. Carebeau Hair Masks

This is another product that delights users. There are many different hair masks, but Carebeau is the best brand.

It is suitable for very dried and lifeless hair, brings them back to life.

To the touch greasy consistency. While using consumed very economically.

You can buy in ordinary stores.

Consists of natural ingredients. There are many different flavors – all of them are good.

Suitable for all hair types.

3. Coconut oil

And one more amazing product (please don’t think, this will not be said about all products, just while we go on TOP-3).

Sister says that if someone came back from Thailand without natural Coconut oil, then, consider that it was vain trip.

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways: as a hair mask, as a face and hand cream – suitable for everything for cosmetic purposes. The sister says that, in principle, it can even be eaten, because it is completely natural.

You can buy almost anywhere.

In Thailand, the consistency of this oil is always liquid. And in colder countries, this oil is always solid even in summer. That is, before use, it needs to be heated in warm water. By the way, this is a great way to check the originality of this oil directly in Thailand: put it in the refrigerator, and if it hardens, then this is natural coconut oil.

4. Wite Orkid Hair Oil

Pay attention to the name Wite Orkid – this is not a typo, just this inscription is made in Malay, and not in English.

This oil has a very pleasant smell, restores dull, lifeless hair.

By the way, if you do not know what hair oil is used for: it restores hair, helps to comb strongly confused hair. And although it is oil, it does not make hair oily.

You can buy at any 7-Eleven and other stores.

On impressions, it is just a good product, and not terrific, like the previous three.

5. Hair Oil Lolane Natura

This oil can also be bought at any cosmetics store. It is good in quality, invisible on the hair, suitable for dull, lifeless hair.

6. Dry deodorant

It really works. With daily use, the smell of sweat does not appear, since the deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria. By itself, this deodorant is odorless. Super economical: 2 people use it for 2 years, but it has not been used up even half! Sister jokes that she will outlive us.

7. BANNA Facial Scrubs

They have a delicate texture, natural in composition, contain fruit seeds.

They remove dead skin cells on the face, cleanse the skin in a gentle manner, without damaging the skin, a natural analogue of chemical peeling.

Just good. It is made from several natural ingredients. The composition contains crushed bones of natural fruits, which you can see in the next photo.

8. Face Lotion (replacing face cream) Hada Labo

Suitable for all skin types, including oily (does not leave a greasy shine on the face). An alternative to oily face creams. There are several varieties: moisturizing, anti aging.

Deeply nourishes the skin, after applying a pleasant feeling on the face, there is no film feeling on the skin and no stickiness on the face.

This is Korean cosmetics.

A very economical lotion, just one drop on the whole face is enough. Consistency like liquid jelly. You can buy in any store.

The volume is small, but very economical.

9. Body gel with snail ARRA TOP FACE

Production Korea.

It has a very pleasant smell. The consistency is like thick jelly. It is very well absorbed. Leaves a pleasant tender feeling on the skin.

10. Bottled perfume (eau de toilette)

Very pleasant catchy smell. Sister acquires these perfumes with a margin at every visit to Thailand. Favorite aroma is the smell of Sakura, although a large assortment.

At almost any point of sale, you can agree on a discount if you take 10 or more. It will be a great gift to friends and relatives.

No need to focus on the design of the bottle, because at different points of sale it can look different. You can buy in shopping centers, as well as in markets.

11. Bonus. Inhaler

You may have seen Thai people sniff small bubbles from time to time. In these vials, the essential oils. There are many different variants of these inhalers, all of them differ in composition, shade and odor. According to the sister, the one in the picture is one of the best. Although I, a big fan of these inhalers, I would argue with her (they are all cool !!!))))

In addition to helping with nasal congestion, such inhalers can be used if you feel dizzy or feel weak. Or just use it – because you like the smell.


So, it was a rating of the best proven beauty and health products from Thailand. Now you know what cosmetics you must buy in Thailand for yourself or as a gift to a woman.

You are not enough and you want more? Wait, there will soon be a large list of recommended cosmetics from Thailand from Thai girl itself!

Do you have your favorite Thai cosmetics brands? Great, share your opinion in the comments.

Cashback on airline tickets and hotels

You probably think that I will now talk about some completely useless cashback, when strange points are awarded that can be spent in a few stores with no goods that you are interested in? No, I’ll tell you about a really sensible option how to get some of your money back from buying cheap flights or booking a hotel.

Cashback is a refund of part of the money from the purchase. This is a marketing technique, but the essence of marketing is one – just sell more. Your personal wealth in the science of marketing is of no interest to anyone. For this reason, the vast majority of cashback programs are flawed and aimed at squeezing more money out of you. The shortcomings of cashback programs are as follows:

  • you are returned not money, but some points that you can spend only in certain stores with nothing interested for you
  • real money is credited to you, but they would expire very quickly – sometimes, even within a month (for example: agoda (hotel reservation service with often the lowest prices), they return points to your virtual account that can be spent with real money, there are no restrictions and minimum amounts, the problem is – this money expire within a month)

  • cashback is given to you in a store where the price of a product/service is greater than the amount of cashback itself

There are probably other examples “of effective marketing” - I think this list goes on and on.

So, I won’t torment you – I don’t know the normal cashback services, but I know how to get back some of the money spent on airline tickets and hotels using the referral system in the affiliate program.

The bottom line is very simple:

  • register in the affiliate program
  • follow to your own referral link and buy tickets
  • withdraw referral money to our wallet

Any pitfalls? Firstly, with regard to the price – the price of tickets is floating, so you need to independently verify that the price of the seller through the referral link is not higher than that of other aggregators. I recently bought tickets and booked hotels – in the first case, I compared the price with buying tickets directly from Aeroflot (all the previous years I always bought tickets directly from Aeroflot) – the prices turned out to be the same. When booking hotels through an affiliate link and through other services, I also did not notice a difference in price.

Secondly, what is the minimum withdrawal amount? The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 US dollars. Flights are expensive, so when buying tickets, you can collect the minimum amount literally for one purchase or maybe longer. For Web Money users there are preference: the minimum sum for withdrawal is only $10.

What cashback can I get for buying airline tickets?

The sums are floating, amounting to about 1%-1.5% of the cost of airline tickets. You can count in my case:

Recently I bought tickets, I can show the certain sums. My currency is Russian ruble. So I bought tickets for 62,594 rubles and I got referral reward 813.72 rubles:

813.72 / 62594 * 100 = 1.3%

So I got back 1.3% of the full price, it is OK, airline tickets are expensive. Otherwise, I would not have received anything at all.

How to get referral reward for the purchase of airline tickets

So, I had in mind a partnership with Jetradar. This is either a very large airline ticket aggregator. For a rather long time I monitored the cost of direct flights to Thailand when buying tickets directly from Aeroflot and through Jetradar – the price is absolutely the same.

I repeat once again, in order not to turn into raisin miners from buns, before buying on Jetradar, compare prices in different places – it is quite possible that specifically for your case, something will be different.

Register for the Jetradar Affiliate Program

To get a Jetradar referral link, go here and register there.

After registering, go to Tools → Text Links:

Or in the new interface, follow the link: https://www.travelpayouts.com/programs/100/tools/links_generator:

Copy and save the link of the form http://jetradar.com/?marker=160488

When you need to buy tickets, follow this link and make a purchase.

A year ago, when I bought a ticket to Thailand, I wanted to try this method, but I was worried that I could not enter my card number in the Aeroflot loyalty program in order to get my points. It turned out that I was afraid in vain – you can also specify the number of the loyalty card.

There are different ways to withdraw funds, including PayPal and ePayments:

So, you buy a ticket using your referral link, almost immediately you will receive a referral reward. In this case, indicate your details and your next month you will receive your real cashback for buying plane tickets.

This also works with hotels – there you will also find a link to a selection of hotels.

Of course, you can attract other ticket buyers (since tickets here are NOT more expensive than in other places) and earn on a regular referral. There are many tools, widgets, a plugin for WordPress and so on.

Well, if suddenly you are not interested in this fuss with cashback, and you just want to buy a cheap flight, then you can do this through the widget under this text. laugh

FoodPanda: Local Food Delivery. Discount on order ฿100!

Now there are many wonderful local delivery services, one of which helped me out a lot half a year ago. When extending my visa, it turned out that I need a letter from a previous school, which is in Bangkok. We called the school, but they refused to send a letter by mail. Going to Bangkok from Hua Hin is 3 hours there and as much back, that is, the whole day is lost. We used the service, it seems to be called Line Man (or something like that) – the courier drove to school, took a letter and brought a friend to work. A friend after work sent a letter in the mail. The next day I already had this letter. The costs are ridiculous – I don’t remember exactly, but I would have spent more on a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

It turns out that now there are similar services for eating from local restaurants! That is, it is not the delivery of a particular restaurant, it is a service that allows you to choose food from any cafe, restaurant and the courier will bring you food.

In Thailand, this service is called FoodPanda – they have pink clothes and a pink box on a motorcycle. I have long paid attention to these people, as they drive like crazy)))))) And now they have become really a lot. Sitting in a cafe on a busy street of the city for every minute you can count 2-3 couriers Food Panda who travel in all directions.

Discount on order Food Panda. Promotion code FoodPanda

In the Food Panda mobile application, you can choose a restaurant, choose the food and time at which you want to be delivered to you. Everything is very simple. It’s clear that you need to pay extra for delivery.

By clicking on the following link you will receive a 100 baht discount on the next order: https://fdpnda.app.link/fRcVwQZAVY

But there are some nuances… The FoodPanda mobile application is available only if Thailand is selected as your region, otherwise you will see:

If you have the same situation as in the screenshot above, then you will have to ask for help from one of your Thai girlfriend/friends.