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Error “Failed to talk to init daemon” (SOLVED)

You can use command line to shutdown Linux computer, following command will shutdown computer:

shutdown -h now
systemctl halt

To reboot, you can use the following command:

systemctl restart

They usually work fine, but on some distributions they require elevated privileges, (more…)

How to Run a Program Automatically on Startup in Linux

If you want a program or script to run when the system starts up, then this can be done using systemctl. This method is universal: autorun also works on headless servers, not just when you enter a graphical desktop environment. This method is universal and will work on all systems where systemctl (more…)

How to change the default operating system in Arch Linux (for UEFI and systemd-boot)

This instruction applies to all boot loaders that implement the Boot Loader Specification and/or Boot Loader Interface, such as systemd-boot.

If you have a modern computer (no older than seven years at the time of writing), then it most likely uses UEFI instead of BIOS and, therefore, uses (more…)

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