Why does my laptop beep during operation or when shutting down?

Why is the motherboard beeping?

When the laptop is turned off, the “beeper”, “speaker” is triggered. Why is this happening?

Problems at the hardware level are sometimes so serious that the computer cannot start – for example, the RAM is faulty or the contacts (more…)

Updating the systemd-boot loader in /boot

Update /boot

During the installation of Arch Linux on modern computers with UEFI (BIOS replacement), we create a small partition on the disk with a mount point in /boot into which we install the boot loader using bootctl. This bootloader is systemd-boot, which is part of systemd. Over time, (more…)

How to change the default operating system in Arch Linux (for UEFI and systemd-boot)

This instruction applies to all boot loaders that implement the Boot Loader Specification and/or Boot Loader Interface, such as systemd-boot.

If you have a modern computer (no older than seven years at the time of writing), then it most likely uses UEFI instead of BIOS and, therefore, uses (more…)

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