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How to install PowerShell on Arch Linux, Manjaro, BlackArch

PowerShell on Linux

PowerShell is a cross-platform automation and configuration tool/platform. PowerShell has a large number of system administration-oriented commands. But at the same time, PowerShell is a full-fledged programming language that allows you to write functional programs (scripts).

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Chromium will no longer sync passwords – what should Linux users do?

Chrome and Chromium on Linux

Everyone knows the Google Chrome web browser. Chromium is at its core. That is, Chromium is the open source web browser that Google builds on the Chrome web browser, adding proprietary (i.e. closed) code to it.

The Chrome browser is distributed by Google (more…)

How to view package information in Arch Linux (BlackArch, Manjaro)

For each package in the system, you can find out such information as: version number, description, developer site, dependencies, recommended dependencies, packages with which there is a conflict, size, etc.

The commands described in this post work the same in Arch Linux, as well as all distributions (more…)

How to completely uninstall a package along with dependencies on Arch Linux (as well as BlackArch and Manjaro)

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