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All the ‘tips of the day’ LibreOffice

On this page, I have collected all the “Tips of the Day” that LibreOffice displays once a day when the program starts.

A few notes:

  • the lines are taken from the latest version of the program and will be updated as new versions of LibreOffice are released
  • in (more…)

Where is the Normal.dotm analog for LibreOffice located

In the office suite MS Office there is such a concept as a template, for example, for Word this file is called Normal.dotm. In this template, you can customize styles, enter text, and make formatting settings.

The saved template can replace the Normal.dotm file and then all newly created documents (more…)

How to boot into VirtualBox from USB

In this post I will tell you how to connect a USB disk (or USB flash drive) to a virtual machine so that the guest system treats it like a regular hard disk.

This trick will allow you not only to boot from the installation USB – which is rather pointless. If you connect a USB disk or (more…)

How to get web page content and cookies of .onion sites in Python

A program that receives data from the Tor network must work with cookies, for example, in the case of a parser, it can be cURL, PHP script, Python script, and so on.

In the article “Web site parsing in command line” there is an example of working with cookies in cURL, but how to (more…)

How to install the Active Directory PowerShell module on Windows Server, Windows 11 and Windows 10

The Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell is one of the main tools for domain administration, managing objects in Active Directory, and getting various information about AD computers, users, groups, etc. Any Windows administrator should know how to use AD as a graphical snap-in (usually These (more…)

PowerShell with administrator rights: how to run and verify

How to run PowerShell as an administrator

Some commands and cmdlets require elevated privileges. Examples of actions that require administrator rights are service management (install, start, stop, uninstall) and package management (add and remove package providers, install and remove packages).

For (more…)

Full-text search in office files (Word) and archives – now it’s easy!

In the article “Full-text search for documents in a folder” we examined a way to search the contents of many office documents, including the exact match of the phrase. The considered method allows you to find the required file containing the required string without installing additional (more…)

Full-text search for documents in a folder

What if you need to find a specific document among tens or hundreds?

If you know the name of the document, then searching is quite simple – many programs, including the standard Windows Explorer, can search by file name.

To find a file by name, open Windows Explorer (file manager), (more…)

GIMP copies not all layers (SOLVED)

GIMP is a powerful image editor, comparable to PhotoShop in features, but completely free.

You may have come across a situation where you have edited an image, perhaps added text and other layers and are trying to copy the resulting image, for example, to create a new file from it or paste (more…)

How to pause GIF on Windows, Linux, Mac OS

GIF animation can be used as a visual demonstration of anything: the operation of programs, physical processes, the sequence of actions during repairs or exercise – anything.

GIF animation is like a small looped video without sound. This way of presenting changing data and schemas is (more…)