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How to shut down computers in PowerShell

Stop-Computer cmdlet

The Stop-Computer cmdlet shuts down the local or remote computer.

You can run Stop-Computer with additional options to specify authentication types and alternate credentials, and to force an immediate shutdown.

This cmdlet uses the Win32Shutdown method (more…)

How to restart computers in PowerShell

Restart-Computer Cmdlet

The Restart-Computer cmdlet restarts the operating system on a local or remote computer.

The following command will reboot the local computer:


You can use Restart-Computer with various parameters to trigger restart operations, to (more…)

How to configure the network interface to use a dynamic IP address (DHCP) in PowerShell

Note: all settings in this article must be done with administrator rights.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows the network adapter to obtain the correct network settings without manually configuring network interfaces.

To manage a network interface, you need to know its (more…)

How to set IP address, netmask, default gateway and DNS for a network interface in PowerShell

Setting a static IP, netmask and gateway for a network adapter in PowerShell is a little confusing but possible. This post will show you how to do this using the New-NetIPAddress and Set-NetIPAddress cmdlets.

The old way of configuring network interfaces is using the netsh command. First, (more…)

Error “Authentication helper program /usr/lib64/squid/basic_ncsa_auth: (2) No such file or directory” (SOLVED)

Squid is a popular web proxy server. It has rich functionality and, in addition to changing the IP address, it is often used as a caching proxy for websites, as a result of which the load on the web server is significantly reduced.

When used as a proxy server to change IP or bypass restrictions, (more…)

How to install Squid proxy on Windows

Squid is a high performance caching proxy for web clients supporting FTP, gopher, ICAP, ICP, HTCP and HTTP data objects. Squid reduces network bandwidth, data transfer and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently requested web pages. Squid has extensive access control and is a great (more…)

Why does my phone not switch to mobile Internet for a long time (SOLVED)

A Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and more stable than a mobile Internet connection. Therefore, when possible, most users use Wi-Fi, which is usually free and unlimited. At home, at work, sometimes even on public transport, we connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy a good quality Internet connection.

When (more…)

PostgreSQL error “An old version of the database format was found” (SOLVED)

Warning: The following instructions could cause data loss. Do not run the commands below blindly, without understanding what they do. Backup database first.

If, while starting the PostgreSQL service:

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service

it didn't work and (more…)

How to Configure Tor to Work Through a Bridge Relay and Proxy in Windows

If you want to install Tor as a service on Windows, then you need the Expert Bundle. It can be downloaded from this page of the official website.

From the downloaded archive (in my case, the file is called, unpack the Tor folder to the root of the C drive.

Configuring (more…)

How to check if my router supports IPv6

How to open a site on IPv6

The fastest and easiest way to find out if a router can work with IPv6 is to check if it can open a site with an IPv6 address. Use the service “Do I have IPv6”. This website allows you to connect to it in a variety of ways – just follow (more…)

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