All the ‘tips of the day’ LibreOffice

On this page, I have collected all the “Tips of the Day” that LibreOffice displays once a day when the program starts.

A few notes:

  • the lines are taken from the latest version of the program and will be updated as new versions of LibreOffice are released
  • in (more…)

Where is the Normal.dotm analog for LibreOffice located

In the office suite MS Office there is such a concept as a template, for example, for Word this file is called Normal.dotm. In this template, you can customize styles, enter text, and make formatting settings.

The saved template can replace the Normal.dotm file and then all newly created documents (more…)

How to determine the type and speed of a USB port

How to determine the version and speed of the USB port?

It would seem that to say which version and speed of the USB connector on a computer is a trivial task. As it was before? The black connector is USB2 and the blue connector is USB3. Right? This information has long been outdated, in modern (more…)

Error “remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead” (SOLVED)

How to make and submit changes to source code on GitHub

GitHub is an awesome collaborative software development tool. There is a lot of documentation on working with git: in the program's help and on the Internet.

Being very flexible and with many commands and options, git can be confusing when you first get to know it. The git options and (more…)

Wine is missing from the context menu on Ubuntu (SOLVED)

To run Windows applications on Linux, it is usually enough to double-click on them. But it may be that the .exe file will be opened by the archive manager or another application (usually the archive manager).

If you try to select the “Open With Other Application” item in the context (more…)

How to manage VPN Settings in GNOME 3

A popular example of a Linux distribution using GNOME 3 is Ubuntu.

How to add OpenVPN connection settings to GNOME 3

To add an OpenVPN connection, click on the network connection icon and expand the connections section.

Select “Wired Settings”:

You (more…)

How to manage VPN Settings in Xfce

Popular distributions with Xfce include Kali Linux and Xubuntu.

In Xfce, networks are managed in the “Network Connections” window.

How to add OpenVPN connection settings to Xfce

There are two ways to add a new OpenVPN connection:

1) Right-click on the network (more…)

How to manage VPN Settings in Cinnamon

The Cinnamon desktop environment is primarily characteristic of Linux Mint.

Network Connections and Network Settings in Cinnamon

When you click on the network connection icon (its appearance depends on whether you are using a wired or wireless connection), two options will be available (more…)

Simultaneous use of multiple OpenVPNs on one server

You can simultaneously use several OpenVPN processes on the same server, while they will work on different ports and provide separate virtual private networks that do not overlap with each other.

Multiple instances of OpenVPN are provided out of the box, but additional configuration is required.

1. (more…)