How to fix LibreOffice stopped starting. Resetting LibreOffice without launching (SOLVED)

LibreOffice won't start LibreOffice is a free office document editor. In terms of functions, LibreOffice is similar to MS Office, but LibreOffice is open source and this office suite works on all major operating systems, including Linux. I have been using LibreOffice extensively almost every day for several hours for many years now. I am […]

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught mysqli_sql_exception: No database selected (SOLVED)

Let's look at a small PHP code that tries to connect to a MySQL or MariaDB DBMS and execute a query with a “SELECT” statement: <?php $db_user = "root"; $db_password = ""; $mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", $db_user, $db_password); if ($mysqli->connect_errno) { printf("Somehow we failed: %s\n", $mysqli->connect_error); exit(); } $query = "SELECT * FROM TestTABLE;"; $result […]

“ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected” in MySQL and MariaDB (SOLVED)

How to fix “ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected” The error “ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected” occurs most often due to haste – of course, before performing actions with tables and the information stored in them, you must specify (that is, select to use) database. This simple mistake is a good reason to tell […]

How to change the command line prompt for MySQL (MariaDB)

The MySQL (MariaDB) client, when connected to a DBMS server, displays the database selected to use and the name of the DBMS (such as MariaDB or MySQL) at the default command prompt. Perhaps you want to add to this information the username, the hostname on which the MySQL (MariaDB) server is running, the port number, […]

How to determine the location and name of the MySQL (MariaDB) configuration file. How to find the group name for MySQL and MariaDB configuration files

MySQL and MariaDB config files Some useful settings that improve productivity or solve problems that have arisen should be saved in configuration files. But you may encounter a situation where some online guide recommends saving the settings to a file located in a certain directory, but in your Linux this file or even the entire […]

How to quickly clear a command line in the MySQL (MariaDB) client

How to quickly clear the MySQL (MariaDB) command line prompt When actively working with the DBMS at the command line prompt, from time to time anyone makes mistakes. For example, an invalid query expression was entered: in the wrong terminal window, or before selecting a database, or some other error. In the Linux terminal, this […]

How to enable 10-bit color depth on Linux (and whether to enable 30-bit color)

Table of contents 1. Does my monitor (TV) use 10-bit color depth 2. Why enable 10-bit color support on Linux 3. How 10-bit color support is implemented in Windows 4. How 10-bit color support is implemented in Linux 5. How to know if my monitor (TV) supports 10-bit color depth 6. How to determine the […]

How to identify content with 10-bit color depth. How to check what color depth is used in a photo and video

How can I tell if 10-bit depth is being used in a video or photo? How to determine color depth in an image First of all, if the photo is in JPG format, then it is safe to say that 10-bit color depth is not used in it, because this format simply does not support […]

How to watch HDR videos on YouTube on Linux

To get started, make sure that your monitor supports 10-bit color depth and enable 10-bit (or, as it is usually indicated in the settings, 30-bit) color depth at the level of the Linux operating system. In your web browser's address bar, enter: chrome://flags Use the search to find the “Force color profile” flag. Select “Display […]

Why Google Chrome web browser is gray when 10-bit color is enabled and how to fix it

After enabling 10-bit color depth on Linux, you may find that some applications turn gray. For some of them, this cannot be fixed, but in Google Chrome you can select the correct color profile, which will make it possible to watch HDR videos on YouTube, while all other websites will have normal brightness. The Google […]