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Linux PowerShell Basics (Beginner’s Guide)

PowerShell for Linux

In recent years, there has been a trend at Microsoft to cross-platform some of its products and open their source. Also Linux itself became part of Windows in the form of a subsystem. PowerShell, which was originally a Windows-only component, was released as open source (more…)

How to display all environment variables at the Windows command prompt

This article will show you how to display all environment variables from the Windows command line.

PowerShell and CMD

First of all, you need to distinguish what kind of program you are working in. The first appeared CMD – Windows command line, shell. For many years, CMD was the only (more…)

Free analogue of Total Commander

Total Commander is a popular two-panel file manager for the Windows operating system. Managing files in two panels, for example, moving or copying from one folder to another, is much more convenient than in a standard file manager with one panel.

Total Commander has many additional features (more…)

How to install Apache web server with PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Windows

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