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How to measure distance (route and direct) between two points on Google maps

Gmail does not receive forwarded emails (SOLVED)

Some Gmail users face the problem that the configured forwarding to the Google mailbox (Gmail) does not work, or is unstable.

I faced such a problem when trying to set up forwarding from mail to mail. In my case, forwarding from was configured correctly and enabled. (more…)

How to block access to my site from a specific bux site or any other site with negative traffic

There are situations when negative traffic comes from certain sites, for example, from bux sites or simply from sites that you don't like. In some cases, such traffic can be dealt with, but not always.

Quite often, there are tasks like “go to a search engine, enter such and such (more…)

How to change the language of Google services

Google services are available in all languages supported by Google. You can change your account language at any time.

What does the change of language affect?

If you change your preferred language, you will be shown different content on the Internet. Google may use information about (more…)

How to copy a Google map created by another user

Google Maps allows you to create your own maps by adding places, routes, markers, layers, information, areas. Sometimes users create very useful maps. Since this is a user's map, he, by his own decision, can change it, delete it or remove it from public access – sometimes it is a pity to (more…)

How to wash your sneakers properly

Can my sneakers be machine washed?

About the fact that sneakers can be washed, I myself learned relatively recently. I like light-colored shoes or shoes with light-colored inserts, so they need to be looked after regularly.

I usually just wash my sneakers with a soapy sponge. But once (more…)

Intel disabled undervolting on 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs

Owners of new computers, as well as users updating the BIOS of their laptops and computers, may have noticed that manufacturers have a tendency to disable undervolting. 10th Gen processors ship with undervolting disabled by default. To enable it, you need to find the appropriate setting in the depths (more…)

Redirect to HTTPS not working in WordPress

This is not an obvious problem, because for some pages the redirect to HTTPS works, but for some it does not. I ran into this problem on WordPress quite by accident. Therefore, if you are a webmaster with WordPress sites, then I would recommend that you check your sites too.

Redirecting from (more…)

How to find out all DNS records of sites behind CloudFlare

How to list all DNS records for a domain

Using the dig command, you can display all types of DNS records for the specified domain at once, but it does not work in all cases:

dig ANY

To query all types of DNS records, but limiting the number of displayed sections (more…)

Permanent message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” (SOLVED)

When updating plugins, themes or WordPress engine, the site is automatically closed for users and instead they see the message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”.

This is normal and the site reopens immediately after the update is complete. (more…)