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How to fix “Configuration File (php.ini) Path” no value

The phpinfo function shows complete information about the PHP environment, including which modules are enabled, where the configuration files are located, with which options the PHP binaries were compiled, and much more.

To use this function in the web server folder create a file and copy (more…)

How to run PHP script on the command line (without web server)

How to run PHP script on Windows command line

If you want not only the ability to run PHP from the command line, but also a full-fledged Apache + PHP + MySQL web server on Windows, then complete the installation according to this article.

To run PHP on the command line, you do not (more…)

How to install a web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) on Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian

If you are a webmaster, or a PHP programmer, or you just need to run a website on your computer, then you can do it using a web server. On Linux, the web server (Apache) and related components (PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) are installed in just a few commands.

This tutorial will show you how to (more…)

What is open_basedir for and how to use open_basedir

The open_basedir directive is specified in the PHP configuration file (php.ini) and sets the directories that PHP can access. Access refers to any actions with files: opening (for example, fopen() or gzopen()), writing and executing. If the open_basedir directive is set and an attempt is made to run (more…)

Error “Unable to load dynamic library ‘xmlrpc.so’” (SOLVED)

When running a web server or running PHP scripts on the command line, you may encounter an error:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'xmlrpc.so' (tried: /usr/lib/php/modules/xmlrpc.so (/usr/lib/php/modules/xmlrpc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file (more…)

How to add PHP path to %PATH% environment variable on Windows

What is PATH and what is it for

It is quite possible that you have never encountered echo %PATH% and environment variable expressions before, so I will briefly explain what it is.

The PATH variable contains a list of folders in which Windows looks for executable files.

In the (more…)

How to install Apache web server with PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Windows

Error “Cannot load modules/libphp7.so” (SOLVED)

Some Linux distributions have already started migrating to PHP 8. The new version of PHP removes the old one, as a result of which the web server may stop working due to the fact that the files specified in the web server configuration are missing or renamed.

Examples of errors you may encounter:

httpd: (more…)
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