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How to manage VPN Settings in GNOME 3

A popular example of a Linux distribution using GNOME 3 is Ubuntu.

How to add OpenVPN connection settings to GNOME 3

To add an OpenVPN connection, click on the network connection icon and expand the connections section.

Select “Wired Settings”:

You (more…)

How to manage VPN Settings in Xfce

Popular distributions with Xfce include Kali Linux and Xubuntu.

In Xfce, networks are managed in the “Network Connections” window.

How to add OpenVPN connection settings to Xfce

There are two ways to add a new OpenVPN connection:

1) Right-click on the network (more…)

How to manage VPN Settings in Cinnamon

The Cinnamon desktop environment is primarily characteristic of Linux Mint.

Network Connections and Network Settings in Cinnamon

When you click on the network connection icon (its appearance depends on whether you are using a wired or wireless connection), two options will be available (more…)

Simultaneous use of multiple OpenVPNs on one server

You can simultaneously use several OpenVPN processes on the same server, while they will work on different ports and provide separate virtual private networks that do not overlap with each other.

Multiple instances of OpenVPN are provided out of the box, but additional configuration is required.

1. (more…)

Comparison of performance (data transfer rate) of OpenVPN over UDP and TCP

How to use OpenVPN with TCP protocol

By default, OpenVPN uses UDP and it is officially recommended to use it. However, TCP also works great with OpenVPN and you can use it if needed. Theoretically, the TCP protocol has more “overhead”, that is, some part of the transmitted data will not carry the payload, but is only necessary (more…)

How to change configuration files when migrating from OpenVPN 2.4.* to OpenVPN 2.5.*

As of fall 2021, OpenVPN has moved to the new major branch 2.5.* for almost a year. If you were slow to update, now the new branch can be considered time-tested. However, if you are upgrading from the 2.4 branch, you may need to adjust the configuration files.

1. In the server and client configuration (more…)

LibreOffice opens sftp connection (SOLVED)

sftp is a utility from the OpenSSH package that combines the functions of FTP and SSH, that is, it provides convenient access to the remote file system, allowing you to edit, copy, delete files on the server in a graphical interface. In this case, the connection and data exchange takes place over (more…)

How to use lsof to view open files (on Linux everything is files)

If everything in Linux is a file, then there must be more to this operating system than just files on your hard drive. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use lsof to view all other devices and processes that are being treated as files.

Everything in Linux is files

The oft-quoted (more…)

How to configure the network interface to use a dynamic IP address (DHCP) in PowerShell

Note: all settings in this article must be done with administrator rights.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows the network adapter to obtain the correct network settings without manually configuring network interfaces.

To manage a network interface, you need to know its (more…)