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How to find out which process is causing high disk usage in Linux

Monitoring input and output operations

Excessive load on the disk can be caused by such a reason as a virus infection or incorrect program settings. In any case, you need to start by identifying the process (program) that most reads and writes to disk.

iotop – analog of top for (more…)

htop command guide: how to view processes in Linux interactively

Is htop better or top?

The htop command is similar to top in function: they both display real-time information about processes, display system resource consumption, and allow you to search, stop, and manage processes.

Both commands have their own advantages. For example, the htop program (more…)

How to use the top command to monitor Linux processes

“top” program for showing Linux processes in real time

The top program shows the program and service processes running on Linux.

With top, you can see the dynamics of a running system in real time. The program displays a summary of the system information, as well as a list (more…)

Intel disabled undervolting on 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs

Owners of new computers, as well as users updating the BIOS of their laptops and computers, may have noticed that manufacturers have a tendency to disable undervolting. 10th Gen processors ship with undervolting disabled by default. To enable it, you need to find the appropriate setting in the depths (more…)