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Why do I need a rabbit card and how to save on BTS

This article is about a rabbit card and how to save money on trips to BTS in Bangkok.

Rabbit card is quite popular with Bangkok residents who use public transport. The essence of the card with a rabbit is that you replenish it and using it you can pay for trips to BTS, as well as in some other stores, usually associated with BTS.

The advantages of a rabbit card are that you do not need to queue for each trip to buy a BTS ticket. The second advantage is that if you use BTS really often, then with this card you can save.

Where to buy a card with a rabbit

You can buy at BTS stations, in the same place where tickets for one trip are sold. Be sure you took with you an ID (passport). The price of the card itself is 100 baht, an additional 100 baht for replenishment. You do not need to activate the card – you can immediately use it.

You can replenish from 100 baht, in the same place where BTS tickets are sold.

Use it the same way as BTS tickets for one trip, but when leaving the BTS station, you must also touch card (and not insert into the hole, as with one-time tickets).

How to ride a BTS cheaper

The BTS train is not cheap at all and if you make several trips every day, especially over long distances, then you should consider buying packages for several trips.

Number of rides Package price Average price per trip
15 465 31
25 725 29
40 1080 27
50 1300 26

The package does not have an expiration date, that is, you can use trips until they end, there is no time limit.

The price of each trip is fixed and does not depend on distance.

Travel to Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan is a province in the north of Thailand

Chiang Khan is a province in northern Thailand, on the border with Laos. Here, the climate (colder), culture (the influence of Laos and the eastern regions of Thailand called Isan), economic development (poorer, many wooden houses instead of skyscrapers) differ here from the usual Thailand in Pattaya.

My trip to Chiang Khan turned out to be memorable, quite spontaneous and very budget. If you want to plunge into the provincial life of Thailand (but not so much as a village), then you should like this place. If you are a foodie, or love a beach holiday, or you need spectacular urban places, then this place is not quite for you.

We got to Chiang Khan from Bangkok. The trip there lasts about 8 hours, we departed at 20-21 o’clock, and arrived around 5 a.m. Big buses (not minivans) go there, some of these buses are even double-decker. The bus has very comfortable seats, there is a toilet, each chair has USB sockets for charging phones, they give out a blanket, they distribute water, cookies, and cake. The ticket price is about 600 baht. We set off from the Mochit bus station. The Mochit bus terminal currently consists of an old and a new terminal. At the old terminal there are mostly big buses, from this place we went to Chiang Khan. At the new terminal there are mainly minivans, from there you can leave, for example, to Hua Hin.

Chiang Khan on the map: go.

On the map are the places we visited. This is a small province. There is Laos in the north:

Hotels in Chiang Khan

The peculiarity of this place is that there are not many hotels there, but the so-called homestay (that is, residence in a private house) is common. In fact, there homestay is almost no different from hotels. Typical homestay is a two-story wooden building in which there are a few (about 10) rooms. Rooms have a toilet room. Difference from the hotel:

  • homestay do not work around the clock (the front door is closed at night)
  • rooms are not cleaned by a maid

Simply put, homestay is such a small hotel. Air conditioning is available not everywhere, but in the north of Thailand it is not critical – depending on the season of year, it can be quite cold at night.

Our room in homestay – the room itself is small, but everything is clean, there is air conditioning and a window, a good shower room, there is a balcony with armchairs in the common place:

Morning at Chiang Khan

The bus dropped us off before 5 am. It was cold. As I mentioned, the homestay opens only after 6, and until that time we had nowhere to even drop our backpacks. We decided to find our homestay, it turned out that from the bus stop to it no more than 10 minutes walk. The river was even closer – in order not to stand, we decided to walk along the river. Along the shore, lanterns are lit and deserted at this time. There is nothing much to watch at night and we found 7-11 to buy hot coffee and hot noddles. We warmed up a bit and went back – to our homestay, where after 6 in the morning we threw our backpacks.

Early morning by the river is romantic!

Right next to the hotel, a motorcycle rental salon has already begun to work. We rented a motorbike for two days. Amazingly, they didn’t take any deposit from me, nor did they look at the documents. The motorcycle was with a full tank – they said to return it with a full tank as well. By the way, when renting a motorcycle, for example, in Pattaya, they took 1,000 baht of deposit, they copied my passport and driver’s license, the gas tank was so empty that I wasn’t sure I could get to the gas station or have to push my motorcycle there…

Phu Thok

On a motorcycle, before 7 in the morning, we went to Phu Thok. This is a mountain on which the view from the observation deck opens 360 degrees.

Although at that time it was not so cold as at night, but riding a motorcycle was cold anyway. I tried not to drive faster than 40 km/h, but it was still cold. The girlfriend trembled all the way from the cold and made an appropriate sound, something closest to what is called ‘teeth are chattering from the cold’. Although I myself was also cold, nevertheless it was so funny)))))) The first time I saw a Thai girl freezing.

Photos from Phu Thok:

Phraphut Nawamin and Skywalk

The trip to Phu Thok took a little time and it was still early to return to the hotel for check-in, we decided to see the temples. While trying to get to one of the temples, we were on the road to the field, then the road ended… We turned around and decided to go to another place.

We headed towards Phraphut Nawamin. The road through the northern Thai province turned out to be very pleasant: there is little transport, interesting landscapes, in one place we stopped on the bank of the river to relax and to warm ourselves.

Phraphut Nawamin is a picturesque place: a mountain overlooking the river. An impressive observation platform is being built here, which will be called Skywalk, this is how the project looks:

But while everything is under construction, Skywalk is not yet complete:

Statue. I think the view from Skywalk will be impressive, as if the statue is floating in the sky or something:

On the way back to the hotel, we found a beach on the banks of the river – we decided to return to it later, but for now it's time to check into the hotel.

Walking street in Chiang Khan

If the phrase Walking street will have special feelings in your soul, then relax – in Chiang Khan this is a pedestrian street in the historic center of the city, runs along the river. The main attraction is the food fair throughout the street, this fair takes place a couple of hours, about 17-19. Before and after this time, absolutely nothing happens on this street.

There are many homestays/hotels on this street with an average cost of 500 baht per night.

In the evening, we walked around the Walking street fair, bought food and sat on the steps descending to the river. Music was playing nearby, a warm evening, a pleasant view – Chiang Khan, first of all, this is a place where you can relax.

Love for bicycles in Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan has bike paths and bikes are popular here. You can ride bikes along the river and Walking street). It was possible to rent a bike for free in our homestay, so although we had a bike, we decided to ride a little on the morning of the second day. Outside the city along the river there is a blue bike path. But if you don’t have a love for bicycles, then you can get to the same places where you can ride a bicycle by motorcycle. I asked my girlfriend, with whom I traveled this time, “what are my impressions of the bike ride?” (it was her idea), she replied ‘ass hurts’. In general, I had similar impressions from a bike ride.

Wat Phutthabat Phu Khwai Ngoen (Silver Buffalo Temple)

Khwai Ngoen is translated as a silver buffalo. That is, this is the Temple of the Silver Buffalo.

The temple is located on a mountain with a beautiful view of the valley and the village.

In northern Thailand, the winter months resemble the very beginning of autumn in Western countries.

Near the temple there is an aviary with rabbits that you can feed – food is sold right there. Outside the enclosure, a guinea pig lives under a stone, which begs for food before rabbits.

There are many rabbits from very young to old, there are hens and a hefty boar.

There is also an enclosure with turtles, but the hares made their way there.

Silver Buddha statue.

The territory of the temple, the temple, the view from the mountain.

We did not enter the temple itself, as we were going to a couple more places.

Kaeng Khut Khu

On the way back from the Silver Buffalo Temple, we stopped at Kaeng Khut Khu.

Kaeng Khut Khu is a beautiful natural place where the river makes a turn, a small museum and a place from where you can go boating.

Monument to a crossbow warrior.

The arbalester looks at the opposite side of the river – there is Laos and there were wars with this country.

A small museum dedicated to the history of these places.

Nang Khoi Beach (river beach)

Nang Khoi Beach is the saddest place in Thailand… The bottom line is: there is no sea in Chiang Khan, but there is a river. The river is fast, cold and its banks are covered with stones and sharp shells. In one place, next to the production of sand, made a sandy beach. On this beach, sun loungers and indoor seating, restaurants with food. The only thing that is not there is visitors.

It is very pleasant to play sand on the shore (although it is not yellow, but dark). But swimming there is not very nice the river flow is so strong that even if you go to your knees in the water, then it becomes very difficult to move and just stand. And the bottom of the river is covered with stones and shells. In general, if I had not come from Hua Hin, where there are beautiful beaches and a beautiful warm sea, I would have been glad of such an opportunity to relax on the river bank, but since at that time I had already lived in Hua Hin for a year, this beach did not impress me.

Impressions of Chiang Khan

I liked this trip. There are quite a lot of tourists in the city center, but most of them are Thais who came from other places of Thailand. There are few foreigners. If you want a very quiet and measured life, then this is exactly the place where nothing happens. For lovers of big cities and shopping centers here will be boring.

This place, in my opinion, suffers greatly from a lack of tourists. In the center, everything is not so bad, but at a distance from the center everything is different: in the temples there are some visitors, nobody at the river beach at all, in buffets (where you pay a fixed amount and eat as much as you want) are also rare guests.

In these places, Asian overpopulation is not felt, and even on the roads there is little transport.

All in all, this is another pleasant place with its own characteristics – I am glad that I made this short trip.

Multi-button mouse for increased productivity

Most of us hold onto this appliance most of the day. I mean a computer mouse.

This is my mouse from 2011-2012 to January 2016 (I had to replace it due to problems with the left mouse button, we fought to the last and I even set the right button to work as LMB):

Here is my mouse from January 2016 to November 2019 (again, the problem with the left button):

And here is my new mouse:

These are only those mice whose photos I have preserved (I just took them from the old blog, do not think that I am crazy to the extent that I store photos of computer mice…). For a very long time, I use precisely multi-button mice. And you know what? It's damn convenient!

On the mouse buttons I set up the most frequently used actions (keyboard shortcuts) that I use really often and in which the hand usually rests on the mouse. For example, it takes me a lot of time to write articles on websites, the most common actions are copying and pasting text (for creating blocks of code, for example), images (for arranging images in the text of an article), links (for pasting links into text). These actions, as well as highlighting in bold, undo the last action, deleting the character and Enter, I brought to the mouse buttons. This allows me to focus on the screen (no need to move your eyes to the keyboard to find the appropriate button combinations), and thanks to this, the process of creating article markup is significantly accelerated.

Before I started working with websites, I spent most of my time in the office Word editor – similarly, such combinations made it possible to slightly facilitate the process of formatting documents.

You can configure absolutely any action on the mouse buttons: keyboard shortcuts, launching certain applications, switching tracks, increasing/decreasing the sound volume – anything you can do using the keyboard or using the program menu.

If you choose the right actions for the buttons and spend time getting used to working with the mouse, then it will become a little easier and a little faster.

My previous mouse model was the Zelotes C-12. A new mouse was the model Zelotes C-13. You can still buy Zelotes C-12, and the C-12 and C-13 models are practically the same (including the price), but I would recommend the newer Zelotes C-13, since it has improved sensor characteristics and a new button is added (at the bottom of the mouse – to switch profiles).

Advantages of the Zelotes C-13 mouse:

  • cheap – about $ 20
  • many buttons – 13 pieces
  • any of 13 buttons of this mouse can be configured for any action
  • supports macro recording and binding from to mouse buttons
  • All saved settings are stored in the mouse itself, that is, you can connect it to another computer, and the functions of all buttons are saved!
  • all functions can be used on Linux, since all settings are stored in the mouse itself
  • two profiles, for each of which you can configure the buttons in your own way. Switching between profiles is done using the button on the mouse itself.
  • customizable RGB backlight – several animation options, or the choice of one color
  • you can configure different animation options for each of the profiles – thanks to this it is easy to distinguish which profile is currently active
  • switching by buttons on the mouse DPI modes (the cursor starts moving faster or slower)
  • there are weights that can be removed if you prefer lightweight mice
  • amazing sensor, excellent positioning on any surface

Frankly, if this mouse cost $200, I would buy it anyway – this is an amazing model and without a multi-button mouse I feel like without one hand… Fortunately, this mouse costs only about $20.

You can find fault and say that the mouse is not wireless or that it does not have a special mat with a soft wrist rest (yes, I also had such mice). I liked the wrist rest, although over time the gel leaked out of it. As for the wire, I like it more, because I don’t need to think about recharging the battery. Of course, the wire should be positioned so that it never touches anything, so that when you move the mouse it feels as little as possible, otherwise it really causes discomfort.

Screenshots of the button settings:

Sensor settings screenshot:

Lighting Setting:

Macro Recording Window:

If you want it too, look for it by the name Zelotes C-13 and be sure to sort the price + delivery starting with the cheapest – you can save a lot.

Top 10 Best Thai Cosmetics

The best proven Thai cosmetics

From traveling, ones want to bring something original, which is not easy or even impossible to find in our local stores. If you are interested in what cosmetics to bring from Thailand, what really works and is verified, then this article will help you figure out what and where to buy.

For help in writing this article, I need to thank my sister, who tried many Thai cosmetics and based solely on her experience, compiled this small rating of the best cosmetics and health products that should be brought from Thailand.

1. Analgesic Balm Counterpain

This ointment anesthetizes joints, muscles, very effective. Very economical.

It causes a cooling effect. The action is very fast. This product literally delights users.

In Thailand, this ointment can be bought at any store, including 7-Eleven.

2. Carebeau Hair Masks

This is another product that delights users. There are many different hair masks, but Carebeau is the best brand.

It is suitable for very dried and lifeless hair, brings them back to life.

To the touch greasy consistency. While using consumed very economically.

You can buy in ordinary stores.

Consists of natural ingredients. There are many different flavors – all of them are good.

Suitable for all hair types.

3. Coconut oil

And one more amazing product (please don’t think, this will not be said about all products, just while we go on TOP-3).

Sister says that if someone came back from Thailand without natural Coconut oil, then, consider that it was vain trip.

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways: as a hair mask, as a face and hand cream – suitable for everything for cosmetic purposes. The sister says that, in principle, it can even be eaten, because it is completely natural.

You can buy almost anywhere.

In Thailand, the consistency of this oil is always liquid. And in colder countries, this oil is always solid even in summer. That is, before use, it needs to be heated in warm water. By the way, this is a great way to check the originality of this oil directly in Thailand: put it in the refrigerator, and if it hardens, then this is natural coconut oil.

4. Wite Orkid Hair Oil

Pay attention to the name Wite Orkid – this is not a typo, just this inscription is made in Malay, and not in English.

This oil has a very pleasant smell, restores dull, lifeless hair.

By the way, if you do not know what hair oil is used for: it restores hair, helps to comb strongly confused hair. And although it is oil, it does not make hair oily.

You can buy at any 7-Eleven and other stores.

On impressions, it is just a good product, and not terrific, like the previous three.

5. Hair Oil Lolane Natura

This oil can also be bought at any cosmetics store. It is good in quality, invisible on the hair, suitable for dull, lifeless hair.

6. Dry deodorant

It really works. With daily use, the smell of sweat does not appear, since the deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria. By itself, this deodorant is odorless. Super economical: 2 people use it for 2 years, but it has not been used up even half! Sister jokes that she will outlive us.

7. BANNA Facial Scrubs

They have a delicate texture, natural in composition, contain fruit seeds.

They remove dead skin cells on the face, cleanse the skin in a gentle manner, without damaging the skin, a natural analogue of chemical peeling.

Just good. It is made from several natural ingredients. The composition contains crushed bones of natural fruits, which you can see in the next photo.

8. Face Lotion (replacing face cream) Hada Labo

Suitable for all skin types, including oily (does not leave a greasy shine on the face). An alternative to oily face creams. There are several varieties: moisturizing, anti aging.

Deeply nourishes the skin, after applying a pleasant feeling on the face, there is no film feeling on the skin and no stickiness on the face.

This is Korean cosmetics.

A very economical lotion, just one drop on the whole face is enough. Consistency like liquid jelly. You can buy in any store.

The volume is small, but very economical.

9. Body gel with snail ARRA TOP FACE

Production Korea.

It has a very pleasant smell. The consistency is like thick jelly. It is very well absorbed. Leaves a pleasant tender feeling on the skin.

10. Bottled perfume (eau de toilette)

Very pleasant catchy smell. Sister acquires these perfumes with a margin at every visit to Thailand. Favorite aroma is the smell of Sakura, although a large assortment.

At almost any point of sale, you can agree on a discount if you take 10 or more. It will be a great gift to friends and relatives.

No need to focus on the design of the bottle, because at different points of sale it can look different. You can buy in shopping centers, as well as in markets.

11. Bonus. Inhaler

You may have seen Thai people sniff small bubbles from time to time. In these vials, the essential oils. There are many different variants of these inhalers, all of them differ in composition, shade and odor. According to the sister, the one in the picture is one of the best. Although I, a big fan of these inhalers, I would argue with her (they are all cool !!!))))

In addition to helping with nasal congestion, such inhalers can be used if you feel dizzy or feel weak. Or just use it – because you like the smell.


So, it was a rating of the best proven beauty and health products from Thailand. Now you know what cosmetics you must buy in Thailand for yourself or as a gift to a woman.

You are not enough and you want more? Wait, there will soon be a large list of recommended cosmetics from Thailand from Thai girl itself!

Do you have your favorite Thai cosmetics brands? Great, share your opinion in the comments.

How to find out Wi-Fi password nearby

Even while traveling, each of us needs the Internet connectoin – it doesn’t matter if you work online or just want to tell your relatives that everything is in alright or update your status in social media.

Almost all hotels and guesthouses have free Wi-Fi and you can just ask for an access password. But when renting a room in a condo, Wi-Fi is rarely included in the rental price. You need to either pay for the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, or buy a local SIM card.

But before doing this, try the described very simple way to find out the password for Wi-Fi networks around you. Firstly, it’s really the easiest way to find out the password from someone else’s Wi-Fi – you do not need any programs, you do not need to install or run any software. Secondly, in any case, you do not lose anything. Over the past year and a half of my life in Thailand, I have never paid for Wi-Fi, although I used it every day.

By the way, even if you are not traveling – it will still be useful for you to check your home router – it is possible that your password has leaked into the public Wi-Fi password database.


3wifi is an open database of Wi-Fi access points with their passwords. The map shows the location of Wi-Fi networks and gives their characteristics along with passwords. All that is required is to find the location of interest and see the name of the networks and their passwords.

How to find out a password from someone else's Wi-Fi

Everything is extremely simple. Go to the map:

Click the ‘Вход’ button and enter:

  • Login: antichat
  • Password: antichat

In addition, click on the Wi-Fi icon to temporarily remove wireless networks from the map – there are so many Wi-Fi access points in the database that it is already difficult to navigate on the map, because they close the view.

Enter the name of the city and metro station or street you are interested in:

Find the house where you will live:

And again click on the Wi-Fi icon to display wireless networks:

In the description of each Wi-Fi network, the penultimate line is the name of the network, and the last line is the password for this Wi-Fi network!

So easy! And given the huge number of Wi-Fi networks around us, it is almost always possible to find the one that is present in the 3wifi database.

Wi-Fi card for good signal reception

It doesn’t matter if you use a Wi-Fi network with a legally obtained password or if you found a Wi-Fi password on 3wifi, if the wireless access point is far (this can happen in hotels), disconnections will happen and the connection quality will be poor.

To significantly improve the situation, including for free connection to far Wi-Fi access points, it is advisable to purchase an external Wi-Fi adapter with a large antenna.

If you are limited in money, the Alfa AWUS036NHA is recommended along with the large Alfa ARS-N19 antenna.

If you want the very top, then buy the Alfa AWUS1900.

Alfa AWUS036NHA only supports 2.4GHz frequencies, and Alfa AWUS1900 supports 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz, and modern high-speed Wi-Fi protocols. This is the best, uncompromising solution, but costs more.

I recommend these two cards for the reason that with the help of them you can not only connect and have a good reception level, but also can hack wireless access points; hackers use these or similar devices.

With such Wi-Fi adapters and with 3wifi, free internet is almost guaranteed.

Is it dangerous to use someone else's Wi-Fi

In fact, yes, it’s dangerous! And this is not only when you steal Wi-Fi, even if you are legally connected to a third-party AP, then you are in the local network with other users. And among them there can be both ordinary users like you, and malefactors.

The danger is that third parties can connect to the services on your computer. An example of such services is Windows Shares (SMB protocol).

Another common service on webmasters’ computers is a web server. The web server can have your source code of sites and services, as well as the web applications on the running web server can be used to further compromise the entire computer.

In the local network, a man-in-the-middle attack and phishing attacks are possible as a result of which passwords from websites can be stolen; DNS spoofing attack is possible as well.

In general, when connecting to extraneous Wi-Fi access points (even if you are connected legally), disable unnecessary network services on your computer or set up a firewall to block connection to them. Be careful and do not to enter passwords on phishing sites.

Will VPN help when using Wi-Fi

Yes and no. Thanks to the VPN, all connections to the WAN will be encrypted and phishing attacks and password theft will be impossible. BUT: the network services on your computer are not protected in any way in a VPN, that is, if you have enabled password-free login to the Windows Shares, then anyone on the local network can connect to it even if you use a VPN! The protection of local services must be dealt, regardless of the use of VPN.