How to wash your sneakers properly

Can my sneakers be machine washed?

About the fact that sneakers can be washed, I myself learned relatively recently. I like light-colored shoes or shoes with light-colored inserts, so they need to be looked after regularly.

I usually just wash my sneakers with a soapy sponge. But once communicating with a rather young acquaintance, I heard from her something about washing sneakers.

I asked:

- Can sneakers be washed in a washing machine?

She answered:

- Can… if mom doesn't see)))

In general, I washed my rather worn Zara trainers this way a couple of times and they looked good. But the third time after washing, holes appeared on them and the sneakers had to be thrown out.

That is, in principle, it is possible to wash sneakers, but, firstly, not everything, and, secondly, it must be done correctly.

Which sneakers can be washed in a washing machine

I got into a conversation about washing sneakers with a shoe saleswoman and she explained everything to me.

So, leather sneakers (like the one in the title photo above) cannot be washed. That is, you can wash them when you no longer feel sorry for them. In general, wash new leather sneakers the old fashioned way with a sponge and soap.

You can wash rag sneakers. An example of sneakers that can be washed in the photo below. After washing, they look like new:

How to properly wash sneakers in a washing machine

The most important thing is to choose the most gentle mode, namely:

  • minimum time
  • non-hot water
  • minimum spin speed or no spin at all

An example of my settings:

  • the program “Fast 30 minutes” is selected
  • I turned off the spin, so the washing time was reduced to 21 minutes
  • water temperature 20 ℃

Turning off the spin is a controversial decision, since the sneakers will have to be dried for at least a day and a lot of water will flow out of them. But I feel sorry for my sneakers, so I go to such inconvenience. Alternatively, you can choose to dry at 400 rpm.

Select the temperature in the range of 20-30 ℃. I don't have 30 ℃ in my washing machine settings, so I chose 20 ℃.

Insoles and so on usually do not need to be pulled out – in my opinion, in all modern sneakers they are simply glued.

I add one capsule of detergent.

As a result, the sneakers are clean and pleasantly scented.

The question of whether it is possible to wash sneakers along with clothes remains open))) But I would not recommend))

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