Cashback on airline tickets and hotels

You probably think that I will now talk about some completely useless cashback, when strange points are awarded that can be spent in a few stores with no goods that you are interested in? No, I’ll tell you about a really sensible option how to get some of your money back from buying cheap flights or booking a hotel.

Cashback is a refund of part of the money from the purchase. This is a marketing technique, but the essence of marketing is one – just sell more. Your personal wealth in the science of marketing is of no interest to anyone. For this reason, the vast majority of cashback programs are flawed and aimed at squeezing more money out of you. The shortcomings of cashback programs are as follows:

  • you are returned not money, but some points that you can spend only in certain stores with nothing interested for you
  • real money is credited to you, but they would expire very quickly – sometimes, even within a month (for example: agoda (hotel reservation service with often the lowest prices), they return points to your virtual account that can be spent with real money, there are no restrictions and minimum amounts, the problem is – this money expire within a month)

  • cashback is given to you in a store where the price of a product/service is greater than the amount of cashback itself

There are probably other examples “of effective marketing” - I think this list goes on and on.

So, I won’t torment you – I don’t know the normal cashback services, but I know how to get back some of the money spent on airline tickets and hotels using the referral system in the affiliate program.

The bottom line is very simple:

  • register in the affiliate program
  • follow to your own referral link and buy tickets
  • withdraw referral money to our wallet

Any pitfalls? Firstly, with regard to the price – the price of tickets is floating, so you need to independently verify that the price of the seller through the referral link is not higher than that of other aggregators. I recently bought tickets and booked hotels – in the first case, I compared the price with buying tickets directly from Aeroflot (all the previous years I always bought tickets directly from Aeroflot) – the prices turned out to be the same. When booking hotels through an affiliate link and through other services, I also did not notice a difference in price.

Secondly, what is the minimum withdrawal amount? The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 US dollars. Flights are expensive, so when buying tickets, you can collect the minimum amount literally for one purchase or maybe longer. For Web Money users there are preference: the minimum sum for withdrawal is only $10.

What cashback can I get for buying airline tickets?

The sums are floating, amounting to about 1%-1.5% of the cost of airline tickets. You can count in my case:

Recently I bought tickets, I can show the certain sums. My currency is Russian ruble. So I bought tickets for 62,594 rubles and I got referral reward 813.72 rubles:

813.72 / 62594 * 100 = 1.3%

So I got back 1.3% of the full price, it is OK, airline tickets are expensive. Otherwise, I would not have received anything at all.

How to get referral reward for the purchase of airline tickets

So, I had in mind a partnership with Jetradar. This is either a very large airline ticket aggregator. For a rather long time I monitored the cost of direct flights to Thailand when buying tickets directly from Aeroflot and through Jetradar – the price is absolutely the same.

I repeat once again, in order not to turn into raisin miners from buns, before buying on Jetradar, compare prices in different places – it is quite possible that specifically for your case, something will be different.

Register for the Jetradar Affiliate Program

To get a Jetradar referral link, go here and register there.

After registering, go to Tools → Text Links:

Or in the new interface, follow the link: https://www.travelpayouts.com/programs/100/tools/links_generator:

Copy and save the link of the form http://jetradar.com/?marker=160488

When you need to buy tickets, follow this link and make a purchase.

A year ago, when I bought a ticket to Thailand, I wanted to try this method, but I was worried that I could not enter my card number in the Aeroflot loyalty program in order to get my points. It turned out that I was afraid in vain – you can also specify the number of the loyalty card.

There are different ways to withdraw funds, including PayPal and ePayments:

So, you buy a ticket using your referral link, almost immediately you will receive a referral reward. In this case, indicate your details and your next month you will receive your real cashback for buying plane tickets.

This also works with hotels – there you will also find a link to a selection of hotels.

Of course, you can attract other ticket buyers (since tickets here are NOT more expensive than in other places) and earn on a regular referral. There are many tools, widgets, a plugin for WordPress and so on.

Well, if suddenly you are not interested in this fuss with cashback, and you just want to buy a cheap flight, then you can do this through the widget under this text. laugh

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