What is the difference between “systemctl reboot” and “reboot” and “systemctl poweroff” and “poweroff”

What's the difference between sudo systemctl reboot And sudo reboot Is it true that the use of commands depends on the operating system, and that one will execute a shorthand version, the other will use systemctl? Answer: The halt, poweroff, reboot commands are implemented to maintain basic compatibility with the original SysV commands. Verbs systemctl […]

How to convert JPG to PDF

The article “How to convert PDF to JPG using command line in Linux” shows how to split a PDF file into separate pages while converting them to images. But what if you want to do the opposite? How to assemble JPG images into a PDF file? This article is devoted to this, which will tell […]

How to convert PDF to JPG using command line in Linux (SOLVED)

PDF files are not very easy to split into image files in most programs that are used to open these files. However, there are several command line utilities for this. This article will show you how to convert PDF to JPEG on the Linux command line. ImageMagick (convert) To convert PDF to individual image files, […]

Error “convert: cache resources exhausted” (SOLVED)

When using the convert utility to convert images, you may encounter an error stating that the cache resources have been exhausted. Command example: convert -density 300 -quality 100 input.pdf output.png An example of the error it causes: convert-im6.q16: cache resources exhausted `/tmp/magick-q7O_IcbbGpFULs5R34rLlwAyeW1slGHi19' @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/4095. This error occurs when two conditions are combined: processing a large […]

Error “attempt to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy `PDF’” (SOLVED)

On Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and derivative systems, when converting documents from PDF to PNG, an error occurs: attempt to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy `PDF' An example of a command that causes this error: convert -density 300 -quality 100 PL48536179.pdf out.jpg convert-im6.q16: attempt to perform an operation not […]

Where Samba stores passwords. How to Extract Samba Usernames and Passwords (SOLVED)

This article is about the Samba password database. It answers popular questions about where Samba passwords are stored and how to perform common actions on the Samba password database. To set the Samba password, use the command: sudo smbpasswd -a USER If you want the user to have no password, then specify the -n option. […]

How to install the latest version of Tor on Ubuntu

How to get the latest version of Tor on Ubuntu The tor package is present in the Ubuntu repositories, but its version may be out of date. This is especially true for Ubuntu distributions released several years ago, even if they have long-term support (LTS). In new versions of Tor, identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities are […]

Setting up Android for battery saving

What settings should be enabled on an Android phone to reduce battery consumption What settings do you need to enable in your mobile phone so that it is enough for a long trip or flight? What should I do if my phone's battery runs out too quickly? This guide is dedicated to answering these questions. […]

How to watch IPTV on your phone

How to watch digital TV on your phone There are many applications for Android with which you can watch digital TV from various Internet providers. These applications can be installed on the set-top box and even on tablets and mobile phones. I have selected two of the best applications for watching IPTV on Android. Both […]

How to connect to Tor with OpenVPN

Connecting to Tor via a VPN is usually used in practice not so much to increase anonymity (although such use takes place), but to bypass the blocking of the Tor network. In some countries, the Tor network is blocked at the state level, so to connect the Tor browser or the Tor service, you must […]