How to check JPG quality level (SOLVED)

This post is about how to find out the quality of a JPG image, as well as other image properties, such as the number of unique colors used in the file, image depth, and other detailed information about JPG and other formats. How to know the quality of a JPG? Is it possible to determine […]

How to enable saving photos in HEIC (HEIF) format in Android and whether it should be done

As an alternative to JPEG, modern phone cameras offer saving images in the HEIC (HEIF) format. Moreover, in iOS, the camera uses HEIC (HEIF) formats by default, and if you do not want to save your photos in these formats, then you can disable this feature. Android phone cameras also support this format, but it […]

Why images are distorted in photographs and parallel lines become converging

I noticed that the photos taken by the Android phone, namely the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra models, are very distorted. Distortion is especially noticeable on parallel lines (such as the sides of a building) and on people's faces. For example, In the photo above you can see that tall buildings seem to grow in different […]

VirtualBox Error “NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)” (SOLVED)

After updating VirtualBox, all virtual machines stopped working, regardless of the guest operating system and their settings. The situation is complicated by the fact that instead of an exact indication of the problem, when trying to start the virtual machine, only a general message is displayed that the session was terminated, as well as an […]

How to convert images to any formats in Linux (SOLVED)

Universal image converter for Linux Linux has ImageMagick, which supports hundreds of image formats and can convert an image from any format to any other. The “convert” and “magick” utilities from the ImageMagick package do an excellent job of converting images (JPG and other formats). For details on installing ImageMagick, including which dependencies need to […]

magick and convert troubleshooting (ImageMagick package)

The magick (convert) utilities from the ImageMagick package are used to convert and modify images. The magick (convert) commands have many options, although in their basic use, for example, to convert from one format to another, you can do without options at all. Despite the seeming ease of using the magick (convert) utilities, when using […]

Basics of launching and using command line utilities in Windows

Are the command line and command line utilities relevant today? Windows users are accustomed to using programs (applications) with a graphical user interface, in which actions are performed using mouse clicks or keyboard input. At the same time, even in Windows there are and can be installed many utilities, programs without a graphical interface, with […]

iThemes Security locked out a user – how to login to WordPress admin when user is banned (SOLVED)

iThemes Security is a plugin for WordPress that makes it difficult for hackers to attack the site and collect information. Among other features, iThemes Security has protection against brute-form paths (search for “hidden” folders and files), as well as protection against hacking user credentials by brute force passwords. Once set up, the iThemes Security plugin […]

How to disable “did you mean…” feature in Linux shell

How to disable offers to install a package with an incorrectly entered command In case the command you entered into the Linux console is not found, some distributions show additional information suggesting which packages the entered command might be in and how it can be installed. An example of such a message: Command 'magick' not […]

awk and tabs in input and output

Why does awk incorrectly detect tab delimited data boundaries (input field separator) The following command will return an empty result instead of the expected third column: echo '1 2 3 4 5 6' | awk -F'\t' '{ print $3 }' In the command, instead of the standard FS (Input field separator), which is a space […]