Windows stopped booting in Virtual Machine after upgrading to VirtualBox 7 (SOLVED)

After upgrading to VirtualBox 7 (more precisely, to VirtualBox 7.0.2), the Windows 11 guest OS stopped booting. Windows 11 guest boot starts as usual, no errors are displayed. Moreover, you can hear the Windows logon sound, but the desktop is not shown. Boot freezes on the initial screen with UEFI messages. As a host (main) […]

How to rename a table in phpMyAdmin and MySQL

How to rename a table in phpMyAdmin Open the database and then navigate to the table you want to rename. When the table is open, select the “Operations” menu item. Locate the “Move table to (database.table)” section. Yes, renaming uses the same function as moving a table to another database. Enter a new table name […]

phpMyAdmin error “Error: Undefined constant “SODIUM_CRYPTO_SECRETBOX_KEYBYTES”” (SOLVED)

On Arch Linux, when trying to use the phpMyAdmin 5.3 pre-release, I encountered an error: Error: Undefined constant "SODIUM_CRYPTO_SECRETBOX_KEYBYTES" Checking in Debian showed that there is no such problem with phpMyAdmin 5.3. The reason for the error is that sodium support is not enabled. How to enable sodium on Arch Linux (Manjaro, BlackArch) To enable […]

Sitemap.xml files: what they are for, how to use them, and how to bypass “Too many URLs” error and size limits

Table of contents What are Sitemaps What are the restrictions for sitemap files How can you compress a sitemap file Can I use multiple sitemaps? What is the structure of sitemap files How to generate sitemap files How to Import a Sitemap into Google Search Console Sitemap.xml file status “Couldn't fetch” Is it necessary to […]

How to prevent Tor users from viewing or commenting on a WordPress site

The Tor network is an important tool for anonymity, privacy, and censorship circumvention, which in some countries is being fought even at the state level. But Tor is a public tool, so it can sometimes be used for online trolling and bullying. This article will show you how: prevent Tor users from commenting on your […]

How to enable DNS over HTTPS in Windows 11

To improve your online privacy and security, Windows 11 lets you use DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to encrypt the DNS requests your computer makes when you browse or do anything else on the Internet. This article will show you how to set it up in Windows 11. Encrypted DNS is more private and secure Every […]

Error “error: GPGME error: No data. error: failed to synchronize all databases (unexpected error)” (SOLVED)

When updating the package cache with the pacman package manager, for example, when running the following command to update package information and update the system: sudo pacman -Syu An error may occur: error: GPGME error: No data :: Synchronizing package databases… core 155.5 KiB 444 KiB/s 00:00 [######################] 100% extra is up to date community […]

How to increase the color (saturation) of images, how to make a photo warmer or colder

You have probably noticed that other people's photographs can look very beautiful: incredible colors and shades, the landscape seems to be from a postcard. You might think that it's all about some very expensive camera, the outstanding talent of a photographer, or incomprehensible skills in photo processing. All this can take place, but in fact, […]

How to prevent search engines from indexing only the main page of the site

To prevent search engines from indexing only the main page, while allowing indexing of all other pages, you can use several approaches, depending on the characteristics of a particular site. 1. Using the robots.txt file If the main page has its own address (usually it is index.php, index.html, index.htm, main.html and so on), and while […]

How to downgrade to a previous kernel version in Arch Linux. How to install and switch to linux-lts

New Linux kernels bring support for new hardware and new features. But sometimes the kernel causes problems: it is completely or partially incompatible with existing software, especially video drivers suffer from this, but this can also apply to any other software, for example, VirtualBox. At the time of the release of the linux 5.9 kernel, […]