Month: April 2021

Tor environment variables

Where can I see a complete list of Tor environment variables such as TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH, TOR_TRANSPROXY and others?

The following information is the official Tor FAQ, with not yet accepted the pull request. This change adds a description of the Tor environment variables.


Which (more…)

How do I know if I am behind NAT? (SOLVED)

What is NAT

NAT is a technology that allows multiple devices to access the Internet using the same IP address. By the way, NAT is already being applied in your local network, which has a router – it is thanks to this that all your devices can access the global network and each of them (more…)

How to find out all DNS records of sites behind CloudFlare

How to list all DNS records for a domain

Using the dig command, you can display all types of DNS records for the specified domain at once, but it does not work in all cases:

dig ANY

To query all types of DNS records, but limiting the number of displayed sections (more…)

All chrome://* pages. Most useful chrome:// pages

You may have noticed in Google Chrome pages whose URL starts with chrome://, for example, chrome://downloads. What are these pages? How can I find all their addresses? Which ones are really useful? This article will answer all of these questions.

What are chrome://* pages for?

chrome:// (more…)


What is the error ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED

The ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error shows the Google Chrome web browser when it was unable to load the site page due to the change in network parameters. More specifically, the web browser initiated the connection and the remote host responded, but before the (more…)

How to clear DNS and other caches in Google Chrome

Caching is an excellent technology, the essence of which is that once received files (images, scripts, HTML code) or data (DNS answers), can be reused (the user opens the same page, or the entire site uses the same JavaScript library) and no need to request or query and wait for data from the server (more…)

How to change the language of Google Chrome and Chromium on Linux

If you look at the process of changing the language in Google Chrome or Chromium in Windows, then everything is quite simple there: you need to enter chrome://settings/languages in the address bar of the browser, or you can use the menu: Settings → Advanced → Languages. Then expand the “Language” (more…)

Permanent message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” (SOLVED)

When updating plugins, themes or WordPress engine, the site is automatically closed for users and instead they see the message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”.

This is normal and the site reopens immediately after the update is complete. (more…)

How to fix “Configuration File (php.ini) Path” no value (SOLVED)

The phpinfo function shows complete information about the PHP environment, including which modules are enabled, where the configuration files are located, with which options the PHP binaries were compiled, and much more.

To use this function in the web server folder create a file and copy (more…)