How to add text formatting to WhatsApp and Viber: bold, italic, strikethrough and multiline text

How to Bold, Italic or Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp and Viber

WhatsApp and Viber applications can use markup to format text.

For example, if you want to make text bold, put an asterisk * at the beginning and end of it.

*example* will look like example

To make text italic, start and end it with an underscore _

_example_ would look like example

To make text strikethrough, start and end it with a tilde (“wave”) character ~

~example~ would look like example

You can highlight several words or a whole sentence at once.

*multi-word example* will look like multi-word example

You can combine formatting if you wish.

~*example*~ will look like example

~_example_~ will look like example

Please note that you can use styles in the WhatsApp web client, but the formatting will only be visible in the application on a phone or tablet.

In Viber, text formatting also works.

How to enter text in several lines in WhatsApp and Viber without sending

To jump to a new line without sending a message, use the symbol shown by the arrow.

On WhatsApp and Viber desktop clients, use the SHIFT+ENTER keyboard shortcut to move to a new line without sending a message.

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