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Site suIP.biz

SuIP.biz (short for “super IP”) started out as a service with several pages for various actions with IP addresses:

  • compilation of IP ranges of countries, cities, Internet providers
  • getting information about IP and IPv6 address (location, ISP, whois)
  • showing the user his IP

Subsequently, the site acquired calculators and converters for IP and IPv6 addresses:

Even when suIP.biz was created, services were added to scan IP addresses to find open ports.

Services for collecting information were gradually added:

In addition to the listed services, the site has the following sections:

  • Vulnerability scanners, open ports and running web server services
  • Subdomains and hidden files
  • Obtaining information on MAC addresses
  • Analysis of the web server
  • Working with hashes
  • Analysis of emails
  • Analysis of executable files
  • Extract information from cache and web archives
  • Bypassing the restriction on displaying source HTML code, bypassing social lockers
  • Advanced use of search engines
  • Working with encodings
  • CloudFlare Counter Tools
  • Images and metadata
  • Information about phone numbers

There are several services in each of these sections!

In general, currently the site suIP.biz has grown quite a lot. About a thousand people from different countries use it daily.

Analogs and mirrors suIP.biz

Due to the peculiarities of the suIP services, which for the most part are Linux utilities that run on the server and work for some time, due to the increased load, the suIP.biz site may be offline for some time. The site itself monitors its “health” and to prevent critical failures, it can interrupt running tasks itself. But this does not always help, because the site runs on a regular VPS hosting and is a hobby of the sole author. Therefore, work breaks reach hours in the worst situations.

If for any reason you cannot use the services of suIP.biz, then refer to the services of the site w-e-b.site - this is a similar service from the same author, located on a different server. Since w-e-b.site is aimed at English-speaking users (and the server is hosted in the USA), this site has only an English-language interface.

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