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Why computer can’t connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android phone for a long time (SOLVED)

Why my computer cannot connect to the Android mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for a long time

After updating Android, I ran into a problem that the computer sees a mobile hotspot, but at the same time:

1. It does not try to connect to it automatically

2. When I select the Access Point manually, an attempt is made to connect, which ends in failure after about a minute

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Additional symptoms of the problem:

3. Before the Android update on the phone, connecting to the Hotspot was fast and without problems

4. The computer can sometimes connect to the mobile hotspot

5. New devices quickly connect to Hotspot on Android without problems

One reason for this behavior could be a new setting that allows you to use an arbitrary MAC address for the mobile hotspot.

How to set permanent or random MAC address for Hotspot on Android

Go to Settings → Connections → Mobile Hotspot and Tethering → Mobile Hotspot.

Click the “Configure” button.

Click the “Advanced” button.

Look for “MAC address type”.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Randomized MAC
  • Phone MAC

If you select the first option (“Randomized MAC”), a random MAC address will be generated for the created Mobile Access Point. If you select the second option (“Phone MAC”), the permanent MAC address of the phone will be used for the created mobile hotspot.

Select “Phone MAC”, save the settings and check if this solves the problem with the slow connection to the Hotspot on Android.

What is the “Randomized MAC” setting for? Is it safe to turn it off

The question may arise, why is the “Randomized MAC” setting enabled by default, which creates serious problems when connecting to a mobile hotspot? Perhaps it is very important and should not be disabled?

The MAC address of each device must be unique. More precisely, each network interface (one device, including a phone, can have several network interfaces) must have a unique MAC address. This MAC address allows you to distinguish one device from another. You can also find out the manufacturer of the device by the MAC address (for example, Samsung, Apple, and so on).

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Enabling the “Randomized MAC address” setting makes it so that for a hypothetical third-party observer, an Access Point is created each time on a device unfamiliar to him.

But you need to remember that each Access Point has the following identifiers:

  1. Device MAC address (BSSID)
  2. Access Point Name (ESSID)

That is, if you are really concerned about privacy issues, then in addition to enabling the “Randomized MAC” setting, you also need to change the network name every time, otherwise the “Randomized MAC” setting loses all meaning.

In fact, most users just do not need to enable the “Randomized MAC” setting. Enabling the “Randomized MAC” setting without taking other measures (for example, changing the network name each time the AP is created) does not make much sense. But at the same time, other devices that, when connected to the AP, can be guided by its MAC address, begin to experience connection problems.

In short, if you do not have a clear understanding of what exactly you need the “Randomized MAC” setting for and/or you do not take other steps to make it difficult for your phone to be identified as an AP and at the same time you are experiencing problems connecting to a mobile AP, then you can safely disable this setting.

If your devices connect to the mobile AP without problems with the “Randomized MAC” setting enabled, you can leave it enabled.

Do I need to enable the setting “Support Wi-Fi 6 standard”

If after changing the MAC address type setting, your computer or other devices continue to experience problems connecting to the Mobile Hotspot, then pay attention to the following two settings.

The first setting is “Support Wi-Fi 6 standard”. This item is located in: Settings → Connections → Mobile Hotspot and Tethering → Mobile Hotspot → Configure → Advanced → Support Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Support Wi-Fi 6 standard” brings many technical improvements and data transfer speeds. But that's in theory. If, in practice, your devices cannot connect to the Access Point with the “Support Wi-Fi 6 standard” setting enabled, then disable it.

Choose “2.4 GHz” or “5 GHz”?

In theory, Wi-Fi at 5 GHz is faster. This is due both to the technical characteristics of the 5 GHz channels and to the fact that these channels are currently less crowded. However, in practice, the transmission area of a 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal is less than 2.4 GHz. Some older devices do not support 5 GHz operation. Some devices, even those that support 5 GHz, are slower to find the Access Point at these frequencies.

Although it is recommended to select the 5 GHz band in the Access Point settings, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the mobile Access Point, you can change the Frequency Band of your Access Point. To do this, go to: Settings → Connections → Mobile Hotspot and Tethering → Mobile Hotspot → Configure → Band. There you will be presented with a choice of:

  • 2.4 GHz
  • 5 GHz preferred

Switch to “2.4 GHz” and see if that solves your problem.

How to change the country in the Play Store

Features of changing the country in the Play Store

You can change the country in the phone in different ways, depending on the specific task. For example, to change the country for websites, it is enough to use a proxy or VPN.

To change the country for applications using GPS, you can use one of the applications that fake GPS data:

  • Mock GPS With Joystick
  • Mock Locations
  • Fake GPS – ByteRev
  • Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer
  • GPS Emulator – RosTeam
  • Fake GPS Location – Hola
  • Fake GPS Location – Lexa

But none of these methods are suitable for the Play Store, Google's mobile app store for Android phones.

Why you need to change the country in the Play Store

Some applications are available only in certain countries, or, on the contrary, are available in all countries with the exception of some. That is, by changing your country in the Play Store, a slightly different set of applications becomes available for you to install. However, most apps are equally available in all countries and you may not notice any difference when you change the country in the Play Store.

Also, depending on the country in the Play Store, the available payment methods for purchasing applications in the Play Store may vary.

Depending on the selected country in the Play Store, the list of applications of a regional nature may change: applications for various government services, banking and brokerage services, instant messengers.

Restrictions on changing the country of the Play Store

You can change the country no more than once a year.

After creating a payment profile, you also need to wait 12 months to change the country.

After changing the country, the changes cannot be undone. You can return to the previous country after a year.

If you're changing your country to access apps, books, games, movies, and TV shows that aren't available in your country, remember that some of these may also become unavailable when you change your country.

To change the country you must be in the new country and have a payment method in it.

Your Google Play Balance is linked to your Google Play country. If you have a Google Play Balance and change country, you won't be able to use that balance in your new country. At the same time, the balance is not reset – in the case of a return to the previous country, this balance becomes available again.

Step-by-step instructions for changing the country in the Play Store

Open Play Store.

Click on your profile photo.

Select “Settings”.

Select “General”.

Select “Account and device preferences”.

In the “Country and profiles” section, select the country you want to add to your account.

Follow the instructions on the screen to add a payment method for this country.

It may take up to 48 hours for your profile to update.

Why is the country change not available in the Play Store?

The option to change country may not be available in the Play Store. This may be for the following reasons:

1. Over the past year, you have already changed the country

2. You are not currently in a new country, this is based on your IP address.

3. You are part of the Google Play Family Library.

How to watch IPTV on your phone

How to watch digital TV on your phone

There are many applications for Android with which you can watch digital TV from various Internet providers. These applications can be installed on the set-top box and even on tablets and mobile phones.

I have selected two of the best applications for watching IPTV on Android. Both of them are free and allow you to add channel lists to .m3u both from a URL link and from local files.

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Best apps to watch IPTV on Android:

  • Simple IPTV
  • LazyIptv Deluxe

How to watch digital TV in Simple IPTV

Install and run Simple IPTV.

The Simple IPTV application manages TV channel lists, but playback starts in an external player.

Open Simple IPTV settings.

Select the desired player to play.

If you do not have any of the listed streaming players installed, then install any of the following list:

  • MX Player
  • BSPlayer
  • VLC

To add a new channel list in .m3u format, click the “+” button

Choose one of the options:

  • Open file – open a file on the device
  • Add URL – open a list of channels on the Internet

For example, if you have previously downloaded TV channel lists, then select “Open file”. Find the .m3u files on your device and open them.

The first channel list has been added – to open it, tap on it.

If desired, you can add any number of TV channel lists.

To start watching IPTV, click on the channel list and select the channel you are interested in.

IPTV on phone:

Information about IPTV channel stream in VLC:

How to watch digital TV in LazyIptv Deluxe

LazyIptv Deluxe is an alternative to the previous program. If you are satisfied with the previous program, then you do not need to install both at once – you can skip this section.

However, LazyIptv Deluxe has some advantages that you may be interested in: the program is translated into various languages, the program has a built-in player, so you do not need to install a third-party streaming player, although you can use an external player instead of the built-in one.

Install and run LazyIptv Deluxe.

Click the PLAYLISTS button.

To add a new list of TV channels, press the “+” button

Enter playlist name (optional), enter its URL. If you want to open the list of TV channels located on the device itself, then press the button indicated by the arrow.

Specify the path to the .m3u file and open it.

To confirm your choice, press the button indicated by the arrow.

You can add any number of IPTV TV channel lists.

To watch digital TV, tap on the list of channels – a list of TV channels from this list will open.

Tap on the channel name to start playing.

You will be prompted to select a player to play the channel.

IPTV on phone:

Information about the IPTV channel in the built-in player LazyIptv Deluxe (Exoplayer):