How to find and remove non-UTF-8 characters from a text file

Filtering invalid UTF-8 characters Files that, in addition to ordinary characters, contain characters that are invalid from the UTF-8 point of view, cause a problem both when they are processed by utilities and when opened in text editors. An example of an error in Python 3 when trying to process a file with non-UTF-8 characters: […]

How to add the plugin to Double Commander to support all types of archives

What archives does Double Commander support? Double Commander is an excellent open source two-window file manager. If you want to know more details about it, then see the article “Free analogue of Total Commander”. Double Commander, thanks to built-in plugins, out of the box supports working with the most popular archives: zip, jar, tar, bz2, […]

Free analogue of Total Commander

Total Commander is a popular two-panel file manager for the Windows operating system. Managing files in two panels, for example, moving or copying from one folder to another, is much more convenient than in a standard file manager with one panel. Total Commander has many additional features and capabilities. But this program has one drawback […]

How to open a Linux drive on Windows

The Linux operating system uses its own file systems. Unlike Windows, for which the usual file systems are NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT, the popular file systems on Linux are ext4, ext3, and ext2. If you connect a Linux drive to Windows, or if you have Linux installed as a second system, then Windows simply will […]

Official 7-Zip for Linux has been released

7-Zip is a free open source archiver that supports several archiving formats, including its own, which has better performance than other formats, and also supports almost all existing formats for decompression. If you would like to know more about 7-Zip, then refer to the article “Free alternative to WinRAR”. 7-Zip was not officially released for […]

How to select multiple inconsistent files and other tips for selecting files

You may need to select files in order to copy or delete several files at once. To select one file, just click on it with the left mouse button. How to select all files To select all files in a folder, go to that directory and press Ctrl+a on your keyboard. This keyboard shortcut works […]

Free alternative to WinRAR

Do I need an archiver now Currently, the era of archivers has passed. Ten years ago, the archiver was one of the most important and one of the most frequently used programs because the Internet connection was slow and many files were compressed into archives. At modern data transfer rates, unpacking an archive may take […]

How to download YouTube subtitle file in any language

This article will show you how to download subtitles for YouTube videos. In this case, you can choose any language for the downloaded subtitles. We will be using a free open source program that has a graphical interface and runs on Windows and Linux. JDownloader can download subtitles from YouTube. For details about this program, […]

How to download YouTube videos on Windows and Linux (GUI without third party services)

For Linux, there are different ways to download YouTube videos, including command line tools. I will show you a very user-friendly GUI downloader. In fact, this program supports hundreds of sites to automate downloads. Among these sites are file hosting and video sites. Moreover, you are not just given a download link, this program completely […]