How to change the default web browser in Windows 11

Whatever the name and whatever engine the preinstalled web browser in Windows is based on, most users launch it only once – in order to download their favorite Google Chrome or Firefox. This tutorial will show you how to make Google Chrome, Firefox or any other web browser the default on Windows 11.

Download your favorite browser:

Run the installer to install the new web browser.

Launch your web browser. They usually offer themselves to set themselves as the default web browser. Google Chrome usually does this on the second launch.

Click the “Set as default” button:

You will find yourself on such an incomprehensible page:

Find the web browser you want to use as default one, click on it:

Select each extension and switch to the new default browser.

They will try to persuade you not to do this, click “Switch anyway”:

Select the desired web browser and click “OK”.

Repeat this procedure for each file extension:

Should you try Edge?

They say Edge is not as bad now as the default browser of the Windows operating system has been for decades. Microsoft has done incredible: With absolute control over what is installed by default in its OS, it completely lost the web browser market.

Internet Explorer first lost its name, turning into Edge, and then lost the engine (the latest versions use the Google Chrome engine).

So is Edge worth a try, if only because it's inside Google Chrome? In the time that passed from the moment I launched Edge to the installation of Google Chrome, I noticed that the default search engine is Bing. Maybe you should try a new search engine too? No, not worth it. A search for “google chrome” returned not a Google Chrome site, but a third-party web browser site. And this is a “surprise” in the first seconds of using Edge…

For myself, I decided that Google Chrome is a good enough web browser not to look for an alternative to it. But you can do as you like.

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