How to get a Thai tourist visa in 2019-2020

The procedure for obtaining a visa in Thailand varies from year to year, I got approved a tourist visa in the Autumn of 2019, most likely, this information will be relevant for obtaining a Thai tourist visa in 2020. The procedure for obtaining a tourist visa varies depending on the country where you plan to […]

FoodPanda: Local Food Delivery. Discount on order ฿100!

Now there are many wonderful local delivery services, one of which helped me out a lot half a year ago. When extending my visa, it turned out that I need a letter from a previous school, which is in Bangkok. We called the school, but they refused to send a letter by mail. Going to […]

How to use Kali Linux to check web-sites

The essence of securing websites comes down to finding problems before a hacker does and fixing it before a hacker exploit it. Hackers are looking for problems with the security of websites (site vulnerabilities) with the help of specialized programs (‘tools’). Since these programs are “dual-use” - that is, they can be used to ensure […]

dtac in Thailand tips and tricks

dtac balance check *101#✆ How to check dtac balance in English *101*9#✆ dtac Thailand check balance of the additional (add-on) plan *101*1*9#✆ dtac balance checking the remaining bonus and Bonus For Free *101*5*9#✆ dtac checking monthly costs *108*9# ✆  dtac check own number *102#✆ How to check dtac mobile number in English *102*9#✆ dtac free […]

Hua Hin: information for tourists

A small cycle of only three articles in which I collected, in my opinion, the most demanded information about three wonderful cities in Thailand. I hope it will be useful for you, regardless of whether you come here for a month's vacation or for a few years: Hua Hin: information for tourists Pattaya: information for […]

Cheap way to withdraw cash from a card in Thailand. Western Union Transfer Discounts

What is the fee for withdrawing cash from a bank card in Thailand? In Thailand, you can use your bank card to withdraw cash from an ATM. Everything is quite simple there – the main thing is to switch to English (or your native language) at the very beginning. And one more important note – […]

How to send money to another country cheaply

The modern world has changed a lot in recent years – now it is not unusual to have friends in other countries, even on the other side of the world. It is not unusual to fly to them for a weekend or for a week during your vacation. Or just go on a permanent journey […]

How to disable dash replacement in WordPress. AutoCorrect settings for characters and words in WordPress

Before each output of the text of the article, WordPress checks this text and can format it in accordance with its ideas of beauty. For example, in the text of the article, two dashes in a row will be replaced with one dash, three dashes in a row will also be replaced with one, a […]

Free plugin to add ads in WordPress

How to work with Quick Adsense plugin to insert ads in WordPress You can insert ads on the site in different ways. For example, you can edit the HTML code. I want to talk about a much simpler version, while very flexible. There are many plugins to insert ads in WordPress. Including, there are various […]