How to run PHP script on the command line (without web server)

How to run PHP script on Windows command line If you want not only the ability to run PHP from the command line, but also a full-fledged Apache + PHP + MySQL web server on Windows, then complete the installation according to this article. To run PHP on the command line, you do not need […]

Ubuntu in VirtualBox does not stretch to full screen although Guest Additions are installed (SOLVED)

1. Are the Guest Additions actually installed? First, make sure you actually have Guest Additions installed. It is recommended to update the guest OS to the latest package versions: sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade After the update is complete, restart your computer: reboot There is a guest additions package in the standard repositories. It […]

Why does my laptop beep during operation or when shutting down?

Why is the motherboard beeping? When the laptop is turned off, the “beeper”, “speaker” is triggered. Why is this happening? Problems at the hardware level are sometimes so serious that the computer cannot start – for example, the RAM is faulty or the contacts of the central processor are loose – in this case, it […]

Error “Failed to talk to init daemon” (SOLVED)

You can use command line to shutdown Linux computer, following command will shutdown computer: shutdown -h now systemctl halt To reboot, you can use the following command: systemctl restart They usually work fine, but on some distributions they require elevated privileges, which means they need to be run with sudo. But in single user mode, […]

How to install PowerShell on Arch Linux, Manjaro, BlackArch

PowerShell on Linux PowerShell is a cross-platform automation and configuration tool/platform. PowerShell has a large number of system administration-oriented commands. But at the same time, PowerShell is a full-fledged programming language that allows you to write functional programs (scripts). Note that PowerShell 5 is currently preinstalled on Windows by default, but this manual shows the […]

How to install PowerShell in Linux Mint

The PowerShell installation instructions often forget about Linux Mint, apparently, their authors believe that Linux Mint users do not need PowerShell. Let's fill that gap and take a look at how to install PowerShell in Linux Mint. Linux Mint has several versions – “regular”, which, by the way, also differs in desktop environments (Cinnamon, MATE, […]

Linux PowerShell Basics (Beginner’s Guide)

PowerShell for Linux In recent years, there has been a trend at Microsoft to cross-platform some of its products and open their source. Also Linux itself became part of Windows in the form of a subsystem. PowerShell, which was originally a Windows-only component, was released as open source and became cross-platform on August 18, 2016, […]

How to enable spell checker in Google Chrome. How to add languages for spell checker

The Google Chrome web browser has a built-in spell checker, which is very convenient when writing messages, comments on websites, communicating in web chats, and so on. You can configure the spell checker: choose offline or online checker (more accurate), as well as enable or disable languages for spell checking. Online and offline spell checker […]

How to display all environment variables at the Windows command prompt

This article will show you how to display all environment variables from the Windows command line. PowerShell and CMD First of all, you need to distinguish what kind of program you are working in. The first appeared CMD – Windows command line, shell. For many years, CMD was the only option for running on the […]

How to install a web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) on Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian

If you are a webmaster, or a PHP programmer, or you just need to run a website on your computer, then you can do it using a web server. On Linux, the web server (Apache) and related components (PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) are installed in just a few commands. This tutorial will show you how to […]